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One of Tokyo’s most iconic modern landmarks is the TOKYO SKYTREE (東京スカイツリー), the symbolic tower and one of the most popular tourist attractions, located in Sumida ward near the traditional area Asakusa. Upon completion in 2012 the TOKYO SKYTREE, with a height of 634m, was the tallest structure in Japan and also officially recognized as the tallest tower in the world. The tower features two observation decks that give you the perfect panoramic view of the biggest city in the world. It surely will be a highlight of your travel look at a breathtaking night view, a distant view of Mt. Fuji in the daytime, or beautiful sunset from either of the two observation decks.

Besides the unparalleled scenic views from the two observation decks, there are a number of shops and restaurants that you can visit. There is even an aquarium located in the tower building, making a trip to TOKYO SKYTREE a fun activity for everyone, also on a rainy day! The tower isn’t just a cool landmark with a nice observation tower, it also serves as the main television broadcasting tower in Tokyo. Here is the ultimate guide to TOKYO SKYTREE to help you make the most of your time on the iconic tower!



After completion, TOKYO SKYTREE took over the role of the main television broadcasting tower from Tokyo’s other iconic tower: Tokyo Tower. Built in 1958, Tokyo Tower had served as the main broadcasting tower for decades, but with the transition from analog to digital television broadcasting, there were some concerns that Tokyo Tower wouldn’t function properly. It was expected that the tall buildings near the tower would interfere with the signal transmission. As a result, Japan decided to build a new tower that should be (much) taller than Tokyo Tower, at least 600 meters to secure the stable transmission of signals in the region. 

Tokyo Tower

The construction of TOKYO SKYTREE started in 2008 and was completed in February 2012. The new tower was opened on May 22 2012, consisting of 29 floors and one basement. The highlight of the Tokyo skyline attracts a number of visitors all year round that visit, who visit not only for the impressive view from the two observation decks but also for other fun experiences at the 300+ shops, restaurants, and other activities.

TOKYO SKYTREE has some hidden fun facts to its name, for example, the height of TOKYO SKYTREE, 634 meters, isn’t chosen at random. The number 634 can be read as musashi in Japanese, a historic name of the Tokyo Region. In addition, the color white is a special color called Skytree White. Skytree White is based on aijiro, the lightest shade of Japanese traditional indigo blue, and represents the fusion of traditional Japanese beauty and neo-futuristic design

Best views from the TOKYO SKYTREE observation decks

TOKYO SKYTREE boasts two observation decks from which visitors can enjoy an amazing view from two different heights. The decks are open between 9am and 9pm with the last admission at 8pm and can be visited separately or combined. Each deck also offers different facilities. Here is some more detailed information about the features. 

TEMBO DECK (350 m)

The lower observation deck is known as “TEMBO DECK” and stands at 350 meters above sea level. From the TEMBO DECK, visitors have a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo, stretching as far as 70 to 75 kilometers away in the distance. On a clear, sunny day you can even see Mount Fuji from TOKYO SKYTREE! The glass windows cover the entire direction, letting visitors walk around the deck while enjoying the stunning view from any point. Take a break at a cozy cafe Skytree Cafe where you can grab a nice cup of coffee while taking in the view. At TEMBO DECK you can have your souvenir photo taken and in case you want to visit the upper deck, you can buy your entrance tickets here too.

Height: 350 meters
Facilities: Restaurant, cafe, restrooms, photo service, gift shop, ticket counter


Taking a spectacular elevator with transparent doors to catch a glimpse of the outside and the tower structure, you will finally reach the TEMBO GALLERIA situated on floors 445 up to 450. The glass walls are positioned slightly outwards, creating a comfortable space for visitors to enjoy their stay longer. Walk along the sloped galleria leading to the highest point called Sorakara Point, a spiral glass skywalk that welcomes you with a spectacular view and makes you feel like you are floating in the sky!

Height: 451.2 meters (Sorakara Point)
Facilities: Restrooms, photo service

How to get to TOKYO SKYTREE

The entrance to TOKYO SKYTREE is located on the fourth floor of Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN, a commercial shopping center between Tokyo Skytree Station and Oshiage Station. The two train stations with the easiest access to TOKYO SKYTREE.

  1. Take the Tobu Skytree Line and get off at Tokyo Skytree Station.
  2. Take the Hanzomon Line and get off at Oshiage Station.

