The Best Fully Equipped Camping Sites Near Tokyo

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How do you like to spend the summer? In Japan, Camping is a popular way to escape the hot concrete cities and immerse yourself deep into the nature and stay healthy physically and mentally. There are over 3,000 camping spots scattered across the country! While many foreign tourists will visit Tokyo and Kyoto first, camping is a great addition to your itinerary. Going into the nature is a great way to experience the local, rural side of Japan too. Are you worried about not bringing your camping gear? No problem, there are a number of refreshing camping sites, with easy access from Tokyo, that you can visit without any equipment! In this article, we will introduce our top 10 best equipped camping sites around Tokyo!    

Tips for camping in Japan

Camping is a very popular activity in Japan, especially during Golden Week and in summer. Many Japanese flee the concrete jungle to enjoy some peaceful time in the nature. Here are some tips for you to make the experience better!


No matter what your budget is, with over 3,000 camping grounds throughout the country, Japan caters for everyone! Many campgrounds in Japan can be used free of charged, but if you require any facilities expect to pay any amount between ¥400 – ¥3,000. On average, you will need to pay ¥1,000 per person per night for a camp site with basic facilities. If you’re looking for a swimming pool, tennis court or similar facilities expect to pay somewhere between ¥3,000 – ¥4,000 per night. If you want to sleep indoors and rent a yurt of lodge expect to pay anywhere between ¥4,000 to ¥30,000 per night.


Summer is without a doubt the best season for camping, but it can also be dangerous from time to time with the occasional typhoons and heat waves. Always check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Also note that many campground close in the winter months, so before making your way to the campground make sure its’ open.

Reserve always & on time

Camping in Japan in a very popular activity, especially in summer. Throughout the summer months (July – August), many Japanese flee the concrete jungle to enjoy some peaceful time in the wild and get back in touch with nature. Make sure you reserve a spot online or by phone before heading over to any campsite!


When you read ‘auto-camp’ this means you need to bring your own tent.

1. Narita Yume Farm

Narita Yume Farm is a huge farm that mainly produces dairy products such as milk and yogurt. It is also known as a popular attraction to experience life on a farm. Located in Chiba prefecture, it offers a variety of experiences which include petting animals, fishing, making dairy products, and, of course, tasting them! The camping site is spread over several areas with different surroundings and sizes. Visitors can rent a full camping tent set including required equipment necessary for staying overnight. Other convenient facilities such as a spacious cooking area and shower rooms are available as well. The campsite even has a large roofed hearth for when it is raining. It is a perfect location for families to enjoy the abundant nature and outdoor activities! 

Picture by ChibaNippo

Narita Yume Farm Official Website
Price starting at ¥2,100/person

2. Star Village (Ichiban Boshi Village)

Star Village (Ichiban Boshi Village) is a vast camping site in the suburb area of Ichihara city, in Chiba prefecture. It is a meadow turned into a camping site during the summer season (from the end of April till mid October). It takes about a 70-minute t reach the site by car from Tokyo, and visitors can have a refreshing camping experience while surrounded by rich nature. There is a symbolic tree house high up on a tall tree to enjoy, which was created with donations. Visitors can have drinks at a cosy stall called “Store Lounge”. They have tents, BBQ tool sets, tables, and chairs for rent, all necessary equipment can be rent separately depending on your needs. At night, you can watch the beautiful stars in the sky while enjoying a drum bath in an open-air oil barrel!

一番星ヴィレッジ、2018年度の予約受付を本日開始いたしました! 4月21日Open -…

一番星ヴィレッジさんの投稿 2018年2月28日水曜日

Star Village Official Website
Check-in: 11am – 6pm
Check-out: 10am
Price starting at ¥1,500/person

3. Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo

Despite the name ‘auto camp’, this camp site is a fully equipped site also offering several glamping options. It features a small convenience store, a rental outlet for camping equipment, vending machines, on-site BBQ facilities and even prepared meal sets to cook on these BBQ’s. Next to the onsite glamping options, there are also more classic camping areas available.

There surrounding area is great for water sports and hiking fanatics as the camp site in located next to the Arakawa River, nestled in the foliage covered hills of in Chichibu, Saitama.

Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo
Check-in: 2pm – 5pm
Check-out: 8.30am – 11am
Price between ¥1,500 – ¥38,000

4. River Side Village Loa

Only 90-minute drive from Tokyo takes you to “River Side Village Loa”, a unique glamping site located at the Kujukuri beach. Though it isn’t your normal camping site on a meadow, it is a fun experience. They offer camping trailers and a cotton tent all of which are fully equipped with furniture and necessities. At the cosy bar, you can try delicious local beers in a pleasant atmosphere. Bonus point; You can spend a relaxing private time as they accept only one group a day! It is recommendable for those who are looking for a camping site in a peaceful environment, with the luxury of a home.

