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Tokyo boasts a number of shopping spots attracting people from all over the world. The different districts each have their own style and specialties, like anime goods, traditional crafts or Japanese food. Tokyo offers everything you are looking for, you just need to know where to go! Each spot features great shops and also restaurants which offer an exciting shopping experience. You can visit some of them on the same day thanks to the developed public transport connecting the entire city of Tokyo. It is also possible to enjoy exploring popular tourist attractions that are situated around the shopping destinations as well. Below is a list of some of the best holiday shopping spots in Tokyo!

Holiday shopping in Japan

Even though Christmas isn’t an official holiday in Japan, Christmas shopping is a big thing here too. Many department stores hold Christmas sales and home appliances and electronics are offered with largely reduced prices. Many women go shopping for cosmetics and you can see many shops offering Christmas Coffrets, bundles of cosmetics and accessories at great discounts. Another popular thing is Fukubukuro, a sort of lucky bag. During New Year’s, many shops sell these popular items in bags at highly discounted prices. They are limited in numbers and sometimes the exact content is hidden. What makes the holiday shopping extra appealing is that the traditional winter bonus is handed out in this period too.


1. VenusFort

VenusFort is a shopping mall located in the Odaiba (お台場) area. It is situated in the West mall building of Pallet Town, a giant entertainment complex opened in 1999. It comprises a shopping mall, a huge music hall known as Zepp Tokyo, the unique theme park Mega Web that showcases Toyota’s latest car models, and much more! Daikanransha (大観覧車) is a giant ferris wheel that stands 115m tall, one of the most famous landmarks in Odaiba.

VenusFort is home to some 160 shops and restaurants spread out over 3 floors offering different services and experiences. The 1st floor features amusement facilities and convenient shops mainly for families. Most of the shops are located on the 2nd floor including fashion boutiques, cosmetics shops, variety stores selling convenient daily use products, and more! After a large-scale renovation in 2009, the outlet floor was opened on the 3rd floor featuring 50 famous fashion brands, both domestic and overseas ones.

*VenusFort will be closing on March 27th 2022

Read more about the futuristic Odaiba here

Picture by Hitomi / CC

2. Tokyo midtown

Tokyo Midtown is a giant shopping complex opened in 2007. The shopping hub attracts numerous visitors to the Roppongi area which is known as a business center filled with skyscrapers. It includes a range of facilities and services such as a luxurious hotel, art museum, office and residential floors, hospital, and so on. Explore the 130 shops selling clothes, furniture, jewelry, shoes, and cosmetics. It is also a perfect spot to try Japanese food such as sushi and tempura at fancy restaurants with professional services!   

During the festive season, this place is also known to host a popular Christmas market. At the market they sell a wide range of Christmas products, from ornaments and tableware to seasonal sweets and gift items. In addition, the area is beautifully illuminated at night!

3. Ginza Six

Ginza features a large number of luxury brand stores, large department stores, cute boutiques and art galleries. Ginza Six is one of the biggest shopping complexes in the Ginza area opened in 2017. It consists of 13 floors and 6 basements packed with over 240 shops and restaurants. Terminal Ginza is a tourist service center located on the 1st floor and it offers a variety of helpful services for tourists such as foreign currency exchange, a tax free counter, and temporary baggage storage. The Ginza Six Garden is a spacious rooftop garden covering 4,000 square meters! It allows visitors to enjoy a refreshing stroll while feeling nature closely, right in the middle of Tokyo.

4. Coredo Muromachi

If you get a chance to visit Nihonbashi area, check out Coredo Muromachi (コレド室町), a unique shopping complex newly opened in 2019. Nihonbashi is an exciting area that was once recognized as a center of business and culture during the Edo period. Even today, there are many restaurants and shops retaining the nostalgic atmosphere while catching up with the rapid changes and trends, like Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya and Coredo Muromachi. The latter was established aiming to spread Japanese food and culture through a range of shopping experiences and restaurants offering traditional Japanese cuisines. You can try traditional Japanese dishes such as sushi at great restaurants with a long history. It also helps you get memorable daily use products including traditional Japanese crafts.

