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Yomiuri Land is one of the most interesting finds in all of Tokyo. No, it isn’t a 20 meter statue of an anime robot or a life size Godzilla lurking outside your window. It’s an amusement park that feels so familiar, yet strikingly different. The biggest difference is when the night falls. As little bulbs of light begin to illuminate every inch of the park, the atmosphere completely changes. Then, the entirety of Yomiuri Land radiates like luminescent gemstones in a cave. In this article, we’re going to talk about Yomiuri Land and some reasons you should come to this awesome amusement park, especially in the winter.

What is Yomiuri Land?

This amusement park was built in the 60s and still maintains that feeling of a traditional amusement park that your grandparents would’ve felt. That is, until it’s winter and the sun goes down. What was a casual amusement park visit turns into an exploration of a new luminous world. Designed by lighting designer Motoko Ishii, whose known around the world for the light designs for structures such as the Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Sensoji Temple, and Kabukiza Theater, Yomiuri Land’s Jewellumination perfectly exemplifies this year’s theme, “Light is Happiness.” You can retrace your daytime path through the park, but it will be a completely different experience because you will see everything in a new light, pun intended.


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Photo from past years

Getting to the park

While it is widely known to virtually every local and native to Japan, this park nuzzled in the hillside of Inagi, Tokyo is more of a hidden place for foreigners. It’s just outside of the hustle and bustle of the “big” city, but it’s only 35 minutes west of Shinjuku so not too far for most tourists who are already in Tokyo. All you need to do is find your way to the Keio Line at any station it crosses through, ride west, and get off at Keio Yomiuri Land Station. Once you arrive there, you can take an awesome 500 yen roundtrip gondola ride all the way to the amusement park!

Areas and popular attractions at the park

The amusement park has 8 areas and many attractions. These areas all have several amazing attractions within them. However, some of the attractions are only available certain times a year. While the rides and indoor facilities will run year-round, attractions like the cherry blossoms, Pool WAI, and Jewellumination are only available during the spring, summer and winter, respectively. The full list of park areas include:

  • Bandit Area
  • Family Area
  • Lan Lan Area
  • Plaza Stage of the Sun
  • Goodjoba!! Area
  • Flag Street
  • Aqua Area
  • Gondola boarding Area (outside of park)

Some Jewellumination Highlights

There are tons of different light displays in the park that it would take hours to stroll around and see all them. Whether you’re seeing the lights upside down from the Looping Starship or from 60m high at the top of the giant ferris wheel, the views will take your breath away. Here are some of the highlights of the illuminations that you should see when you’re there!

Jewellumination 2023-2024
Date: October 20, 2023 – April 9, 2024
*We will update the information for 2024-2025 once it’s officially announced

1. The Bandit

The Bandit is one of the most popular attractions in the park. This former world-record holding roller coaster used to be the fastest in the world during the time of its creation in the 60s. While it no longer holds the record, it is just as fast as it was over 50 years ago. It also stands over 50 meters high having a full 78 meter distance between its highest and lowest points at some sections. This gives you a magnificent view of not only the entire theme park, but you can also see the entirety of the Tokyo skyline as well. A nighttime ride on this roller coaster is even more exhilarating, plus you get the added bonus of seeing the park with a new radiance at night.

2. Colorful Jewelry Town

Colorful Jewelry Town is a great part of the amusement park because it has both an inviting atmosphere with all of the beautiful lights and tons of interactive games. Ranging from arcade games to your classic carnival games, the Colorful Jewelry Town in the Flag Street Area is a blast for people of any age.

3. Crossing Diamond Passage

While you are going to want to take pictures of your entire trip at Yomiuri Land, the Crossing Diamond Passage will likely be your best place for an amazing selfie. The lights are interwoven in a diamond pattern, but the illumination of the lights shifts and changes shape and patterns, leaving every picture you take completely unique and different from the last.

4. See the Fountain Show!

In the winter, Yomiuri Land transforms its pool and Aqua Area, turning them into a winter wonderland on water. The beautiful lights dance on the water like glittering snowflakes in an illuminated snow globe! The show runs every 15 minutes, and the combination of lights, music, and occasional fire is absolutely worth the view. 

Photo from past years

5. View the park from the Happy Grand Object

Perhaps the best part of the park is riding the giant Ferris wheel at night. You not only get a 13 minute ride through the clouds, but you also get the stunning views of the illuminous Tokyo city skyline and even more dazzling Yomiuri Land nighttime illuminations. From the accumulation of the millions of lights the park has on display, you can see everything at the grandest scale with this bird’s eye view. 

Whichever time of the day or year you choose to come to Yomiuri Land, you won’t be disappointed, but a trip to the nighttime display of the Jewellumination should definitely be on your bucket list every autumn and winter. Which part of the park do you want to visit first?

Ticket Information

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Adults(Age 18-64)Middle and high school students(Age 12-17)Children(age 6-11)Senior citizens(age 65 and up)Preschoolers(Age 3-5
Admission fees Park admission fees only1,800 JPY1,500 JPY1,000 JPY1,000 JPY
One-Day Pass Admission + all-you-can-ride5,800 JPY4,600 JPY4,000 JPY 2,400 JPY

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Stay informed of the best travel tips to Japan, the most exciting things to do and see, and the top experiences to have with the Japan Wonder Travel Newsletter. Once every two weeks we will introduce you to our latest content.

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