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Have you ever heard of the word ‘Glamping’? It is a newly-coined word which consists of two separate words: Glamorous and Camping. The basic concept is similar to what you imagine when you hear the word Camping, but Glamping more focuses on luxurious outdoor stay with convenient facilities and comfortable camping gear. It gives great opportunities for those who are not used to the general camping style to start with the easier way which helps them enjoy their first stay in nature with comfort.

In Japan, you can find a number of great glamping spots, some of which is conveniently located around Tokyo. Here is a list of perfect places for glamping near Tokyo!   

Snow Peak Glamping Keikyu Kannonzaki

Snow Peak Glamping Keikyu Kannonzaki” is a luxurious glamping spot that opened in 2017. It is located on the eastern edge of the Miura peninsula in Kanagawa prefecture. The guest room is called Jyubako, which was designed by world-famous architect Kuma Kengo. The wooden square room offers guests a comfortable stay experience with the panoramic view of the ocean from the large window. It also features a range of stylish amenities and products by Snow Peak, an outdoor product company in Niigata prefecture. 

Get yourself unwind in a refreshing hot spring at SPASSO. Guests at Snow peak glamping Keikyu Kannonzaki can get a free admission for it which offers a relaxing Onsen experience along the seaside. Treat yourself to the special cuisine made with local products and cooked perfectly by a professional chief. LOHAS KAYAK is a marine sport shop located nearby which offers exciting activities such as SUP and kayaking!


(from JR Shinagawa Station)
Take the Keikyu Line and get off at Maborikaigan station. It is about 10 min by bus bound for Kannonzaki or 7 min by taxi.

Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park

Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park is a unique glamping spot which is located in Kisarazu city, Chiba prefecture. It takes only 30 min from Tokyo to get to the huge outdoor recreation complex by car. It basically consists of three different facilities: Wild Kingdom , RHINOS, and THE BEACH 77. Wild Kingdom is a perfect option for those who want to try a variety of camping styles ranging from giant camping cars to luxurious glamping lodge. RHINOS helps you spend a relaxing and safe night stay at fashionable rooms with unique interiors based on different themes. BEACH 77 allows you to get an exciting BBQ on the sandy white beach or enjoy the great dish at the comfortable restaurant!


(from JR Shinagawa Station)
Take the JR Yokosuka Line and get off at Chiba station. Transfer to the JR Uchibo line and get off at Kisarazu station. It is about 20 min by bus bound for Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu. 

The Farm Camp(Chiba)

The Farm Camp offers a memorable camping experience which is also family-friendly. It is a giant camping complex comprising five areas: stay area, farm, BBQ, hot springs, and café! Stay option includes a general camping tent with man-made river nearby, Cliff Sweet and Family Sweet which offers more private space at a luxurious room with a wood deck. Stylish cottage is also available which is always a popular choice for a girls night. They also hold a range of hands-on workshops and activities such as harvesting at farms. Karin-no-yu is a hot spring facility which allows you to get rid of the exhaustion and get refreshed in the end of the day!


(from JR Tokyo Station)
Highway bus service is available from R Tokyo station Yaesu-guchi exit. Take the expressway bus for “Choshi-Tokyo line” and get off at “Kurimoto (栗源)” bus stop. 
※Currently operating on this temporary timetable

Twin Ring Motegi

Twin Ring Motegi is another family-friendly campsite. It is located in the mountainous area of Tochigi prefecture. Before heading to the glamping area, visitors can join outdoor activities at Hello Woods or Mobi Park. Explore the forests full of wildlife, which allows you to learn the ecosystem through new discoveries by touching trees, observing wildlife, and joining exciting activities such as zipline. Camp Village offers several accommodations that you can choose from depending on your preferences. Glamping Site is the basic plan that is suitable for glamping beginners. It comes along with the BBQ plan that includes preparation and cleanup service by the staff! You can enjoy a BBQ experience in nature without bringing any ingredients or equipment!  


(from JR Tokyo Station)
Take the Tohoku Shinkansen and get off at JR Utsunomiya station. It is about 90 min by bus.

Flora Campsite in the Natural Garden

If you prefer to enjoy glamping somewhere peaceful and away from city life, choose Flora Campsite in the Natural Garden. Located at the base of Mt. Hinata and some part of the southern alps in Yamanashi prefecture, it welcomes guests with the calm atmosphere in untouched deep forests. The fresh air, clear water, and starry sky at night take you to the completely different world where time goes slowly. There are limited camping tents with the capacity up to 4 groups per day, making it a peaceful camping time.