Read more about the interesting Nihonbashi area on our blog!

5. Tokyo Solamachi

Tokyo Solamachi is a popular shopping complex located in Tokyo Skytree Town. It draws crowds as a giant shopping and entertainment hub that is conveniently located in the ground of Tokyo Skytree, a new landmark opened in 2012. You can explore over 300 shops and restaurants that allow you to spend hours without getting bored. Sumida Aquarium is a great spot for families with children or couples to refresh through watching and learning about marine life. Don’t forget to get tickets to the two observation decks of Tokyo Skytree offering a panoramic view of the entire metropolitan city!    

tokyo skytree

6. KITTE Marunouchi

KITTE Marunouchi is an enjoyable shopping complex that is directly connected to Tokyo station. It consists of six floors and one basement, packed with a range of shops and restaurants. They feature local specialties and attractive products that are well-selected from all over Japan. It allows you to discover special products and try impressive local dishes from other areas of Japan without traveling around the country. The interior design was created by Kuma Kengo, a world-famous Japanese architect who is also known for the design of Japan National Stadium, officially designated as a venue for the Olympics in 2021.   

Tokyo Station Marunouchi

7. Sunshine City

Sunshine City is a giant shopping and commercial complex that plays a significant role as a landmark in the Ikebukuro area. Enjoy shopping at a variety of shops and trying great food at Sunshine City Alpha, popular as a shopping hub among young generations and teenagers. Sunshine Aquarium allows you to get close to marine life including some very cute penguins gracefully swimming around the huge tanks. Manten is a planetarium offering a perfect date spot for couples to spend a romantic moment at night.

Sunshine city view


8. Shibuya Scramble Square

As one of the most popular shopping destinations in Tokyo, Shibuya continues to grow along with new shopping spots and tourist attractions. The most recent addition is the popular Shibuya Scramble Square, a large shopping complex opened in 2019. It is directly connected to JR Shibuya station, making it a convenient shopping location for everyone accessible by train even on rainy days. Although some part of the complex is still under construction, you can enjoy shopping at the East Building which stands 230 meters, making it the tallest building in the Shibuya area. It features about 200 shops and restaurants selling a large collection of products not exclusively for young people but for everyone regardless of age or nationality. You can also find luxury brands and high-end shops that make the entire store distinctive from other shopping spots around! Shibuya Sky is an observation deck on the top floor which offers a stunning view of the city from 229 meters above the ground.

9. Outlet shopping

Picture by Premium Outlets Japan

If you would like to save some money on your shopping in Tokyo, head to one of the several outlet shopping malls located near the city. There are a few outlet shopping malls run by Mitsui Fudosan Group around Japan. From Tokyo you have 3 options in the Tokyo Bay area: Makuhari, Kisarazu and Yokohama Bay. Alternatively you can travel to Iruma or Minami Osawa in the east. Another outlet located a bit out of Tokyo, but with some amazing views of Mount Fuji is the Gotemba outlet operated by the Mitsubishi Estate. Many people from surrounding areas visit there on weekends to enjoy shopping high-end products for reduced prices, so your best option is to visit during the week. Don’t forget to ask about the tax free shopping options while you are there.

10. Shinjuku

Shinjuku is widely known as the leading shopping and entertainment district. The center of fashion and latest trends has a number of lively shopping spots that are especially popular among young people. It is home to two famous shopping hubs: Isetan (伊勢丹) and Lumine (ルミネ). They are located in several locations throughout Tokyo, but both have the main shop in the Shinjuku area and attract numerous visitors with a variety of products and services. Isetan is one of the most influential department stores in Japan featuring luxurious brands and fancy restaurants. Lumine Shinjuku boasts about 230 shops that help you learn fashion trends in Japan as well as take a break at cozy cafes and restaurants while shopping around.

Shinjuku godzilla

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Shopping during your holiday is always an exciting experience as it allows you to get local products that might not be available in your own country. It is a fun experience to discover the food, clothes and other products and discover new aspects of Japan through cultural experiences and welcoming services offered by staff and entertainment facilities. Find your favorite shopping spot and enjoy your holiday in Tokyo!

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Happy travelling!

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