Things to Do on New Year’s Day in Tokyo 2024

New Year's Day in Tokyo Seasonal Events

Are you planning to spend New Year’s Day in Tokyo this year? If the answer is “Yes”, you will want to continue reading! In Tokyo and Japan, there are many things to do and see on New Year’s Day and it is important to do some research on the possible tourist attractions and enjoyable places that you can visit. It is a fantastic time to be in Tokyo, but bear in mind that some businesses (including banks and supermarkets), museums and shops close for a few days. Fortunately, Tokyo boasts a number of exciting spots that welcome visitors with a wide range of facilities and attractions to choose from, even on New Year’s Day. Here is a helpful list of places including perfect destinations to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Day in Tokyo!    

If you want to read more about Japanese customs and tradition for the New Year’s holiday read our blog: How to spend the New Year’s holiday in Japan

Best tourist spots for New Years

Popular tourist attractions in Tokyo hold special events that are only enjoyable during the New Year’s holiday season. Joining those events allows you to discover new aspects of famous spots and do as local Japanese do at the arrival of the New Year! Here are our recommendations:

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is a new landmark in Tokyo that stands 634 meters while offering a range of exciting experiences. It fascinates visitors on New Year’s Day with the stunning view of the first sunrise of the year from the two observation decks. Night is also a perfect time to enjoy the beautiful tower brightly lit up in special colors to celebrate the arrival of the new year! Solamachi (ソラマチ) is a giant shopping complex located on the same ground of the tower. It offers an exciting shopping experience with a number of shops holding a special sale!

Skytree view

Mt. Takao 

Mt. Takao is the most accessible mountain from the central part of Tokyo. As a new year’s tradition in Japan, watching the first sunrise of the year is a very popular thing to do and Mt. Takao is the best place for it. It gets crowded on the top of the mountain before sunrise (likely around 3am it’ll be limited to entering the top of the mountain) every year. Time of sunrise is around 6:45am, and if you want to watch the sunrise on the top of the mountain, you’ll need to get there early.  From 6:30am, Geiko-sai, the traditional ritual will be performed by the monk at Yakuo-In temple on the top of the mountain. 

Please note that better be prepared for cold weather while waiting for the sunrise on the mountain if you decide to spend the early morning on the mountain.

You can visit Yakuo-in temple where many people visit to pray on New Year’s Day. Keio Line will be running all night from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day which allows visitors to visit the mountain in and out of Tokyo. There will be even fire-ritual practicing from midnight to 5:00pm.

Mount Fuji from mount Takao
Photo by Luke

“Hatsu-uri” and “Fukubukuro” Shopping 

Another fun thing to do on New Year’s Day or week is going shopping! Hatsu-uri is the first opening day of the year and New Year’s sales are everywhere and lucky bags (Fukubukuro in Japanese) are in the shops only available during New Year’s. Lucky bags are special packages that you can’t see what you get until you open it. 

The opening hours and the first opening day are varied and different from the usual operation on New Year’s holidays for most of the shopping malls and department stores. Here are our recommended shopping malls and department stores that open during New Year’s Day and holidays! 

NameOpening hoursFirst opening day
Seibu Ikebukuro10am-9pm January 1st
Sunshine City 10am-8pmJanuary 1st
Matsuya Asakusa10am-8pmJanuary 1st
Solamachi10am-9pmJanuary 1st
Daimaru Tokyo10am-8pmJanuary 2nd
Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi 10am-7pmJanuary 2nd
Tokyu Plaza Ginza 11am-9pmJanuary 2nd
Ginza SIX10:30am-8:30pmJanuary 2nd
Ginza Mitsukoshi 10am-8pmJanuary 2nd
Shibuya Hikarie 11am-9pmJanuary 2nd
Shibuya Scramble Square 10am-9pmJanuary 2nd
Shibuya PARCO11am-9pmJanuary 2nd
Shibuya 10911am-9pmJanuary 2nd
Lumine Shinjuku11am-9pmJanuary 2nd
Laforet Harajuku11am-8pmJanuary 2nd
Matsuzakaya Ueno 10am-8pmJanuary 2nd
Ueno Marui 11am-8pmJanuary 2nd
Shinjuku Isetan10am-8pmJanuary 3rd

