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Japan probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about staying at a farm. However you might actually be surprised to hear that there are quite a few great farms you can stay at in Japan. Staying on a farm is a great way to spend an unforgettable time with your family, friends, partner or even by yourself while surrounded by beautiful nature and animals. It allows you to experience the peaceful and quiet local lifestyle while getting to know adorable farm animals. Japan boasts a wide range of unique farm stays that can be found across the country. Each farm offers its own exciting experiences as well as comfortable and cozy accommodation options. Here we have picked 10 of the best farm stays in Japan for you!  

1. Rosencat (Niigata)

Nestled in Sado island, a scenic remote island in Niigata prefecture, Rosencat offers a peaceful farm stay experience for everyone. The owner of the guest house is a local of the island, but she also has lived in the U.S. and is well capable of communicating in English. 

She has adorable cats who will welcome you as you arrive and occasionally follow you around during your stay. Guests can also enjoy the accommodation’s beautiful rose garden which is taken care of by the owner. They have a free parking space and Wi-Fi, and every guest room is comfortably furnished with air conditioning and a TV. Rent a bike to explore the surrounding area, or join outdoor activities such as snorkeling in summer and skiing in winter!  

Book here: Rosencat  

Prices from ¥7,200

2. Noka Minshuku Sanzen (Niigata)

If you get a chance to visit Niigata prefecture during your time in Japan, Noka Minshuku Sanzen will give you a rustic, traditional Japanese house experience. The accommodation is a 160-year-old traditional Japanese house which was renovated into a lovely guest house with a nostalgic atmosphere. The interior of the house is beautifully furnished with antique furniture collected by the host over the years. 

There is a convenient communal space available with other useful amenities such as a fridge and shower room. Breakfast is served with freshly picked home-grown vegetables and other ingredients. An American style breakfast is alternatively available as well. You can also easily access a convenience store, hot spring facility and famous ski resorts within a short drive.     

Book here: Noka Minshuku Sanzen 

Prices from ¥14,000

3. Andante (Niigata)

Andante is a newly opened cozy guesthouse located in the southern part of Sado island. It is run by BAY BEE FARM.SADO, a private small firm owned by a married couple who moved there to start growing grapes for wine in 2015. Guests can enjoy an exceptional stay at a beautifully renovated traditional Japanese house. They accept only one group a day, which makes the stay more private and leisurely on the scenic remote island. 

Try their traditional Japanese breakfast exclusively featuring locally sourced ingredients such as fresh fish and eggs. If you want to try their wine, join them for dinner that they also serve with home-grown vegetables and seasonal specialties that perfectly go with wine (additional charge for dinner). Outdoor activity options in the area include fishing, golf, or taking a refreshing stroll at the beautiful beaches nearby!      

Book here: Andante 

Prices from ¥10,000

4. Fukui Furusato Chaya Kine to Usu (Fukui)

Fukui Furusato Chaya Kine to Usu offers a literal “home away home” experience to all of its guests. You can enjoy a comfortable stay at an amazingly renovated traditional Japanese house. The friendly hosts welcome you with great hospitality and services which make you feel as if you were back in your own home. It is perfect for a family or group trip as they only accept one group per day. Public transport and famous tourist attractions such as the Ichijodani Asakura Family Historic Ruins and the Fukui Dinosaur Museum are also conveniently located within a short drive. There are also various activities you can do such as having a BBQ, doing a farm experience and a Mochi pounding experience which allows you to make rice cakes with traditional Japanese tools!    

Book here: Fukui Furusato Chaya Kine to Usu 

Prices from ¥10,400

5. Kumano Winery Guest House (Wakayama)

If you are planning a trip to the Kumano area in Wakayama prefecture, Kumano Winery Guest House is a great option and offers a cozy stay at a 90-year-old Japanese house! This cozy guest house is run by an Italian host and his family. He has years of experience as a professional chef at renowned restaurants in both Italy and Japan, and eventually opened his guesthouse in 2019. Enjoy a delicious dinner featuring home-grown ingredients directly from their garden. They also have adorable farm animals such as goats and hens. They also have free Wi-fi and a pick-up service from Tanabe station. It is a short walk or drive to nearby famous tourist attractions such as Shirahama Beach and Kumano Kodo which is a sacred and scenic pilgrimage route widely recognized as a great hiking spot!        

