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What To Wear In Japan For Every Season

When packing for your trip to Japan, it is important to think about what time of year it is and what kind of clothes you will need. Here is the ultimate guide for what to wear in Japan for every season!
Places to visit in Tokyo

6 Best Ice Skating Spots in Tokyo 2022

Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level, ice skating is a fun winter activity for people of all ages. Check out some of the best ice skating spots in Tokyo!

Best Winter Fireworks Festivals in Japan 2021-2022

An explanation of 8 of the best winter fireworks festivals throughout Japan 2021-2022. From onsen to harbor, we talk about many different festivals you can see in winter.

Weekend Trip to Zao Onsen in Winter

Zao Onsen in Yamagata prefecture is famous for its 'snow monsters (ice trees)'. Here we explain how to best enjoy Zao Onsen in winter!

The 10 Best Winter Activities in Nagano 2022

Winter in Nagano prefecture is magical covered in snow. Unique and amazing experience you can have in Nagano during the winter time is all written in this article.

10 Winter Snow Festivals in Japan 2022

Not only the famous Sapporo Snow Festival, there are more snow festivals with beautiful ice and snow spectacles in Japan.
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How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Tokyo 2021-2022

New Year's holiday is such a big event in Japan. Here we introduce the best things to do in Tokyo and explain typical ways to spend New Year's Eve in Japanese way.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Japan

In Japan, Christmas is not about religion but more about creating a cozy atmosphere during the dark days and enjoying the company of your lover and friends. Let us tell you a bit more about how to celebrate Christmas in Japan!

10 Amazing Winter Activities In Hokkaido

If there’s one thing Hokkaido is famous for, it’s snow. Here we go over just a few of the most popular activities that bring people to this far end of the country.
Itinerary in Japan

Family Trip Ski Resorts in Japan 2021-2022

Japan is renowned for its powder and great winter ski and snowboard conditions. In this article we'll introduce some of the best family friendly resorts!
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