Shibuya Yokocho 

Shibuya Yokocho at RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK in Shibuya is an indoor alleyway where many restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese bar and restaurant) are located. There are a variety of 19 restaurants in total and you can try local soul foods from each region of Japan! It’s almost a theme park recreating a retro vibe to the old days in Japan, you can also visit the kissa-snack style cafe/pub on the second floor.
It opens on New Year’s Eve and Day, and if you want to celebrate the New Years in the central city like Shibuya, go to Shibuya Yokocho and enjoy delicious meals and drinks in the vibrant atmosphere!

teamLab Planets Tokyo

teamLab offers digital art museums in several locations in Tokyo, and teamLab Planets Tokyo is located in Toyosu. The concept of the museum is “Body Immersive”, the incredible artworks include walking through water and flower gardens on bare foot! It’s definitely one of the best instagrammable spots in Tokyo, and you can be a part of artworks in a picture.
Book e-ticket for teamLab Planets Tokyo

Amusement parks at New Year’s holiday

If you are looking for somewhere to spend a memorable New Year’s Day with your children, check out popular amusement parks in Tokyo! Each spot features unique attractions and activities, which let your children choose what to do from a variety of options. Some of them also include facilities for adults such as shopping areas and restaurants! 

Tokyo Disney Parks

Tokyo Disney Parks are without a doubt the most popular theme parks in Japan. It will open on New Year’s Day with special events and traditional Japanese decorations. Visitors will be welcomed by Disney characters dressed in traditional Japanese clothing such as a Kimono. A special parade is also scheduled giving visitors a memorable time with other Disney fans. Enjoy special cuisines and find some souvenir items related to the new year’s zodiac sign during this New Year’s season! 

New Year’s Celebration at Tokyo Disney Resorts 
Monday, January 1, 2024 – Monday, January 8, 2024

Tokyo Disneyland

Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Land is a huge amusement park located on the border between Inagi City in Tokyo and Kawasaki City in Kanagawa. It offers a variety of experiences including exciting rides, entertaining performances by popular characters, a BBQ area for families, and even Sea lion shows! Jewellumination is one of the highlights among special events that is scheduled to be held from the middle of October through April in 2024. 6.5 million lights brightly decollate the entire park divided into 12 areas based on different themes!   If you want a thrilling experience, bungee jumping is also popular on New Year’s Eve or Day at the park, you can bungee jump from 22 meters above the ground! It might make a good start of the new year!

Grandberry Park Minami-Machida

As many companies offer a New Years bonus, the New Year holiday is a popular time for shopping. Traditionally many shops hold a large sale and another popular New Year’s custom is the Fukubukuro, Japanese lucky bags. Grandberry Park Minami-Machida is a giant complex that opened in 2019. It mainly consists of three areas: a shopping area called Grandberry Park, Park-Life Site including a museum and café that features the world-famous character Snoopy, and the peaceful park Tsuruma Park. Grandberry park is the main shopping hub that boasts 230 shops and restaurants including famous fashion brands both domestic and overseas. It also features other convenient facilities such as a movie theater and pet friendly cafes where you can enjoy lunch with your pets! 

Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City is home to a range of facilities and enjoyable attractions. It includes Tokyo Dome, the main stadium of a popular baseball team known as Tokyo Giants. Tokyo Dome City Attractions is a free-to-enter amusement park that offers exciting rides and attractions for everyone. LaQua is a refreshing facility that offers relaxing services such as spa, body massage, and more. Enjoy a 100% pure hot spring bath and satisfy your stomach with great dishes. Located in the center of the city and close to major JR stations, The Tokyo Dome Hotel gives you an advantage to get around Tokyo smoothly while staying in the luxurious room!