Book here: Kumano Winery Guest House 

Prices from ¥13,900

6. Kajiya Iya Romantei (Tokushima)

Kajiya Iya Romantei is a lovely guest house located in the peaceful mountainous valley of the Iya area of Tokushima prefecture. Guests can experience the pleasant country life at a well-preserved Japanese house which is over 60 years old. The host, who most people call Shino-san, welcomes you with exceptional hospitality and offers a wide range of experiences you can do such as chopping wood and preparing meals with locally produced ingredients. After exploring the peaceful valley, enjoy Goemon-buro, a traditional Japanese-style outdoor bathtub that has stunning views of the surrounding nature! Other tourist attractions such as Kazurabashi Bridge are also only about a 15 min drive away.     

Book here: Kajiya Iya Romantei 

Prices from ¥20,000

7. Dosanko Mira Farm (Saga)

Dosanko Mira Farm in Saga prefecture offers an unforgettable farm stay that is perfect for a family with children. Nestled deep in the mountainous area of Karatsu city at an altitude of 500 meters, this guesthouse is accessible by car or the free pick-up and drop-off service from Higashi Karatsu station. Each room is fully furnished with wooden antique furniture and Tatami mats which offers a comfortable space to unwind while enjoying the lush greenery when looking out the window. Guests can also enjoy mingling with the animals on the farm such as their cats, dogs and horses. Horse riding is one of the most popular activities on the farm which people of all ages can enjoy. Don’t forget to try their Genghis Khan, a Japanese grilled lamb dish which is often eaten in the Hokkaido area.      

Book here: Dosanko Mira Farm 

8. Farm Inn Auberge Fujii Fermier (Fukui)

Farm Inn Auberge Fujii Fermier is a family-run guest house nestled in a small village along the Echizen Coast of Fukui city. Their guest room is spacious with free Wi-fi, making it a great accommodation for a group or family trip. They not only offer a pleasant stay in a Japanese-style room but also a wide range of fishing and farming experiences which allow guests to get close to nature and learn the traditional local lifestyle. Activities in the area include bamboo shoot digging in spring, a miso paste making class, as well as feeding farm cows and goats among other things. If you want to try some of the local specialties, you can add breakfast to your plan for ¥1,100 and dinner for ¥3,300.           

Book here: Farm Inn Auberge Fujii Fermier 

Prices from ¥12,100

9. Cottage Fuccanchi (Hokkaido)

Cottage Fuccanchi is a highly rated guest house in Hokkaido prefecture. It is nestled in Makkari-mura, a small peaceful village which is about a 2-hour bus ride from Sapporo. The hosts give guests a real taste of country life brought by the extraordinarily beautiful nature in Hokkaido. Their cottage room features large beds, a kitchen with a fridge and microwave, air conditioning and other handy facilities which make you feel even more at home. 

Soaking in an open-air bath on the balcony will allow you to enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding area, or even a star filled sky at night if you are lucky. A barbeque area and bonfire are also available for use which can be a lot of fun for families with children. It is also fascinating watching the farm animals roaming freely around the fields, especially when they are covered with white snow in the winter!        

Book here: Cottage Fuccanchi 

Prices from ¥21,200

10. Guesthouse Soranoie (Gifu)

Guesthouse Soranoie opened in 2018 and offers a great farm stay at a lovely mountainous village in Gero city, Gifu prefecture. Guests can stay at a beautifully renovated traditional Japanese house which has one classic Japanese-style room as well as a dormitory-style room with a capacity of three guests per night. They also have free parking, free Wi-fi, a communal kitchen and a shared bathroom. Wake up to the sound of birds singing in the morning, and spend a memorable time with your family under the starry night sky. You will have the chance to partake in outdoor activities such as exploring the village that is full of colorful flowers in the spring, do rice-planting with locals in the early summer, and harvest rice and fresh vegetables in the fall. They also will prepare you a healthy and organic breakfast and dinner made with locally produced ingredients and home grown rice for a small additional charge.       

Book here: Guesthouse Soranoie 

Prices from ¥5,500

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If you are looking for somewhere to spend a peaceful holiday away from the crowds and the big cities, a farm stay might just be the perfect thing for you. It will give your children the opportunity to learn more about the everyday life of a farmer and will allow them to get more familiar with wildlife and nature. Make sure to check the availability and details of each farm online prior to your visit! We hope you have found a farm you want to stay at in Japan and that you stay is a fun and memorable one!

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