10 Best hostels/guesthouses in Osaka

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Embark on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant streets of Osaka, where tradition meets modern aesthetics, and every alley whispers tales of culture and adventure. Honestly, almost any place in Japan yields a plethora of memorable moments and interesting sights that seem to intertwine retro with futuristic, but each place really boasts unique themes. One primary claim to fame is Osaka’s food, so be sure to go hungry! To make your stay even more memorable without breaking the bank, we’ve curated a list of the best hostels and guesthouses that redefine the art of accommodation in this bustling city. From chic interiors to a taste of local flair, each spot on this list promises a unique experience. So, lace up your adventure boots and get ready to explore Osaka like a local!

1. Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka

While we mentioned these places not breaking the bank, we certainly do not mean to imply that the choices are not stylish and comfy! Nestled in the heart of Osaka, Hostel Mitsuwaya is a breath of fresh air; a warmly lit wooden interior backs up its great cleanliness. Not to mention, the hostel was very highly rated for their great and friendly staff! The communal spaces are a haven for socializing, offering a chance to swap travel tales with fellow explorers. With its stone’s throw proximity to major attractions and bike rental service, it’s an ideal base for cultural discovery.

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2. Guest House Rice Chikko

Step into Guest House Rice Chikko which does a great job of capturing the essence of luxury while offering a cozy, homey vibe in combination with traditional Japanese elements. Great furniture choices coincide with muted colors to create a relaxing vibe for you to enjoy after a long day of adventuring through Osaka. The essentials are of course provided to ensure your are comfortable and able to travel lightly. The shared areas are great for socializing and enjoying some food and drinks prepared in house!

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3. Hostel Chillax

Chillax is the perfect spot for those who love to have a good time. With plenty of neon signs and vibrant decorations, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in the perfect spot to chill… or relax… or both, as they encourage! It’s clear that their shared areas are well designed for people to mingle and get to know each other, in fact they even have events with DJs to get the party going! But don’t worry, the main focus here is of course to have a place to stay- the design ensures that the noises won’t reach your comfy room. Speaking of the rooms, Each of them continue the cozy aesthetic, some are even reminiscent of a cabin/beach house of sorts, and all are sure to keep you rested.

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4. Mad Cat Hostel Osaka & Bar

Mad Cat Hostel Osaka is where whimsical meets practicality, and it’s quite similar to the previous option. The playful cat-themed decor (as well as some interesting Japanese motifs) adds a touch of quirkiness to your stay. The in-house bar becomes a lively meeting point, offering a taste of local beverages as well as shisha, and a chance to mingle with fellow travelers. With its vibrant atmosphere and lively communal spaces, Mad Cat Hostel is a perfect choice for those looking to add a splash of fun to their Osaka adventure. And yes, there are cats there.

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5. Imano Osaka Shinsaibashi Hostel

Immerse yourself in one of the more stylish options, Imano Osaka Shinsaibashi Hostel. This well-appointed and stylishly decorated spot is certainly one to consider if you’re looking for comfort and a bit of class. Dark neutral colors contrast with clean whites and earth-tones, as well as flourishes of foliage. A selection of room styles are available as well as a communal area that features a bar that’s great for some snacks, drinks, or even a chat with some new friends. And a plus point for some: pet friendly!

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6. Hostel Takeyado

Takeyado is a clean and solid option in the suburbs of Osaka. A well-kept interior with humble yet modern design and style choices. You’ll have no trouble finding a way to relax in some peace and quiet in their cozy rooms or laid-back shared areas. Each room is equipped with the essentials and comes in a variety of layouts in case you want a room to yourself or would like to share. The decor is mostly contemporary, but features a few traditional motifs to capture the essence of Japan.

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7. Guest House Matsu

This is another great option for those who love to socialize and maybe make some new friends in their adventure throughout Osaka or Japan in general. Complete with multiple shared areas and a bar with some tasty dining options, Matsu is a great well rounded choice. The interior has a contemporary aesthetic while still maintaining a natural vibe with its wooden furniture and other style choices. Relax, play some board games, play a guitar, have a drink, or just relax in your room! You’ll surely feel comfortable here

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8. &And Hostel Shinsaibashi East

Step into the contemporary chic ambiance of &And Hostel Shinsaibashi East. This stylish accommodation seamlessly blends modern design with Japanese functionality. The communal spaces are an ode to minimalism, providing a soothing environment for relaxation. Conveniently located in the vibrant Shinsaibashi district, this hostel is a gateway to Osaka’s shopping and cultural scenes. Make sure to enjoy one of their hammocks on the balcony!

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9. Kamagasaki University of the Arts Cafe Garden Guest House aka Kamagei

Indulge in the artistic soul of Osaka at Kamagei, where every corner tells a story. This guesthouse, affiliated with the Kamagasaki University of the Arts, serves as a canvas for local artists. The lush garden, doubling as a cafe, is a tranquil haven in the heart of the city. With its unique blend of art and nature, Kamagei offers a retreat for the creative and curious traveler.

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10. Picnic Hostel Osaka

Another interesting option for the artistically inclined, or those just wanting to stay in a visually stimulating place, Picnic is definitely a contender. Their interior is nothing short of an adventure, and will certainly be a memory. While the design may be surprising and unconventional, rest assured that the essentials are provided and you’ll have no trouble relaxing and enjoying a cozy setup.

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