10 Best Places to Visit in Odaiba – A Futuristic Entertainment Hub Full of Surprises

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Odaiba is a manmade island on the east side of Tokyo, originally built to protect the city from marine attacks but nowadays it is known as a futuristic high-tech entertainment hub. Odaiba is basically an entertainment complex and shopping mall that is full of surprises, such as Tokyo’s very own Statue of Liberty! If you are in Tokyo for a few days, Odaiba is definitely worth checking out. Though be warned; if you are looking to get away from the busy, neon-ridden, shopping areas of Tokyo such as Shibuya, Akihabara or Harajuku, look elsewhere. Odaiba may resemble a lot of neighbourhoods but it is unique in its own right, notably due to the multitude of things to do. Explore Odaiba and its many attractions, here are some of our favourites.

How to get to Odaiba?

First things first, before we list our top things to do on the island, let’s see how you can get there. The journey to the island itself can already be an exciting experience. Getting to the island is fairly easy and you have several options:

To Odaiba by train

The fastest option would be travelling by train. We recommend you take yurikamome, as opposed to most rides you may take in Tokyo, this train takes you on an outdoor journey in a train with a wide window in the place of a driver’s cockpit. Speeding through the capital, around a long spiral turn and over the water, this ride is the closest thing you can get to a roller coaster but with amazing city views!

To Odaiba by boat

When you have time and weather circumstances permit, consider getting to the island by boat! There are several places where to you (dis)embark but the most convenient locations are Asakusa, Hamarikyu Gardens, Hinode Pier and Odaiba Seaside Park. The Tokyo Water Bus will bring you from Hinode Pier to Odaiba in 20 minutes (¥520). Or less frequent boats depart from Asakusa and arrive at Odaiba 50 in minutes (¥1,720).

To Odaiba on foot

It is also possible to cross the famous Rainbow Bridge on foot! You can cross the water in around 20-30 minutes, while enjoying the magnificent view of Tokyo Bay. Note that the pedestrian pathway closes at night and on the third Monday of every month.

What to see on Odaiba?

Catch the sunset and enjoy the best night views

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge sunset

Odaiba offers stunning and expansive views of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge set against the Tokyo city skyline. Especially at night, the view from Odaiba is amazing: the twinkling lights of the skyline of Tokyo, with the illuminated rainbow bridge set against it, ensure a stunning view of the worlds largest city! In summer time you will see some yakatabune slowly passing by in Tokyo Bay, these are Japanese traditional ‘pleasure’ boat adorned with lanterns. Over the centuries these boast have been used by the upper-class (feudal lords, samurai and later, wealthy merchants) to host dinner or drinking parties. Walk along the beach and take in the best views in Tokyo across the water.

Rainbow Bridge

This suspension bridge connects Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront. It’s named Rainbow Bridge by the public, because (only) in the december the bridge is illuminated in… rainbow colours. Though the bridge and its views are amazing even when illuminated in regular white lights during the rest of the year. You can walk across Rainbow Bridge to enjoy the view over Odaiba and Tokyo Bay or you drive across by a car. Another way to enjoy Rainbow Bridge is to ride Yurikamome (15 minutes, ¥330) which is automated monorail from Shinbashi Station. This monorail is a sort of sightseeing transportation making a 270-degree loop at the foot of Rainbow Bridge providing panoramic views of mainland Tokyo, Odaiba, and Rainbow Bridge. 

Tokyo Bay Rainbow Bridge

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Spo-cha, Tokyo’s top entertainment centre

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza has seven floors offering entertainment facilities, the food courts, and various shops including some great Japanese souvenir shops. One of the entertainment facilities is called Spo-cha, offering more than 20 varieties of sport play grounds. After paying your entrance fee, that depends on the date and duration, you can play the games as much as they would like. For example, bubble soccer, mini bowling and table tennis are available to play. Also, high-tech toys like Segway’s are available to ride on. This is a recommended place if you want spend time in an active way.

