Ideal 1 Day Itinerary in Asakusa, Traditional Old Town in Tokyo!

Asakusa Itinerary in Tokyo

When you search popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, you probably always see the name Asakusa popping up on any travel website. Asakusa is an old, relatively small area which is loved and visited by many tourists both domestic and international travellers. This area gives you a great opportunity to experience the traditional side of Japan, but also new things to see and enjoy. In this article, we will introduce a 1 day itinerary in Asakusa and give you some advice and tips which help you plan your day in Asakusa more easily!

1. How to get to Asakusa by train

If you take trains to get to Asakusa from where you stay, there are 4 lines which take you there. The best and most convenient one is called “The Toei Asakusa Line”, operated by Toei Subway. The nearest station, “Asakusa station” is within a walking distance from the famous Sensoji Temple (we will talk more about this spot later), and you can reach other attractive sightseeing spots, such as Tokyo Skytree which is also along the line, easily.

2. Start your day in Asakusa at Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple is an old, Buddhist temple which was built in 7th century. It was unfortunately burned down by fire during the World WarⅡ, but was rebuilt later. What makes it more special is the fact that it has been awarded as the best tourist spot in Asakusa area for years on famous travel websites such as TripAdvisor!

Here is a little fun fact. There is a big incense pot (Jokoro) in front of the temple and you will see many people around it trying to get covered by smoke. Originally this habit started from purifying the body before entering the temple. From that, people started to believe that the smoke has a healing effect. Today, visitors will try to get themselves covered by smoke hoping that they will be in a better shape or get smarter.

3. Pray first, and then enjoy looking around the shopping street!


As you can imagine, Sensoji Temple is so popular that it gets super crowded quite easily, especially on weekends. But also on weekdays the place can be full of people. In order to avoid the crowds, we recommend that you go there early in the morning, preferably around 9am. The temple is open 24 hours and visitors can pray at any time convenient to them. However, there is a long, famous shopping street called Nakamise-dori, leading to the temple, and most of the shops open around 9am.

They sell large variety of goods including Japanese traditional food and snacks that satisfy your appetite and might be a perfect souvenir for your friends. You can get a bag to carry them around, but it is better to go to the temple and pray first so that you don’t have to walk around with your hands full!  

4. Take a picture with Kaminarimon Gate!

Have you ever seen a picture of a huge, red lantern hanging from an impressive gate that stands at the entrance of Nakamise street? The gate is called Kaminarimon Gate or Thunder Gate, and loved as an iconic symbol with the lantern in Sensoji Temple. You will get overwhelmed how big the lantern is, and to see a lot of people taking pictures of the gate! On either side you will see two huge statues, the figure on the left is the God of Thunder, on the right, the Wind God. Together they are protecting the entrance gate.

5. Want to try something exiting? Asakusa Rickshaw ride is waiting for you!

Thanks to its size and reliable transport, you don’t need to worry about the delay on your schedule in Asakusa. But if you want to try out something unforgettable and fun, we suggest taking a rickshaw ride? You will enjoy a relaxing, personal tour on a special two-wheeled vehicle called rickshaw with a guide, called puller. It is definitely a memorable, unique experience for you!

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6. Only two stops to Tokyo Skytree

A good itinerary should include some modern, cool attractions as well. After exploring Sensoji Temple area, you can go back to Sensoji station to take the Toei Asakusa Line again. It is only two more stops until you get to the Tokyo Skytree station (also known as “Oshiage station”). Other transport such as a shuttle bus is also available. If you prefer to walk and enjoy the nature surrounding the area, it is only a 15 to 20-minute walk to Tokyo Skytree from the station!

Shopping, eating, enjoying the amazing view…it’s all up to you!

Tokyo Skytree was built in 2011, and also known the tallest structure. It has a role as a broadcasting tower, but many people recognize it as an observatory and shopping-complex. The bottom part of the tower consists of several shops and facilities such as restaurants, souvenir shops, and parking space, and helpful information counters. On the upper floors, there are nice cafes, fancy restaurants, and an amazing observation deck that offers you a stunning, incomparable view. To enter the observation deck, you need to go and get a special admission ticket at the ticket center on 4th floor.

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Tokyo Skytree
8am – 10pm (last admission 9pm)
Combi ticket from ¥3,100
Tembo Galleria from ¥1,000
Tembo Deck from ¥2,100

7. Luxurious experience, Sumida River Cruise and take the best shot of Tokyo Skytree from the river!

If you want to take the best shot of Tokyo Skytree itself, Sumida River Cruise offers you a perfect opportunity to make it happen!

They operate several types of cruise ships and one of the pier locations is close to Sensoji Temple. It takes you to other sightseeing destinations in Tokyo like Odaiba Seaside Park, Hamarikyu Garden, Toyosu, and more! They offer four cruise routes from Asakusa, and you can have a great view of Tokyo Skytree, no matter what route you take! The design of the outside appearance of the tower is definitely worth paying for the cruise!

Sumida River Cruise (Tokyo Cruise)  Official Website

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Some might think Asakusa is too popular and ordinary as a sightseeing destination ,and there is nothing new or exiting. Actually, this area is full of excitement and provides new discoveries every time we visit. Let’s immerse yourself into a deep, traditional area which is still developing in accordance with the times and changes!

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Happy travelling!

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