Food & Drinks

10 Types of Nigiri Sushi You Should Know

The world of Japanese sushi is vast and confusing, but luckily, our guide has you covered! Find out all about nigiri sushi and 10 types you should know.

10 Best Festivals in Japan in May 2024

May is a busy month for Japan when it comes to festivals. Where best to go? Read our article!
To do in Tokyo

10 Events and Things to Do in Tokyo in May 2023

Tokyo is a vibrant city with endless activities to enjoy year-round. If you're visiting in May and seeking inspiration for things to do, you're in luck. We've put together a list of ten exciting activities to experience in Tokyo during this beautiful spring month.
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Food & Drinks

10 Best Foodie Destinations in Japan

Japan is a food paradise! But do you know where to go and where to stake out the best eats? Let us help you with this guide!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Real-life Locations from Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume no Tojimari

Are you a fan of Suzume no Tojimari? Then see where it took place with our article!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Restaurants in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the best places to eat in Japan with all different kinds of food. But where to start? Follow our guide!
Mount Fuji

The Ultimate Guide to The Fuji Five Lakes

Mount Fuji is, without a doubt, the most famous mountain in Japan, but do you know about the surrounding lakes of Fuji?

10 Cool and Unique Streets in Tokyo

Walking around Tokyo is a blast! Check out 10 of the trendiest streets in Tokyo!
Popular destinations Japan

10 Best Things To Do in the Hokuriku Region

Have you ever been to the west coast of Japan in the Hokuriku region? The nature is beautiful and there are loads of fun things to do! Find out more here.
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Yakiniku Restaurants in Tokyo

Yakiniku, or "grilled meat," is one of the best dishes here in Japan! Here is our guide to the best spots in Tokyo!
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