10 Best Festivals in Japan in December 2022

Stay warm and join the festivities at some of Japan's best December festivals!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Events and Things to Do in Japan in December

Plan the ultimate winter adventure with this guide to 10 great things to do in Japan in December!

10 Best Things to Do in Kyoto in Winter

Beat the crowds and visit Japan's ancient capital in winter: a snow-covered Kyoto might be one of the most magical sights you'll ever see!
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10 Best Things to Do in Kansai in Winter

Find out the best activities and places to go in Kansai in winter!

12 Best Winter Illuminations in Kansai 2022-2023

Kansai is home to some spectacular winter illuminations, and in this article we highlight the best ones!

10 Best Hotels Near the Sapporo Snow Festival

Want to experience the awe-inspiring Sapporo Snow Festival, but not sure where to stay? Read on for a full list of our best hotel recommendations!

10 Best Things to Do in Osaka in Winter

Not sure what to do in Osaka during the colder months? Read on for plenty of inspiration for winter fun!
To do in Tokyo

10 Best Things to Do in Tokyo in Winter

With this guide to winter fun in Japan's capital, you'll never run out of things to do in Tokyo in the cooler months!
Places to visit in Tokyo

6 Best Ice Skating Spots in Tokyo 2022

Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level, ice skating is a fun winter activity for people of all ages. Check out some of the best ice skating spots in Tokyo!

Best Winter Fireworks Festivals in Japan 2022-2023

An explanation of 8 of the best winter fireworks festivals throughout Japan 2022-2023. From onsen to harbor, we talk about many different festivals you can see in winter.
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