Picture by River Side Village Lao

River Side Village Loa Official Website (※Japanese Only)
Check-in: 3-5 pm
Check-out: 10 am
Price varies depending on camping plans

5. Showa no Mori Forest Village

Showa no Mori Forest Village is a large facility located in the “Showa no Mori Park”, one of the largest parks in Chiba prefecture. It consists of three facilities: an accommodation for employee training and business conferences, a multi-purpose space, and a huge camping site. They lend necessary camping equipment, and the convenient location enables visitors get to convenience stores and super markets easily! There are also a number of playground equipment and outdoor activities available in the park. It is a suitable location for beginners who have little knowledge and experience in camping.

Showa no Mori Forest Village Official Website (※Japanese Only)
Check-in: 1-6 pm
Check-out: 11 pm
Price varies depending on camping plans

6. Lohas Garten Camping Ground

Lohas Garten Camping Ground offers everything you need for camping. It is located in Saitama prefecture and accessible from Tokyo in less than an hour by car. They offer a great package that includes equipment, ingredients, tickets for a hot spring facility, and a camping lessons from a professional guide! Visitors can learn some useful tips from a camping guide while enjoying all the camping processes. It gives kids a chance to learn cooking and using camping tolls to help their parents as well. The hot spring facility is 24 hours open, and it helps you relax through a traditional Japanese experience.   

Lohas Garten Camping Ground Official Website (※Japanese Only)
Check-in: 10-3 pm
Check-out: 10 pm
Price varies depending on camping plans

7. Wood Roof Okuchichibu

Wood Roof Okuchichibu is another camping site in Saitama Prefecture. Although the site is relatively small, it offers a number of impressive experiences in a peaceful environment with fresh air. Visitors can choose where to pitch their tent from three different types of areas. There is a calm river called “Arakawa River” running by the camping site where visitors can play and swim in summer season. You can also go for hikes in the nearby forest!

Wood Roof Okuchichibu Official Website (※Japanese Only)
Check-in: 1-4 pm
Check-out: 8:30-10 pm
Price varies depending on camping plans

8. MUJI Campground Campania Tsumagoi

MUJI Campground Campania Tsumagoi is located on a plateau at 1,300-meter-high above the sea level in Tochigi prefecture. It is run by a famous Japanese company that sells a large variety of eco-friendly products. They opened the camping site in an attempt to feel nature closely while preserving the gorgeous environment. In the ‘outdoor classroom’, you can learn about the wonders of nature. From the camp side you also have a breathtaking view of the majestic mountains in the surrounding area! At the nearby Baragi lake, visitors can enjoy refreshing water-activities such as fishing and kayaking. It is also close to other famous tourist destinations such as Karuizawa in Nagano and Kusatsu, a popular hot spring resort in Gunma prefecture.    

MUJI Campground Campania Tsumagoi Official Website (※Japanese Only)

Check-in: 1-6 pm
Check-out: 12 pm
Price starting at ¥2,200 (adult)

9. Twin Ring Motegi

Twin Ring Motegi offers a combination of a world-class motor sports park with a park for nature appreciation activities such as camping, outdoor activities and nature crafts. The park also has a number of adventure playgrounds and obstacle courses which offer an exciting experience for kids. Camping plans from regular tent camp and log cabins to glamping. At the camping site, you can choose your preferred camping plan, from a regular tent to luxurious glamping. You can prepare your own BBQ or enjoy a luxurious meal of a chef. Other on-site activities include canoeing, hot air ballooning, zip-lining and circuit karts.

Twin Ring Motegiさんの投稿 2019年6月27日木曜日

Book your stay at Twin Ring Motegi here!

Check-in: 1-6 pm
Check-out: 10-11 am
Prices ¥1,080 (camping site), ¥10,000 – ¥20,000 (glamping)

10. Sweet Grass

Sweet Grass is a popular camping site located in Gunma prefecture. They are open all year around, and offer different styles of stay for each season. In spring and summer, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as a campfire at night or relax in onsite the hammocks. There are also a number of attractions and playground equipment for kids. Day camping is another option for those who’d like to take a nap in a tent and enjoy BBQ without staying overnight. Or if you do want to stay overnight, you have the choice from a ‘normal’ tent up to staying in a cottage!

Sweet Grass Official Website (※Japanese Only)
Check-in: 1 pm
Check-out: 12 pm

Price varies depending on camping plans

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Camping becomes much easier even for beginners with fully equipped camping sites. It also helps you know what it is like to spend a relaxing time in nature away from busy life in Tokyo. If you are planning to visit Tokyo or the suburb areas this coming summer, why don’t you visit any of the camp sites mentioned above to have a memorable experience in the rural Japan?

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Happy travelling!

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