8 Best Capsule Hotels in Kyoto

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Welcome to the land of cherry blossoms, serene temples, and captivating culture. Kyoto, with its rich history and modern charm, is a must-visit destination in Japan. It’s no secret that Japan is known for this incredible mix of old and new, and what better way to embellish this than futuristic capsule hotels in an area of such abundant historic depth. Capsule hotels may sound like a ridiculous idea to some, most certainly for those with claustrophobia. But hey, don’t knock it till you try it; these accommodations are amazing and memorable! Plus, with all of the incredible adventures waiting to be had, having a capsule hotel where you won’t be spending a bunch of time may be perfect. Though, some do have some excellent relaxation opportunities. Anyways, we’ve scoured the city for the cream of the crop, ensuring you have a cozy, comfortable, and culturally immersive stay. So, let’s dive right in!

1. The Millennials Kyoto

Unfortunately, they don’t serve any avocado toast, but this contemporary accommodation is certainly a dream come true for many. This capsule hotel takes futuristic comfort to the next level. Imagine cozying up in a sleek, space-age capsule with all the comforts you desire. The minimalist design and high-tech amenities make it perfect for modern travelers. It’s not just a place to sleep. The Millennials offers a vibrant communal space, complete with a shared kitchen and a rooftop terrace where you can mingle with fellow travelers. There is actually a variety of capsule styles, and they are all complete with their own projectors to be connected to personal devices. Perfect for those looking to meet like-minded adventurers and make lasting memories.

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2. Tsukimi Hotel

As white as the moon shining in the sky, and named appropriately, Tuskimi (lit. “viewing the moon”) Hotel is another sleek, futuristic capsule hotel. The interior is a bright white that makes you feel like you’re in some sort of space ship in a sci-fi movie. If you really want a contrast to the traditional vibes of Kyoto, this is the spot for you! And don’t worry, the capsules themselves are not a stark white, but are a nice soothing wood interior with soft lighting. Well reviewed for their cleanliness and great location, this capsule hotel is definitely one to consider for your Kyoto adventure. And a tip for those who love the moon, “Tuskimi” occurs during period of time in the late summer/early fall (especially around the end of september, or during silver week if the holidays line up), where many festivals crop up for abundant lunar fun! Be sure to check out the fun and beautiful culture of moon gazing in Japan.

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3. Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premium Resort Kyoto Shijo Karasuma

Bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, tl; dr: Premium Resort Capsule. Okay, but, how can they back up the descriptors “premium” and “resort” for a capsule hotel? Well, indeed this capsule hotel takes relaxation to a whole new level. After a day of exploring, unwind in their selection of hot spring baths, chill in their lounge or terrace, and even enjoy a movie with the flat screen in your capsule. Not to mention they also offer food and drinks! You’ll surely be able to relax any way you want to at (say this 5 times fast) Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premium Resort Kyoto Shijo Karasuma! 

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4. Woman Only Capsule Maja Hotel Kyoto


Ladies, if you’re looking for a safe and cozy haven, Maja Hotel Kyoto is just for you. This women-only capsule hotel exudes comfort and style, providing a tranquil escape in the heart of the city. The capsule design is elegant, offering privacy and serenity. The clean, warm wooden interior and forest-green interiors are welcoming and relaxing. Plus, the communal space is lowkey and easy to find a nice space to relax and maybe make a new friend while enjoying a light meal. 

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5. Amenity Hotel Kyoto

Amenity Hotel Kyoto captures the essence of a traditional Japanese Ryokan with a bit of old fashioned, rustic charm. It’s part design and part long-term operation, but it’s a cozy, humble spot that surely will have you feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy more days of adventuring. You’ll be satisfied to have all the essentials you need for comfort, as well as some authentic tatami mats to relax in the shared area. This is a great spot to continue the traditional theme of Kyoto!

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6. Calendar Hotel

The Calendar Hotel is all about the blend of modernity and tradition, and certainly a location you’ll want to save a date for in your… planner. The capsules are cozy cocoons with a heavy influence of contemporary style. It’s an ideal place for travelers who appreciate a classy vibe with a touch of heritage in their stay. Their shared areas are expansive; a terrace and lounge are open to guests and are complete with a selection of books to choose from.

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7. Capsule Hotel Manyudo Kyoto

This capsule hotel stands out with its very capsule-y capsules. They definitely exude the futuristic aesthetic one might expect or even search for! White, spacey looking interiors combine with an electrifying blue light compliment the complimentary computer and monitor within the capsule. The shared areas are quite minimal compared to some other options, but this option is certainly true to the identity of capsule hotels. Stay here for a memorable experience!

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8. Glansit Kyoto Kawaramachi

Last but certainly not least, Glansit Kyoto Kawaramachi is certainly an option worth paying attention to. With a few different options between room styles, you’ll have no problem finding the capsule that fits your comfort preferences. There is also a terrace lounge on the roof, and a womens-only lounge on the first floor. The bathing areas are stylish and well equipped as well. The modern yet earthy interior is a great attribute for relaxation.

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