A Guide to Solo Camping in Japan with “Laid-Back Camp” Locations

A Guide to solo camping in Japan Accommodation

What to expect for a solo camping in Japan?

Sometimes it is good to be away from your hectic life and relax in the nature. Having alone time and letting yourself free would help you get rid of some stress or worries in a daily life. Here we introduce some tips for solo camping and great locations for it based on the popular anime called “Laid-Back Camp”. For all the fans of Laid-Back Camp dreaming about going solo camping in Japan, or any of those who want to try something special, this article will be interesting for you.

What should you bring when camping in Japan?

As for solo camping, bring something absolute necessary rather than something useful. Try to pack light and choose the small sized items. You will need to bring at least;

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Table and chair
  • Lantern
  • Camping stove
  • Cookware

Choose items you can bring all by yourself or can easily build by yourself. You can buy a small tent which can be easily built on your own or cookware suited for a solo traveler. There are some solo camping items available at shops so choose wisely what to bring!
Also, there are some places you can rent the equipment so that you don’t have to bring anything to the camping site. Check this article for The Best Fully Equipped Camp Sites near Tokyo.

Something you have to be careful about in Japan

When you start camping alone, be careful to bring too many things that you can’t handle by yourself. And be prepared for any emergency events which might occur.

  1. Bring insect repellent items. There will be many insects in Japan you might want to avoid such as horsefly or centipede. Especially if you want to go camping in summer, this is a must.
  2. Bring your medicine to prepare for the emergency including the first aid kit.
  3. Bring a tent lock. Usually it is very safe to camp in Japan but always better to be extra careful when you are camping alone.
  4. Learn how to build the tent or how to use the tools beforehand. There is a possibility that you can’t use the internet when you get to the campsites. To prevent to be panicked at the campsites alone, study the basic skills you can use before you go!

Where is a good place for a solo camping?

To decide the destination for solo camping, Laid-Back Camp has great examples. Most of all the locations appeared in this anime are real and you can actually visit these beautiful campsites. If you haven’t seen it before, don’t worry, whether you have watched it or not, these locations are perfect places for a solo traveler.

Koan Camping Ground

Lake Motosu

This camping ground is located in Lake Motosu Area which is close to Mt.Fuji. From Lake Motosu, you can see the same view printed on the back of ¥1,000 bill! Go to the reception at Motosu Central Lodge first to check in. The popular area is of course near the lake but there is no bathroom nor cooking space around the area. You can also choose to set up your tent in “tent site area” where you can easily access to a bathroom, shower room and cooking space. Koan Camping Ground appeared in the first episode of Laid-Back Camp. If you want to camp near Mount Fuji, this is an ideal place!


Adult ¥600 / night, +Tent set up fee ¥1,000 / night, tarp set up fee ¥500 /night
Check-in time 8am – 8pm , check-out time 10am.


  • From Kawaguchiko Station, drive 40 minutes to Koan
  • From Shinfuji Station, drive 60 minutes to Koan
  • From Kaitokiwa Station, drive 40 minutes to Koan
  • Or you can take a bus from Kawaguchiko Station to Koanso Iriguchi Bus Stop.
    But please note that there is only one bus on the way back to Kawaguchiko Station per day and there is none on the weekend.

Fumotoppara Camping Ground

Fumoto means at the foot of the mountain, and this camping ground is at the foot of Mt.Fuji! It is very wide and popular campground, you can set up your tent anywhere in the wide grassland. You can enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji from everywhere! There are many facilities you would need during the camp like bathroom or cooking space. Wake up in the early morning and see the sunrise next to Mt.Fuji. The view would be something you will always remember.


Adult ¥1,000 / night
Check-in time 8.30am – 5pm, check-out time 2pm
*Please make a reservation beforehand


From Kawaguchiko Station, take a bus toward Fujinomiya/Shinfuji “Kaisoku Bus” to Asagiri Green Park Bus Stop, walk for 20 minutes.

Pine Wood Camping Ground

It is appeared in Episode 5, you can see the same beautiful view over Kofu Basin from there. It is close to Hottarakashi Onsen hot spring and Fuefukigawa Fruit Park. It is 20 minutes walk to Hottarakashi Onsen from the camp site, so we totally recommend to go there while your stay! There are some rules to follow at the site, for example, you have to extinguish your bonfire by 12am. Try to get ready for sleep by then. The owner is very helpful and kind, so you can ask any questions coming up at the reception and listen to the rules you will have to follow during your stay.


¥3,000 /night
Check-in time 12pm, check-out time 12pm


From Yamanashishi Station, take a bus to Fruit Center Bus Stop and walk for 30 minutes.

Shibireko Suimeiso Camping Ground

Shibireko is a beautiful small lake located in Yamanashi. It is known as a hidden place among the campers. You can get the experience of literally staying in the nature. There is nothing extra, just untouched nature will welcome you. You can also enjoy kayaking on the lake, fishing, climbing up the mountain close to the campsite. Full of stars the sky at night makes it worth staying overnight! Please note that the reservation will be required beforehand. If you want to stay at somewhere quiet and calm, this is the place for you.


Call +81 055-272-1030 for the reservation and details (9am – 7pm)
Opening hours 8am – 5pm


From Ichikawadaimon Station, take a taxi to Suimeiso Camping Ground.

Jinbagatayama Camping Ground

Surrounded by the Japanese Alps and located on the top of the mountain with the altitude of 1,445m, it is called “Camping Ground in the sky” and you can see the beautiful views over the mountains and town. If you are lucky, you can see the sea of clouds at the campsite. It occurs more frequently during winter from October to February. Please make a reservation at least one month prior to your visit.

*Due to the heavy rain in July 2020, there was a landslide on the road and this camping ground is temporarily closed at the moment. They will open again in September 2020.




There is no access using public transportation, so come by car. Exit Chuo Expressway Komagane IC and drive 60 minutes or rent a car at Iijima Station and drive to Jinbagatayama.

Do you recognize any of the camping grounds above from the anime? Most of the places are opened throughout a year. If you want to avoid the crowd, camping in the winter like Laid-Back Camp will be recommended. But in that case, don’t forget to keep yourself warm! Let’s try solo camping to get some alone time in the nature, it is also a good way to keep social distancing and relax.

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Happy travelling!

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