Ultimate Guide for Toyosu “New Tsukiji” Market

Toyosu market Places to visit in Tokyo

Tsukiji inner market was relocated to Toyosu and the new market opened in October 2018!

In this article, we introduced some useful Toyosu market information for tourists. What has moved from Tuskiji? Why did they relocate it? What can we see in Toyosu? In the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about Toyosu market!

Where is Toyosu market?

Toyosu is a water front area located in the south east of Tokyo and it has not been a popular place for tourists generally.

Tsukiji is really easy access from the central part of Tokyo but Toyosu is not that much. That was a part of reasons why many intermediate wholesalers didn’t want to move on the first hand.

In Toyosu market, there are 3 parts.
-Block5: Fruit and Vegetables Wholesale Market
-Block6: Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market
-Block7: Fisheries Wholesale Market


In Tsukiji, there are restaurants and goods area.
In Toyosu, restaurants are separated to 3 blocks and goods shop are located in the 4th floor of block 6.
(Popular Sushi restaurants, Sushi dai is located on the 3rd floor of block6, Daiwa sushi is located on the 1st floor of block5)

What has moved from Tsukiji?

Many people ,even Japanese, think all of Tsukiji markets have moved.
Strictly speaking, it’s wrong.

In Tsukiji, they had 2 markets. And only Tsukiji inner market has moved.
Tsukiji inner market (fish, vegetable and fruits wholesale market / restaurants and goods  shop for wholesaler/professional)
Tsukiji outer market (small wholesale market / many restaurants and goods shop for also tourists)

So Tsukiji outer market is remained and tourists enjoyed fresh and variety of food in mostly Tsukiji outer market before so it’s not so much changed for tourists and you can still very much enjoy the atmosphere of the market in Tsukiji outer market.

Why has it been relocated?

First of all, why did the market have to be moved from Tsukiji to Toyosu?
Tsukiji market was 83 years old when the inner market was moved. Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided to relocate it because of the reasons as follows.

First, the market was too old and the buildings are dangerous against earthquake. Second, it’s difficult to keep the seafood products fresh since there are no air condition system. And the last, it’s not efficient that gathering and delivering fishes take place at the same area.

That’s why Tokyo Metropolitan Government office decided to make a new, clean and modern building at Toyosu. (In the beginning there was a plan to revise and rebuild Tsukiji inner market, but the plan was cancelled because it was very difficult and expensive.)

What you can see and do in Toyosu

What you can do and see is a little bit limited in Toyosu.

In Tsukiji, visitors could enter the intermediate wholesale market area after 11:00am, but in Toyosu, visitors could NOT enter the intermediate wholesale market area all day. Instead of that, there is a visitor’s course and an observation deck. BUT! We were really disappointed about that. We will tell you the reason later. First, let’s get inside and give you some overlook!

This is a visitor’s course of intermediate wholesale market.

You can take a picture with a turret truck! Pretending like you work there with the picture of the market in the back.

There is a good explanation to help you get a better understandings about fishes they could catch on each season and also you can learn the best way to cook them.

BUT this is the observation window.

We couldn’t see the market at all, what you can see is just only roof of the shops.
Some shops have stickers on the roof but mostly you can barely see what they sell or what kind of shops they are.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of intermediate wholesalers it might be better to visit “Uogashi yokocho”.
Some intermediate wholesalers make their branch stores in this small wholesale market from Tsukiji outer market.

How can we see the tuna auction?

And of course, the tune auction is the main purpose to visit Toyosu for most of the tourists.
In Toyosu market, the tuna auction is held at Fisheries wholesale market building (Block7).

They have an observation deck to see the auction. It’s on the second floor and there is a glass between the observation deck and the auction floor. So there is no smell and you can hear the sound via speakers.

If you want to see the auction from the closer spot, you can try to get a lottery ticket to access to a special space.
Check out this article to know more about the ticket!

