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Top 10 Things to Do on Sado Island

Sado Island is a beautiful island that is part of Niigata in the Sea of Japan. Here are the top 10 things to do on one of Niigata's best kept secrets!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Pet-Friendly Spots You Can Enjoy with Your Dog in Tokyo!

There are lots of spots in Tokyo where there are no pets allowed. However, we have made a list for you of some of the fun places you can to take your dog without having to worry!

The Four Seasons of Japan

Each season in Japan is very different and amazing in its own way. Let's dive into the four seasons of Japan and learn about the best way to enjoy each one.
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9 Famous Japanese Architects

Japan blends the traditional with the modern. The country produces an innovative spirit that has continued for centuries or more. Here we introduce 9 famous Japanese architects and their famous works.

18 Best Things To Do In Ibaraki

Ibaraki is a perfect day trip destination from Tokyo. They offer a variety of fun activities. Here's the list of the best things to do in Ibaraki!

Different Types of Sakura Trees in Japan and Where To Find Them

Sakura, cherry blossom, is not only one type but there are about 200 different types of sakura trees in Japan. Here we introduce 6 different types of sakura!

Japanese Ukiyo-e Artists and Their Famous Works

Here we introduce the best Japanese traditional paintings Ukiyo-e and the famous artists.
Places to visit in Japan

The 3 Castles By The Sea in Japan

Many beautiful castles can be found throughout Japan, but these castles are often lesser-known. Visit three stunning castles located by the sea.
Cultural tips

Digital Art Spots You Must Visit in Japan

Recently, there are some tourist spots in Japan that have been attracting a great deal of attention. Spots with a digita...
Places to visit in Japan

10 Amazing Sunset Spots in Japan

Here we introduce the best places to see amazing sunset in Japan. Stunning view of the sunset will surely stay on your memory for a long time.
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