Spo-cha in Odaiba Divercity
Admission fee starting at ¥1,840 (adult) and ¥1,650 (students)

Gundam statue

Gundam Odaiba

After you have DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is also famous for being a home to the full-size Gundam statue. For those of you who don’t known Gundam: Gundam is an anime about giant robots known as ‘mobile suits’. During the day the statue in front of the mall comes to life during its’ so-called Gundam performances, but be sure to visit at night time when the light show starts. If the robot did not blow your mind at first, the added illumination will do the trick!


  • 5 minute walk from Daiba Station
  • 3 minute walk from Tokyoteleport Station B exit

Odaiba Seaside Park (Odaiba Kaihin Koen)

Odaiba Seaside Park offers an artificial beach and great scenery of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. Although swimming is not allowed, you can enjoy seaside activities such as paddle boarding and windsurfing, and many sports events are held on the beach during summer. It is also a great place to rest on a sandy beach and grassy lawn after sightseeing and shopping. Many tourists like to take pictures of a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Olympic rings set against Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay.

Odaiba, Rainbow bridge, Olympic Rings

Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

This science museum was created by Japan’s Science and Technology Agency and opened in 2001. People of all ages can enjoy various educational and fun interactive activities in this museum. The museum’s iconic exhibition is the large high resolution globe Geo-Cosmos, which projects various images such as current geographical data taken by satellites each day. The Dome Theater offers 3D motion pictures projected onto the Dome’s roof and planetarium with beautiful, realistic images of space. They provide wide range of temporary exhibitions, with past installation ranging from the science of haunted house to Disney.

10am – 5pm
Admission fee ¥630


  • 4 minute walk from Telecom Center Station
  • 5 minute walk from Tokyo Kokusai Cruise Terminal Station

Fuji Television

Fuji Television office building, with its unique and impressive design, has been one of the landmarks that made Odaiba famous nationwide since its installation in 1997. The building’s iconic orb structure has an observation room located on 25th floor with a 270 degree view of Odaiba and Tokyo Bay. Beside the observatory, there are many displays of anime characters such as Dragon Ball and One Piece, and there are shops on 1st and 7th floors where you can purchase goods related to the shows on Fuji Television. 

Fuji TV Odaiba

Hachitama Spherical Observation Room
Tuesday – Sunday
10am – 5pm


  • 3 minute walk from Daiba Station
  • 5 minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station

Decks Tokyo Beach

This ship-themed mall offers various indoor entertainment facilities including LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Madame Tussauds, and indoor amusement park Tokyo Joypolis. At LEGOLAND Discovery Center kids can enjoy a 4D cinema or be creative and have fun with lego. At Madame Tussauds you have the chance to get close to (70 life-like figures of) celebrities including Hollywood legends, sports heroes and historical icons. Tokyo Joypolis offers 20 types of attractions including virtual reality (VR) rides and indoor rollercoaster. Are you looking to experience Japanese nostalgic atmosphere? Visit 4th floor where you can enjoy small shops for ¥100 games and Japanese sweets. With all these different activities and experiences, Decks Tokyo Beach is a great place to visit when it is raining.

Decks Tokyo Bay

In addition Deck Tokyo Beach is also known for one of Japan’s only year-round illumination displays Odaiba Illumination YAKEI. The 20-meter-tall Odaiba Memorial Tree backed by the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower, is the a great spot to observe the Tokyo Bay night skyline in its entirety.


  • 2 minute walk from Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station
  • 5 minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station

Where to stay in Odaiba?

Even though Odaiba makes for a great trip from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, it is definitely worth also to spend the night here. In the area of Tokyo Bay, there are many hotels where you can stay. Though on the island itself you have two options, both on the expensive side, but worth it if you want to treat yourself!

  1. Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
    5 star hotel
    Prices from ¥21,500
  2. Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
    5 star hotel
    Prices from ¥21,500

Odaiba is a great place for people of all ages and interests. It’s a great place catch the cool(er) breath of the ocean wind and to enjoy some of the water activities during summer. But it is also a great escape on a rainy day, with many indoor activities and several museums. We hope you enjoy in Odaiba during the day and night!

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Happy traveling!

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