10 Best Onsen Ryokan Near Kawaguchiko

view of Mt. Fuji from Hot Spring Accommodation
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Misty Fujii is a Canadian who moved to Osaka, Japan, in 2019 and married her Japanese sweetheart. In 2022, they had a baby and moved to Fukui for the clean country air. She is a DJ who teaches English part-time and writes to share Japan with the world. She gets excited about collecting vintage vinyl records, food from all countries, travelling, and renovating her traditional Japanese house.

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Kawaguchiko is where serenity meets splendor! Whisk yourself and loved ones away a journey to this magical area, where ancient tradition and modern comfort coalesce in the shadow of Japan’s legendary Mount Fuji. And as an easy day trip from Tokyo, it’s a perfect itinerary add on. If you want to really dive into Kawaguchiko, there are seemingly endless hotels and ryokans to choose from. But first, let’s unravel the enigma of the ryokan; it’s not just a place to rest your head. It’s a portal to a bygone era of elegance and hospitality. Picture sliding paper doors, tatami mats underfoot, and the soothing embrace of natural hot springs and their healing mineral waters. 

Now, imagine all of this with the majestic Fuji-san gracing your every view! Kawaguchiko, the jewel of the Fuji Five Lakes region, is where this dream becomes a reality. We’re about to explore the ten best onsen ryokan near Kawaguchiko, where tradition, relaxation, and the grandeur of Mount Fuji unite in perfect harmony! 

Kwaguchiko isnt the only lake by the way, be sure to check out all 5 of Fuji’s lakes:

1. Hotel Asafuji

Lake Kawaguchi’s front-row gem, Hotel Asafuji, serves up Fuji views and gourmet delights. With only 13 cozy rooms, the hotel feels personalized and private. You can savor sushi served in miniature boats and Koshu beef shabu shabu. Soak in hot springs with Fuji-san in sight, enjoy WiFi, parking, and a Kawaguchiko Station pick-up.

Inside, find Japanese elegance. The rooms stand out with shoji screens and tatami futons. Yukata robes await to dress you in classic comfort. Relax with massages and hot spring baths. Foodies, make sure to book a Japanese breakfast and kaiseki feast! 

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2. Hakkai Konohanakan

Hakkai Konohanakan is an intimate retreat with just three charming rooms. Each room is a haven of tranquility, offering breathtaking vistas and unique atmospheres. The hotel is in Oshino, a sanctuary cocooned by crystal-clear air and pristine waters, with Fuji as its neighbor. Indulge in gastronomic delights crafted from Yamanashi’s finest ingredients, including the original “Fuji no Suke” salmon, Oshino’s pure-water nurtured tofu, and autumn leaves eggs. 

Prepare to be pampered with luxurious open-air baths. Explore the area on complimentary bikes or simply take in the mountain vistas. Each air-conditioned room offers modern amenities, while spa facilities beckon for ultimate relaxation. Ski, cycle, hike, and savor an Asian breakfast to fuel your adventure. Hakkai Konohanakan is where serenity and Fuji’s grandeur unite. 

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3. Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

CCFoodTravel.com, CC BY 2.0 DEED via Flickr

Nestled 500 meters from Lake Kawaguchiko, the luxurious Fuji Onsenji Yumedono is your ticket to traditional Japanese opulence. Picture this: A dining experience that’s a journey into Japanese cuisine, suites boasting in-room hot springs, and a garden that’s a tranquil escape. The main building, a stunning zelkova masterpiece inspired by Kyoto’s Nijo Castle, is a testament to craftsmanship. 

Each guest room unveils a unique world, from modern designs that marry East and West to traditional Japanese ambiance, all meticulously crafted by a renowned designer. And for the grand finale, your private outdoor hot spring bath awaits in the well-appointed suites. The verdict? Fuji Onsenji Yumedono blends indulgence and authenticity. 

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4. Hotel New Century

Gordon Cheung, CC BY 2.0 DEED via Wikimedia Commons

Hotel New Century is a gateway to spacious Japanese-style rooms with jaw-dropping views of Lake Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji. It’s not just about the stunning scenery; this place is packed with perks. Take a dip in the hot spring baths with nature’s spectacle as your backdrop, challenge your pals in the video games corner, and snag souvenirs to remember the journey. But back to the hot spring bath, it’s made of fragrant Hinoki wood or lava stone and offers unparalleled views of Lake Kawaguchiko and the iconic Mount Fuji.

