Seasonal Events

10 Best Things to Do in Osaka in Autumn

Autumn in Osaka has so much to offer! With fall foliage, festivals, foods, and more, let's narrow down the best things to do in Osaka in Autumn. 

10 Best Hotels in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is a place full of fun activities and cultural depth and undeniably a popular place to visit in Japan. find the best place to stay with this excellent collection of accomodations!

10 Best Hotels in Osaka

Looking for the best places to put up your feet on your trip to Osaka? well, youll be able to do much more than just put up your feet at these luxurious spots!
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10 Best Hotels Near Kansai International Airport

Flying into Kansai? Need a place near the airport? Well, look no further! Stay cozy in Kansai with one of the conveniently located hotels.

10 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Osaka

If you're heading to Osaka in spring, make sure to read our recommendations for the best places to view cherry blossoms!

10 Best Hotels in Osaka near Universal Studios Japan

While you’re in Osaka and planning to go to Universal Studios Japan, you might be wondering where to stay. Don’t worry, here’s our list of the 10 best hotels in Osaka near Universal Studios Japan!

10 Best Things to Do in Kansai in Winter

Find out the best activities and places to go in Kansai in winter!

12 Best Winter Illuminations in Kansai 2023-2024

Kansai is home to some spectacular winter illuminations, and in this article we highlight the best ones!

What is Kansai-ben? All You Need to Know About Kansai Dialect

Have you heard of Kansai-ben before? It is the dialect spoken in Osaka, Kyoto and all of the Kansai region. Learn more about this unique dialect!

What is Koshien? High School Baseball in Japan Summer 2023

Have you heard of Koshien before? It's one of Japans biggest and most exciting sports events of the year! Find out more about this high school baseball tournament here!
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