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What is Meiji Period? A Brief Introduction of a Unique Time in Japanese History!

Meiji is the name of a period in time in the Japanese history that started in 1868 with the Meiji Restoration and lasted until 1912. It is often described as the time when Japan took 'its first step to the modernization through reformation of the fundamental systems of the nation based on interactions with other countries'. In this article we will explain the role of this period of time in the modernization of Japan.
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Christmas Markets in Tokyo 2020

Each year, Tokyo is hosting several German-style Christmas markets and bazaars, here you'll find an overview of the best, most Christmassy market to get in the festive mood!
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My Go To Travel Experience to Ishigaki

In oktober I travelled to Ishigaki with the Go To Travel campaign, using the services of Japan Wonder Travel. Here I will share my experiences.
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An Overview of Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan – Differences and History

Shintoism and Buddhism are the two main religions of Japan that peacefully coexist. In this article we will explain the differences between the two and how to recognize a shrine from a temple.
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Complete Guide to Tokyo Tower!

The famous red and white colored Tokyo Tower is one of Tokyo's most iconic structures, serving as an active broadcastin...

Popular Sports In Japan

Sports have always been a big part of the Japanese culture with traditional sports like judo and sumo still being immensely popular. In this article we'll discuss some of the most popular sports in Japan and how you can enjoy them!

How to Ride the Shinkansen in Japan

Riding the Shinkansen when you are in Japan in a MUST-DO. In this article we'll explain everything there is to know about the superfast bullet train including how to get your tickets.
Places to visit in Tokyo

Cross Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba and Enjoy the Best Views of the Skyline of Tokyo

The rainbow bridge is a huge and beautiful suspension bridge in the northern part of Tokyo Bay, connecting Odaiba to central Tokyo. Odaiba is ultra modern, man made island that is incredibly popular with tourists. Since its opening in 1993, the brightly lid Rainbow Bridge has been one of the iconic symbols of Tokyo that is beautifully illuminated at night. It is prominently featured in photos and videos and used in many TV dramas and movies.
Places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo Skytree: All You Need To Know!

One of Tokyo's most iconic modern landmarks is the Tokyo Skytree, the symbolic tower and one of the most popular tourist attractions, located in Sumida ward near the traditional area of Asakusa. Upon completion in 2012, Tokyo Skytree with a height of 634m, was the tallest tallest structure in Japan and also officially recognized as the second tallest structure in the world. Here is the ultimate guide to Tokyo Skytree which helps you learn how to make the most of your time on the iconic tower!
Seasonal Events

The Best Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

Thousands of beautiful Christmas lights are decorating Tokyo during the Christmas season and beyond. The illuminations light up the cold and dark days, time for some romance!
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