How to get to Narita Airport?


Going to Narita airport, you have many options.
This article will introduce how to get there. Which one does work for you?

For comparison, a table of fare and required time for each transportation is available at the end of this article.


There are two lines from central Tokyo to Narita. Keisei line is convenient for passengers heading to Ueno. On the other hand, JR line is going to the major terminal stations of JR line such as Tokyo, Shibuya and Shinjuku.
Although the local trains cost you less, you will be packed with commuting passengers. The rush hours are 7am-9am (to Tokyo) and 6pm-8pm (to Narita).

Keisei Line

【Super Express Train】Keisei Skyliner
All seats are reserved and comfortable. Luggage space is available.
This train is the fastest of all the Keisei train.

This train stops only at Keisei Ueno station and Keisei Nippori station.

【Semi Express Train】Access Express
This train is a little bit higher fare than Keisei Main Line. It’s relatively cheap of all the Keisei line.

There are NO luggage space and NO reserved seats.

【Local Train】Keisei Main Line

This train has the cheapest fare of all the Keisei line as passengers do not need to pay additional fees for express and reservation.

There are NO luggage space and NO reserved seats.

Check more details about Keisei Line at

JR Line

【Super Express Train】JR Narita Express

It stops major station in Tokyo, like JR Tokyo station, JR Shinagawa, JR Shibuya, JR Shinjuku ext.
That’s why it’s very convenient. All seats are reserved and they are comfortable seats.
Luggage space is available with a lock.

If you trip between Narita and Tokyo twice, we recommend the round trip tickets called ‘N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket.
The ticket is only available at the ticket windows of Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station and Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station. For buying the tickets, you need to show your passport. The ticket is valid for 2 weeks.

This train has the highest fare of all the trains. The cost varies depends on seasons.

Check more details about Narita Express at

【Local Train】JR Airport Narita

It’s the cheapest of all the JR trains as passengers do not need to pay either express fee or reservation fee.

There are NO luggage spaces and NO reserved seats.


One of the benefits of taking bus towards Narita is it arriving at the entrance of the departure floor. Variety places for picking up are available. If you have a bus spot near your hotel, it would be very convenient. However, the required time depends on the road situation. You need to take it consideration when you choose the departure time.

Airport Limousine

Lots of pick-up points for Airport Limousine in Tokyo. Many stations and major hotels in Tokyo have the bus stop.
All seats are reserved.
The round trip tickets are only available for the route between Narita airport and Tokyo station or Tokyo city air terminal.

This bus has the highest fare of all the bus.
Check more detail at

Tokyo Shuttle

This bus has the cheapest fare of all the bus. This bus is running every 20 minutes from 10am to 8pm.

The stop is only at Tokyo station.
Check more details at


There are 142 buses for one day.

The stop is only at Tokyo station and Ginza station.
Check more details at

Airport Shuttle Bus

Pick up at your location. Charter the vehicle is possible with an additional fee.

The fare is expensive.
Shared fare: 5,700 yen/person
Chartered fare (max 4): 35,000 yen/car
Chartered fare (max 8): 40,000 yen/car
*Include: meeting assist, highway fare, gas and tax

Check more details at

Table of fare and require time for each transportation

From/To Ueno station

Keisei Main Line Adult 1,030JPY
Child (under 12 old-year): 520JPY
Keisei Access Express Adult: 1,240JPY
Child (under 12 old-year): 620JPY
The Keisei skyliner Adult: 2,470JPY
Child (under 12 old-year): 1240JPY

*per one person for one way

From/To Tokyo station

JR Narita Express Train Adult: 3,020JPY
Child (under 11 year-old): 1,510JPY
JR Airport Narita Train Adult: 1,320JPY
Child (under 11 year-old): 660JPY
Airport Limousine Bus Adult: 3,100JPY
Child (under 12 year old): 1,550JPY
Tokyo Shuttle Bus ・Regular Fare
Adult: 900JPY (with a reservation)
Child (under 12 year-old): 500JPY
・Early Morning and Midnight Fare
Adult: 2,000JPY
Under 12 year-old: 1,000JPY
Child (under 12 old-year): 500JPY
Airport Shuttle Bus 5,700JPY 2 hours

*per one person for one way


Have a nice trip in Japan!!


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