There is also a regular shuttle service Skytree Shuttle departing from the popular locations in Tokyo including Tokyo Station, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Disney Resort, and the Ueno-Asakusa area. The flat fare is ¥220 or a day pass is available for ¥420.

tokyo skyline


TOKYO SKYTREE is daily open from 9am until 9pm with the last admission at 8pm. There are three different tickets available for TOKYO SKYTREE: TEMBO DECK (350m), TEMBO GALLERIA (450m), or a Combi ticket. There are advanced assigned day tickets, day and time tickets, and same-day tickets costing something between ¥2,100 – ¥2,300 for adults to the TEMBO DECK only. Add on another ¥1,000 to go to the upper TEMBO GALLERY. International tourists with valid visas can enjoy a special Fast Skytree Ticket that allows them to skip the waiting line. The entrance tickets to Tokyo Skytree can be purchased in two ways:

  1. Online
    On the website of TOKYO SKYTREE, you can purchase your tickets in advance. Visit their website and choose the tickets you want to buy. (Combo tickets for both observation decks/ Single tickets for only the lower observation deck)
    Get admission tickets (Floor 350+450) online and save time!
  2. Buy tickets in person on site
    Your other option is to visit the ticket counter on the 4th floor to buy tickets for the observation decks on the day itself. No advance reservation is required. Please note that the ticket counter is open until 8pm.

Admission Fees TOKYO SKYTREE

Tickets prices are as follows:

TEMBO DECK observatory: ¥2,100 (weekdays), ¥2,300 (weekends and holidays)
Combi ticket: ¥3,100 yen (weekdays), ¥3,400 (weekends and holidays)

Get admission tickets (Floor 350+450) online and save time!

TOKYO SKYTREE lighting information

Every day from 5.30pm until 12 am, almost 2,000 LED lights illuminate TOKYO SKYTREE. There are two different lighting styles Ike – representing the spirit of Edo – and Miyabi – representing aesthetics and beauty – that operate alternately. In addition, the annual event includes illuminations that brightly light up the tower in various colors based on the season and different themes, for example during the Christmas season the tower shows various displays of warm, enchanting lights. You can check the full lighting schedule at the official TOKYO SKYTREE website.

What to do in the area

If you want to explore the tower and surroundings, visit Tokyo Solamachi, a huge shopping complex located on the lower floors of TOKYO SKYTREE. It comprises over 300 shops and restaurants offering a large collection of products and great dishes. Enjoy the shopping experience here or visit Sumida Aquarium and learn about marine life or visit Planetarium Tenku for a romantic date.

Asakusa Kaminarimon Gate

TOKYO SKYTREE is located 20 minutes on foot from the traditional heart of Tokyo, Asakusa. At Asakusa you can experience the old Tokyo vibe, visit some craft shops and try local snacks at Nakamise Dori, a shopping street leading to the famous Sensoji Temple, a beautiful Buddhist temple. Read more about Asakusa!

Where to take the best pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE

If you want to take great pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE, here are some suggestions for perfect locations to get the best shots of the landmark! 

Azuma Bridge

Azuma Bridge is a beautiful red bridge built over the Sumida river. It offers a great view of TOKYO SKYTREE and other skyscrapers around which includes Asahi Beer Headquarters with the iconic golden statue. At night, you can also get a chance to enjoy the beautiful night view!

Sumida Park

Sumida Park is a peaceful park located only a 10 min walk from TOKYO SKYTREE, home to the big annual Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival and cherry blossom viewing events. Take a relaxing stroll along the Sumida River while taking memorable pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE. When you visit Tokyo in Spring, you can see the cherry blossoms in the park in full bloom, creating a second to none view with TOKYO SKYTREE in the background!

Sensoji Temple

Known as the oldest temple in Tokyo, Senso-ji enables visitors to take a beautiful picture framing the historical and modern side of Tokyo in one shot! It takes about 25 min to walk to the temple from TOKYO SKYTREE, a nice walk where you can experience both the traditional and modern aspects of Tokyo at the same time! 

Shin Nakamise Shopping Street

When you make your way to Asakusa and Sensoji Temple, also make a short detour to the Shin Nakamise or New Nakamise. This roof-covered shopping street called shotengai is lined with shops and restaurants and runs perpendicular to the Nakamise Dori. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view looking onto TOKYO SKYTREE.

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Tokyo Sky Tree panoramic view

Seeing Tokyo from a great height is the perfect way to take in the size of the world’s biggest city. Make your way up to the observation deck of TOKYO SKYTREE on a sunny afternoon to enjoy breathtaking views and watch the sunset with Japan’s icon Mount Fuji. Standing at 634 meters tall, one of the tallest structures in the world also offers some spectacular views of Tokyo’s skyline by night. Enjoy the panoramic view from the observation deck, try great restaurants at Solamachi, and explore the surroundings to make the most of your time here in Tokyo!

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Happy traveling!

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