The basic concept of the site is to encourage guests to enjoy camping by not relying too much on convenient equipment or facilities. You can try to make a fire on your own with sticks collected in forests. The camping tent is also fully equipped with convenient facilities such as kitchen utensils and fridge for those who prefer saving time by using them! It is all up to you how to spend the memorable time surrounded by nature.  


(from Tokyo by car)
Take the Shuto Expressway (首都高) No.4 →Chuo Expressway(中央自動車道)→get off at Sutama IC (須玉IC). 


HOSHINOYA Fuji is a famous glamping site located by Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi prefecture. It attracts a number of visitors from around Japan as it has been featured on TV shows which reported the uniqueness of the beautiful glamping site. The cabin-style guest rooms stand on the 100 meters up the slope of a mountain. Each room is characterized by the simple exterior design that allows it to exist there in harmony with beautiful nature around. The white-based modern interior also helps you to focus on the scenic view out of the large window that brings stunning colors into the room with seasonal plants throughout the year. Get unwind on a comfortable sofa at the balcony while enjoying the majestic view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. 

Photo by Hoshino Resorts

They also organize a range of outdoor activities that include refreshing cycling, trekking, and canoeing. Seasonal activities also bring you unique experiences such as hunting, night picnic, and art workshop in nature surrounded by autumn colors!  


(from JR Shinjuku station)
Take the limited express “Kaiji (かいじ)” to Otsuki station. Transfer to Fujikyuko (富士急行) line and get off at Kawaguchi-ko station. It is about 18 min by taxi. 

PICA Hatsushima

Hatsushima is a beautiful island that belongs to Atami city in Shizuoka prefecture. PICA Hatsushima is a resort style complex offering a range of activities and refreshing services. SARUTOBI and VOTAN are adventurous facilities that allows everyone to get refreshed through outdoor activities in nature. R-Asia is a peaceful garden full of beautiful subtropical plants such as hibiscus and palm trees. Feel the sea breeze while lying on the comfortable hammock. Asian Resort Villa offers a relaxing stay experience at a spacious room with a wood deck and hammock space outside. You can also choose other stay options that include luxurious cottage and camping trailer. Enjoy fresh seafood caught in the Sagami bay at BBQ style at the outside deck with the beautiful stars at night!  


(from JR Tokyo station)
Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Atami station. Take the bus or taxi to Atami Port where the ferry service is available to Hatsushima. Check the ferry timetable and fare on this website.

BUB Resort

BUB Resort is a popular glamping spot located in Chiba prefecture. It aims to encourage guests to develop imagination and curiosity for ecosystems through a wide range of natural and cultural experiences. Guests can join interesting activities and workshops chosen depending on the season, weather, seasonal local events, and guest’s interests. It includes surfing at Kujukuri-hama, the symbolic beach in Chiba, hunting bugs in forests, harvesting rice, and much more! Glamping tent is completely air-conditioned and fully furnished with fridge, bed, and bath amenities. You can also upgrade your room to the suite terrace with a private shower and bathroom! 


(From JR Tokyo station)
Take the JR Keiyo line to Soga station. Transfer to JR Sotobo line and get off at Yatsumi station & 15 min walk. 

Glamping Village Ibaraki

Glamping Village Ibaraki is a newly-opened glamping spot located along the Isohara coast in Ibaraki prefecture. It takes only 2 hours to reach there from Tokyo by limited express. It features two types of guest rooms that include Large Dome Tent and Luxury Camping Trailer. Large Dome Tent is perfect for those who want to enjoy the stunning view of the ocean with sunrise through the transparent wall. Large Camping Trailer was directly imported from overseas which gives you a spacious room with a private kitchen. “Yukappe (湯かっぺ)” is a hot spring facility that is located on the same ground. It allows you to relax in a hot spring while enjoying the scenic view of the ocean and horizon which looks apparently seamlessly connected with the bathtub! 


(from JR Shinjuku station)
Take the limited express “Hitachi (ひたち)” to Isohara station. Free pick-up service is available from there.   

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Even if you don’t have much camping experience, glamping could be a perfect choice to spend a night in nature. In most cases, everything is prepared on site including camping tent and kitchen utensils. Just bring yourself empty-handed, feel and touch nature directly, and spend a memorable moment with your family or friends!   

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Happy travelling!

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