How to apply special Tuna Auction Tour in Toyosu market, TOKYO

Also if you are interested in a private tour for the tuna auction at Toyosu market, you could check this tour! Your guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the early morning auction. Learn about tune and fish market and enjoy the authentic meal with your knowledgeable guide.

Tuna auction starts at 5:30am and finishes around 6:30am.
So we recommend to get there before 5:30am if possible.
First train from Toyosu station arrives at Shijo-mae station at 5:18am.
So you could use public transportation to the market.

In Tsukiji, only 120 people could see the tuna auction and sometimes we needed to go there around 3:00am.
But just now there is no limit to enter the observation deck.
So it’s a big improvement!

Let us show you a couple of pictures of the tuna auction here.

Around 6:00am, you can see so many frozen tunas!

About 7:00am, already finished and there is not so much tuna left.

About 9:00am, there is nothing. Be careful for the visit time!

They also have an explanation with pictures on the observation deck in Block7.

But you have no idea what is written in Japanese? Don’t worry,  they have a QR code to translate them.

The most attractive thing we think is restaurants they have.
Almost all restaurants which used to have shops in Tsukiji inner market has moved here.

Sushi Dai is one of the most famous Sushi restaurants in Japan. You need to wait for 3-4 hours!

Oedo is famous “Kaisendon” (Sushi bowls) restaurant.

There are not only seafood restaurants but also ramen, curry, beef bowl restaurants in Toyosu market.

What time is the best time to go to Toyosu?

Our recommendation is going to Toyosu around 6:00am and see the auction and have a breakfast there!

After 9:00am, there is less value to visit Toyosu market because it’s not easy to access and there is less to see and do around that time.
So if you want to visit after 9:00am, we would recommend to go to Tsukiji outer market instead.

Heading there in the early morning is the key to enjoy Toyosu market!

Tours in Toyosu

Toyosu & Tsukiji Tokyo Fish Market Food and Drink Tour will offer you the best time in the market with our knowledgeable local guide.
*We couldn’t enter intermediate wholesale market area since we need a special permission which is not for everyone.

Japan Wonder Travel will help you to make your trip better by guided tour!

Access information to Toyosu market

Nearest station: Shijo-mae station (Yurikamome line)

Google map
Address: 6-5-1 Toyosu, Koto, Japan

#0ption1. Go Shinbashi station and transfer to Yurikamome line to Shijo-mae station (27 mins)
#option2. Go Toyosu station and transfer to Yurikkamome line to Shijo-mae station (3mins)

We totally recommend you to go to the both Tsukiji market and Toyosu market to get more understandings for Japanese culinary culture and to get local experience you can only get in Japan even though a part of Tsukiji market has moved.
Hope you enjoyed this article and get more idea what Toyosu market is!

▼Pics of Toyosu market

What hotel is closest to Toyosu market

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    Hello! Thank you so much on the info for toyosu market! Especially info for sushi dai and daiwa sushi! I was looking for information around the internet on these. Can you kindly recommend famous/delicious restaurants other than sushi dai and daiwa sushi? I am planning for a trip to japan in the early Nov 2018. Thank you so much once again! :)

  2. LK says:

    I’m so glad to have found your website with your helpful info. Below your picture of Sushi Dai is Oedo Kaisendon sushi. Do you know where this restaurant is located in Toyosu market. We ate at this restaurant in Tsukiji market and enjoyed it a lot and would like to go there again in November.
    Also, do you know if the public are able to purchase fruits at Toyosu market? Thank you.

    • Japan Wonder Travel says:


      Thank you for your comment.
      Oedo is near Sushidai located at Block6 3rd floor.
      If you go to restaurants area at 3rd floor block 6, you could find Oedo easily.

      In Toyosu area, you couldn’t buy any fruits at the public area, but only wholesale area.
      In Tsukiji Uogashi (mini wholesale area) at Tsukiji outer market, you could buy.

      Does this answer to your question?


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