The cozy rooms feature tatami floors, sliding shoji paper screens, and epic floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll find all the essentials, from LCD TVs to yukata robes. Rest your head on traditional futon bedding atop the tatami floor. Mornings start with a Japanese breakfast accompanied by free-flowing coffee, tea, juice, and more. For dinner, choose from a selection of meals, including local favorites like Hoto Nabe and Sukiyaki. 

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5. La Vista Fujikawaguchiko

Set in Fujikawaguchiko, a mere 5 km from Lake Kawaguchi, La Vista Fujikawaguchiko Hotel is a Mount Fuji marvel, living up to its name with jaw-dropping views. Not just a feast for the eyes, this place has all the perks you crave, like a breezy terrace, stress-free parking, and a top-notch restaurant. 

Rooms at this hotel are comfy and air-conditioned, some with free WiFi and a flat-screen TV. Sleek shared bathrooms include a separate toilet, and soundproof windows guarantee tranquility. Plus, you’ll find a cozy sofa and a work desk. Inspired by sunny Provence in southern France, the hotel exudes elegance. But here’s the real treat: a spa and hot springs experience with a view of mighty Mt. Fuji. And for extra indulgence, there’s a beauty salon too! 

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6. Fuji View Hotel

Nestled amid lush gardens with Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi as your backdrop, Fuji View Hotel is a serene escape. Dive into renovated hot springs, indoor and outdoor, and soak in nature’s beauty. The hotel draws its hot spring water from a source blessed by Fuji – Shurei no Yu.

Rooms are modern havens with epic views: some even sport tatami floors and futon beds. Beyond relaxation, enjoy golf, tennis, and spa treatments. Dining offers French and Japanese delights, plus a daily breakfast buffet with Fuji views. It’s your serene sanctuary! 

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7. Kagetsu

Welcome to Kagetsu, where tranquil Japanese-style rooms give you serene garden views and personalized service. This hotel is a haven of relaxation, offering natural hot spring baths, an inviting outdoor pool, and even a rejuvenating sauna. For those seeking extra pampering, beauty treatments and massages await.

Your room at Kagetsu exudes an authentic Japanese ambiance with tatami floors, shoji screens, and garden views. Modern comforts like LCD TVs, mini-fridges, and en suite bathrooms complete the experience. Some even score their own open-air hot spring bath. But let’s talk food – start your day with a Japanese breakfast, and dinner is a multi-course masterpiece with Japanese Kuroge beef cooked on lava stone. Enjoy it in your room or a private dining space. Kagetsu is where relaxation meets gourmet indulgence.

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8. Hotel MyStays Fuji Onsen Resort

Experience warm comfort with a mountain view at the newly opened Hotel MyStays Fuji Onsen Resort, just a stroll from Fuji-Q Highland. This prime location offers an incredible Mount Fuji panorama and easy access to Lake Kawaguchi, Arakurayama Sengen Park, and the Koshu wine country, all just a stone’s throw away. 

Each of the 159 rooms at Hotel MyStays Fuji is decked out with modern amenities, including a flat TV, free WiFi, and a private bathroom with all the essentials. But here’s the real gem: a traditional Japanese bath with mesmerizing Mt. Fuji views, perfect for melting away stress. Make sure to dine at the renowned onsite restaurant, where you’ll savor some of the city’s finest breakfast offerings. This hotel is an excellent home base for any Fuji adventure

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9. Hotel Koryu


Hotel Koryu is your ticket to serene lake views and outdoor hot spring baths. Indulge in relaxation with spacious indoor and outdoor hot springs, some with sunset views of the Southern Alps over Lake Kawaguchi. Certain rooms even boast private open-air baths for an extra touch of luxury.

But that’s not all – Hotel Koryu is perfect for families too! You’ll find a karaoke room, a kids’ space, a rose garden, a book corner, table tennis, and a souvenir store. Japanese-style rooms feature tatami floors, while Western rooms offer twin beds with LCD TVs, toiletries, and cozy yukata robes. It’s relaxing and fun for everyone by the lake! 

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10. Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato

At Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato, choose from various room types – Japanese-style, Japanese-Western fusion, or rooms with open-air baths. Pick your view, whether it’s Mt. Fuji or Lake Kawaguchi, the choice is yours. And the best part? Enjoy those views from your room, the large public bath, and the rooftop observation deck!

Relax in the spacious hot spring bath area, with indoor and outdoor baths, plus a large outdoor hot tub, one of Lake Kawaguchi’s largest. Soak with a view of the lake or Mt. Fuji, pure bliss. Families will love the kids’ room, and the hotel also offers meeting rooms, banquet halls, and a souvenir shop filled with Yamanashi specialties. 

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