Top 5 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tokyo 2022

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Are you planning a trip to Tokyo during cherry blossom season? This is the prettiest time of the year where the streets of the city turn pink. In Tokyo, and everywhere else in Japan, you will see many people enjoying hanami. Hanami literally translates into flower viewing, but mainly describes the picnics or parties that are organised to view the flowers.

Tokyo has a vast number of spots where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing. The cherry blossom season in Tokyo typically peaks from late March to early April. Over the past ten years, the first blooms have occurred between March 20 and March 28. Full bloom usually peaks between March 27 and April 6. However, in 2021 the sakura is bloomed early so be sure to check the latest sakura forecast, before making your way down there.

If you would like to see as many cherry blossom spots but have limited time and only visit Tokyo, not to worry. Here we have listed our top 5 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo 2022 Spring.

1. Meguro River (目黒川) 

One of the most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing in Japan which features over 800 cherry trees lining along the Meguro River. It is also recommended to visit this site after peak season. This is because after cherry Blossoms fully bloom, all the petals are blown by the wind covering the surface of the river. 

📌 Nakameguro, Meguro City
Open 24hrs
No admission fee

2. Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)

This is one of the largest national gardens in town. The garden has around 1,000 cherry blossom trees in a 58.3 hectares space. This location has one of the most relaxing atmospheres. Here you can enjoy a relaxing walk, picnic and the amazing view of the cherry trees. Open everyday of the week during cherry blossom season. 

shinjuku gyoen sakura

📌 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Shinjuku City
9am – 4pm

3. Chidorigafuchi Moat(千鳥ヶ淵)

The most picturesque cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. Stroll along the Edo Castle’s moat on the northwest of the Imperial Palace. Chidorigafuchi’s path is the most scenic spot around the moat, with a 700-meter-long tunnel of cherry trees in the spring.

Chidorigafuchi Ryokudou Sakura

📌 Chidorigafuchi Moat, Chiyoda City
9.30am – 8pm (last ticket purchase at 7.30pm)
¥800 / 30min

4. Ueno Onshi Park (上野恩賜公園)

Ueno Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, and it’s one of the top tourist destinations. This park is one of the most crowded places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo as many visitors go there to do “Hanami”. This is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of sakura while having a picnic under the trees with friends and family.

📌 Ueno Park, Taito City
5am – 11pm
Free admission

5. Tokyo Midtown(東京ミッドタウン)

Tokyo Midtown is extremely popular location to see cherry blossoms at night. The 200 meter long row of cherry blossom trees in the garden area of Tokyo Midtown will take your breath away with its beauty. In the daytime the vibrant pink colour can be admired from above inside the building, while at night the trees will be lit up making you want to stand under them and appreciate their beauty.

📌 Tokyo Midtown, Minato City,11am – 11pm
Free admission

To us, these are the top 5 of best sakura viewing spots in Tokyo, but of course there are many more places where you can enjoy the cherry blossom in full bloom. What are your favourite spots?

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Happy travelling!

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