The Best Outdoor Activities Around Mt. Fuji

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Mt. Fuji is the tallest, iconic mountain in Japan. While the mountain itself is visited by a number of tourists as a trip destination, it also boasts various kinds of outdoor activities with plenty of nature around. They offer a great opportunity for everyone to have an exciting time. In this article, we will introduce outdoor activities you can do around Mt. Fuji!

1. BBQ (Happy Time in Kawaguchiko)

BBQ is a great way to share a memorable moment with others. Because of the beautiful nature and refreshing environment, there are a number of BBQ sites around Mt. Fuji.
Happy Time in Kawaguchiko
is one of them which is located near Kawaguchiko (Lake  Kawaguchi). Visitors can enjoy BBQ with no preparation as they have rental BBQ tools and foods to be provided! It is also allowed to bring your favorite food for BBQ.   

The cooking space and grills are placed under a roof which protects them from rain. It enables visitors to enjoy BBQ without worrying about changeable weather in the mountainous area as well. Children can learn about nature and freely play around in a pleasant atmosphere! It is a perfect place for families to have a BBQ experience while surrounded by nature.Opening Hours 11 am – 5pm
Admissions ¥1,100 (Adults) ¥660 (Children)

2. Camping (Fujigane Oishi Camping Ground)

Camping is another way to feel nature closely while having a variety of experiences and adventures. Fujigane Oishii Camping Ground is a lovely camping site near Mt. Fuji. “Oishii” means “delicious” in Japanese, and they grow vegetables in their own farm which are served to visitors. The area was once used as a farm which offers a suitable environment for vegetables to grow faster. You can check their garlic products on their website which are their specialty!

Vegetables are not only what they are proud of. They boast an amazing view of Mt. Fuji which can be seen from any camping area! It changes its appearance depending on time and season. From an observation deck located in a special area called Oishii Mori, visitors can have an entire view of the camping site with the sacred mountain in the background. Some camping sites are conveniently equipped with kitchen appliances and wood stoves for winter season. 

Opening Hours Check-In: 1 pm Check-Out: 11 am
Admissions Varies depending on camping plansTo find out more recommended camping/ glamping sites, please check out our articles below!
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3. Kayaking (Motosuko & Kawaguchiko)

Motosuko and Kawaguchiko are among the five symbolic lakes called Fuji Five Lakes which are situated near Mt. Fuji. Each lake has respective characteristics, and they fascinate visitors with the stunning view and a number of tourist attractions around. They are all designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well, and the clear water and peaceful environment offer a suitable condition to enjoy water activities.

Guided tour is recommended for beginners which includes lectures by a professional guide. You can enjoy kayaking in any lake but we recommend Motosuko especially since it is the deepest lake with the best transparency of water.

4. Rafting (Fuji River)

Rafting is another popular water sport to paddle down a rushing river in a rubber boat. It is a thrilling and exciting experience to travel through white water rapids which occasionally splash on you! Fuji River is a famous river which runs through Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefecture. It is known as one of the three most rapid rivers in Japan.   

Several rafting courses are provided depending on the experience and skills. Some of them are enjoyable even for children and beginners, and it is always followed by a professional guide who gives helpful lessons and is in charge of controlling the boat. You need to wear a life jacket to ride a boat which protects you in case you fall into water because of the rapid flows.

5. Fishing (Bass Fishing at Kawaguchiko)

If you prefer a peaceful time on your own, Bass fishing at Kawaguchiko is something you should try! Kawaguchiko is regarded as a mecca for bass fishing which is visited by a number of fishermen all year round. The size of basses you can get there is relatively big, and fishing events are regularly held to compete for size. Fish releasing is also occasionally implemented in order to maintain the number of basses and the suitable environment. 

There are shops where you can rent fishing tools which enables you to visit there empty-handed. Make sure to follow the rules such as not using plastic worms as a bait to preserve the environment!

6. Forest Adventure Fuji

Forest Adventure is a theme park which originally opened in France. They expanded their business to Japan, and the Forest Adventure Fuji is the first location which opened in 2006 in Japan. They offer playgrounds and obstacle courses which are designed in harmony with nature in an effort not to cause damage to the surroundings. Visitors can select a course depending on the difficulty level and conditions of participation such as age and height. Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, it offers an enjoyable adventure for the whole family! 

Opening Hours 9 am – 5pm
Admissions ¥3,600 (Adults) ¥2,600 (Children)

7. Hiking at Aokigahara 

Aokigahara is a beautiful forest known as Sea of Trees located on the northwestern foot of Mt. Fuji.
The safest and the best way to enjoy hiking in the forest is taking a tour by a proper nature guide. Some of you might have heard of another nickname of this forest, which is a sad one, as ‘suiside forest ‘because of its density. But it’s completely safe as long as you follow the hiking path and there are signs pointing in the direction. On the guided tour, you can learn the history of the forest, where to look, and you can also get a chance to explore the Wind Cave and Ice Cave! 

Book a professional guided tour at Aokigahara!

8. Caving at Aokigahara

There are not so many places that you can do caving in Japan. But at Aokigahara, there is a tour which provides a unique opportunity! Put on a helmet, headlight and gloves to get ready, you will enter the world of Ice Cave. On this tour, you can get to the point which is not open to the public.
There is a space for tourists on the cave where there is a slope and stairs, but you can go deeper where there’s nothing other than the untouched nature with a professional guide. It’ll be a once in a lifetime experience exploring the cave near Mt. Fuji! 

Book the caving + walking tour with a guide at Aokigahara 


Cycling while overlooking the sight of Mt. Fuji – there are two different tours that we can recommend to someone who is interested in and loves cycling.
If you want to take a relaxing bike ride, you can take a tour where a guide takes you to the beautiful Lake Saiko (one of the best viewing spots for Mt. Fuji) and a traditional village where there are thatched-roof houses that are well preserved from the ancient times.   

Book easy bike tour to enjoy lakeside views with a visit to traditional arts 

If you are looking for mountain biking, there is a tour that leads you on a ride from the foothills of Mt. Fuji to the highest point where cyclists can get. Depending on your experience and physical strength, you can choose the level of difficulty of the tour. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery passing while on the bike, and the view from the peak will reward your climbing effort.

For advanced bikers – Mt. Fuji ascent bike tour: ride up and down the mountain 

cycling around mount Fuji

10. SUP at Lake Motosu

SUP which stands for Stand Up Paddleboard is a popular activity at the lake or beach. It’s relaxing and relatively easy compared with surfing, especially if you try it at the quiet lake. There are some SUP experiences available around Mt.Fuji area, and the experience at Lake Motosu will allow you to enjoy a view of Mt. Fuji from water. 

Book the experience beforehand so that you can enjoy SUP in a safe and fun way! 

Book SUP experience at Lake Motosu

Where to stay around Mt.Fuji

Setsuu ―A private villa with clean and spacious rooms, only one minutes walk from Lake Kawaguchi
Lake Villa Kawaguchiko ― This cozy wooden style villa is in a good location with a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji
Oogiyama Ryokan ― Offering the typical Ryokan (Japanese Inn) experience such as open-air bath, Yukata, Japanese meal using the local ingredients and ping pong table


We hope you found any of the above interesting and worth a visit! Make your trip to the iconic mountain of Japan even better with some exciting outdoors activities around!
Check out the article below for a complete guide to Mt. Fuji!

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