Tokyo dome themepark

Special New Year’s Day Events

New Year’s Day is the perfect time to join seasonal events held at popular tourist spots. The special atmosphere of the new year also makes it easier for everyone to try visiting new places that they have never been to.   

Sky Circus Sunshine 60 observation deck

Sky Circus Sunshine 60 observation deck is situated at Sunshine City, a symbolic commercial complex in Ikebukuro area. The 239.7 meters skyscraper offers an incredible view of the city with unique technology including VR experiences and optic illusions. On New Year’s Day, they organize a special event for people to see the first sunrise of the year from 251 meters above sea level. Limited space is available, and tickets can be purchased only online.

Time: ~6am- 8am
Admission: 4,000 yen (you have to book the ticket online beforehand)

Tokyo sunset

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo’s iconic tower hosts a fun event watching the first sunrise on New Year’s Day. It’s limited to 333 people, it opens before the opening hours for the first sunrise of the year. Shishimai, a Japanese lion dance, will be performed to invite good luck and ward off evil spirits and cheerful chindonya, a traditional marching band, will be walking around playing instruments. You can also do hatsumode, a tradition visiting a shrine to pray for good health or good luck on New Year’s Day, at Tower Daijingu. It is located at the observation deck which is 150 meters above the ground. 

Time: ~6am – 8:30 
Admission: Top deck (33 people only) 30,000 yen 
Main deck 2F seated (60 people only) 12,000 yen 
Main deck 1F seated (60 people only) 10,000 yen 
Main deck 2F standing (90 people only) 7,000 yen 
Main deck 1F standing (90 people only) 6,000 yen

tokyo tower night view

Celebrate a new year in a traditional way

You can also spend New Year’s Day in the traditional Japanese way. It may sound challenging at first, especially for those who are not familiar with Japanese culture and manners, but most of them are easy to try just by following some simple steps! Here are our two recommendations to spend New Year’s Day through traditional Japanese experiences!   


Hatsumode (初詣) is a first visit to shrine or temple of the new year. It is one of the most important customs for Japanese people and has a long history. People pay a visit to shrines or temples to pray and make wishes for the coming year. Some popular temples and shrines such as Senso-ji temple in Asakusa and Meiji Jingu in Shibuya attract thousands of visitors! Hatsumode also gives you a great opportunity to learn Japanese traditions including omikuji, a fortune-telling paper slip sold at shrines and temples! 

Pilgrimage New Year’s holiday

Shichifukujin Meguri (七福神巡り) refers to a traditional Japanese custom that has an origin back in the Edo period (1603-1868). People visit shrines that worship 7 different lucky gods, including Ebisu (恵比寿), a deity that symbolizes prosperity and success full business. The Nihonbashi area offers a popular Shichifukujin Meguri course where you’ll visit 7 shrines in a short time. Enjoy this traditional Japanese custom while strolling around the lively area with a nostalgic atmosphere back in the old days!     


Mochitsuki (pounding rice to make mochi) is a traditional event on New Year’s Day. It has a meaning of family prosperity, and mochitsuki used to perform not only on New Year’s but to celebrate weddings and when moving in the new house. 
There are some mochitsuki events in Tokyo in January, at Shokoji temple they offer a family mochitsuki event where local people gather every year.


Japan Wonder Travel Tours 

If you are looking for the best way to experience Tokyo, you should definitely check out our private tours with a local English-speaking guide. Visiting any destination together with a local guide who will show you the highlights as well as some local recommendations, is in our eyes the ultimate way to discover the beauty Japan has on offer. Some of our tours:

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Tokyo Panorama

New Year’s Day is widely considered as one of the most important days of the year to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Many Japanese use the holiday to spend some quality time with their family and relax, but there are many events or traditions that internationals living in or visiting Japan can also join. There are certainly no specific rules that you need to follow to spend the special day in Japan, so it is all up to you how and where to start a brand-new year. Do bear in mind that some shops and offices are closed for a few days. Try or visit one of the tourist attractions we introduced above and have a memorable time with your family or loved ones! 

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Happy travelling!

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