10 Best Hotels and Ryokan in Nara

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Welcome to Nara, a historic monument of Japan where culture, nature, and luxury seamlessly blend. Whether you’re exploring ancient temples, feeding friendly deer, or simply indulging in traditional Japanese hospitality, choosing the right accommodation can elevate your experience. Kansai offers many things, and Kyoto is generally the location where visitors will flock to in order to experience traditions and immerse themselves in cultural wonders. However, Nara is often overlooked as being one of the most important areas in Japan’s history and cultural development. If you’re on a mission to discover the incredible depth and authenticity, as well has have your eyes looking like the deer’s in the picture, you’ll need a place to rest your feet. Join us on a journey through Nara’s top hotels and Ryokan, each with its unique charm.

1. Kotonoyado Musashino

Nestled amid lush gardens and herds of wild deer, Kotonoyado Musashino offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. The charming wooden architecture captures the essence of Japan’s traditional beauty. Each room features Tatami mats and Shoji screens, providing an authentic Ryokan experience. Well reviewed for their proximity to the popular Nara Park and their customer service, this is one of the most sought after locations in the area. Another appealing feature is the free bike rental service.

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2. Asukaso

Prepare to be transported back in time at Asukaso. This Ryokan boasts a stunning historical aesthetic like the previous choice, with Tatami and Shoji. Inside, the decor is an elegant blend of old and new. Relax in your Yukata while savoring matcha tea in their lovely garden. Some rooms offer a sprawling view of the landscape from their private baths; a five storey pagoda stands tall over the lush foliage. Also boasting competitive proximity and a bicycle rental service, Asakuso is a prime location for those wanting an authentic and luxurious experience.

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3. Fufu Nara

If you crave modern luxury with a Japanese twist, Fufu Nara is your haven. This boutique hotel marries contemporary design with elements of Nara’s heritage intricately mixed with muted colors and sharp lines. With just 30 rooms, personalized service is a guarantee. The highlight? Private open-air baths with mesmerizing forest views. The bar is a great place to wind down and relax after a day of exploring, and the hotel’s location makes it easy to find local dishes any time of the day. This is one of the most unforgettable commodations in the area, so be sure to put it high on your list.

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4. Setre Naramachi

This deluxe 5 star establishment is surely one to make your stay in Nara memorable and luxurious. Setre Naramachi is a monument to opulence, both in traditional and modern contexts. Featuring a terrace, garden, lounge, and of course free bikes to enjoy your surroundings at ease. No matter where you look, you’ll discover stylish design kept clean and tidy. The rooms are of course magnificent, some complete with incredible mountain views and others with relaxing balconies. No matter what, as long as you’re on the premises, you’ll feel relaxed and the fatigue of travel will melt away. Be sure to enjoy their delicious french cuisine for dinner.

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5. Tsukihitei

Tsukihitei is a hidden gem tucked away in Nara’s suburbs, you’ll immediately feel whisked away into seclusion. This Ryokan’s serene atmosphere and tranquil gardens provide a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle, all with an impressive 5 star array of services and amenities. This location is inherently indicative of traditional Japanese aesthetics and immaculate hospitality. Tsukihitei offers the chance to experience both traditional and modern Japan in one beautiful package, certainly a location that should be a goal for any traveler to Nara.

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6. Kasuga Hotel

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Kasuga Hotel boasts a prime location near one of Nara’s famous locations, Kasuga Taisha Shrine. The hotel’s traditional architectural style goes hand-in-hand with the shrine’s authenticity. Stay in spacious rooms adorned with Japanese aesthetics and take advantage of the rooms that boast private baths with epic views. Rest assured they have an impressive public bath as well, complete with natural decorations to ease your soul. Exploring Nara’s cultural gems couldn’t be easier from this convenient base. 

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7. Henn na Hotel Nara

For the tech-savvy traveler, Henn na Hotel Nara is a delightful contrast to the archaic vibes of Nara. This hotel features robotic staff members that greet you upon arrival. The futuristic design and minimalist interiors create a unique and memorable experience. Despite its high-tech nature, Henn na Hotel Nara still offers warm Japanese hospitality, making it perfect for the curious traveler seeking innovation. 

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8. Mikasa

Mikasa offers a reliable traditional experience with modern standards of comfort in the heart of Nara. The exterior exudes classic Japanese charm, while the interiors are retained immaculately with a sense of modern care. Take a leisurely soak in their hot spring baths, and be sure to try their traditional Japanese dishes. Its central location makes it convenient for exploring the area, and the Kasugayama UNESCO Hertiage site is only minutes away. If you’re looking for a traditional, cozy experience that’s well rounded, then this is a great choice for you; it’s quite comparable to the first 3 options!

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9. Hounkan

Hounkan is a Ryokan that transports you back in time. The wooden structure exudes rustic charm and authenticity. Each room features intricate and authentic decorations that exude a traditional atmosphere and a sense of tranquility. While the facilities fall in line with their robustness, their service makes no sacrifice in making the experience memorable. Experience the epitome of Japanese tradition while being pampered like royalty. 

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10. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nara Natural Hot Spring

Conveniently located, Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nara Natural Hot Spring offers contemporary comfort with a hint of indulgence. After a day of exploring, soak in their natural hot springs, a blissful retreat. The hotel’s modern design and amenities provide a seamless experience; some rooms have deer themed decorations throughout!. Plus, its proximity to Nara’s attractions and dining options makes it a practical choice for travelers seeking comfort and convenience. 

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