7 things to do near Narita Airport, Tokyo

Naritasan Shinshoji temple Narita Transportation

Narita airport is the biggest international airport in Japan. Many people use it as a transit or layover hub airport. Narita airport is located 1.5 hours away from the central part of Tokyo. If your layover time is not enough to come to Tokyo as a transit passenger, we recommend to enjoy the area around Narita airport; there are lots of things to do.

We will introduce sightseeing spots as follows.

We also could make your tour: Narita 4–Hours Private Walking Tour (For Transit / Layover)

Naritasan Shinshoji temple & Omotesando

At Narita, there is a large temple: Naritasan Shinshoji. The temple has over 1,000 years history and is also famous for doing Hatsumodo. Every new year, about 1 million people visit the temple!

In front of the temple, you can see 800 meters long road called Omotesando. At the back of the temple, you can explore the beautiful Naritasan park. Let’s walk and find Japanese local culture and food!

Naritasan Shinsoji Temple
9am – 5pm
Free admission

How to acces Naritasan Shinsoji Temple
From NRT: 8 min by JR train

Narita market

If you arrive at the airport early in the morning, we recommend to visit Narita market.
You can enjoy a similar atmosphere to Tsukiji fish market and some great fresh food!

Narita market
6.30am – 12pm
Free admission

Access from NRT : 15 min by Keisei line + 10 min walking

If you are interested in a local market, check Tsukiji & Toyosu

Shisui premium outlet

Do some discount shopping at this premium outlet market mall. Over 200 international brand shops are there and you can find something wonderful with a good price! Don’t forgot the tax refund available to foreigners!

Shisui premium outlet
10am – 8pm
Free admission

Access from NRT: 15 min by shuttle bus

AEON mall Narita

Here you could see what local Japanese people buy. Many locals go there to buy daily things such as clothes, books, stationary, food and everything!

AEON mall Narita
8am – 10pm
Free admission

Access from NRT : 20 min by shuttle bus

Narita Dream Dairy Farm

Spend your free hours outside in the nature! Enjoy watching cows, ducks, hamsters etc. and try some delicious fresh milk from cow!

Narita Dream Dairy Farm
9am 5pm
Admission fee ¥1,400 yen (adult)

Access from NRT: 15 min by shuttle bus

Nature spots in Tokyo

Bouso no mura Experience Museum

At this place the old Japanese landscape, including houses and culture are very well preserved. You could do some activities to make your trip more memorable!

Bouso no Mura
9am – 4.30pm (closed on Monday)
Admission fee ¥300 (adult)

Access from NRT : 45 mins by public bus and walking

Sawara area

Sawara was surrounded by rivers and old delivery center of Tokyo. At that time we transported heavy stuff by boat. At this place you can still experience the traditional atmosphere.

9am – 5pm
Free admission

Access from NRT : 30 min by local train

Tip: 10 min by taxi from Sawara station, you can visit Katori shrine, dedicated to the god of peace.

Come to Tokyo

If you have more than 5 hours, you could enjoy Tokyo as well. It takes about 60-90 min to go to the central part of Tokyo with Airport limousine bus or Skyliner express.

If you are interested in making your way to the city, you can read all about the different options you have on our blog. Check out the link down below.

Other activities

Go-kart experience around Narita airport

Helicopter airport transfer

If you are interested in shrines and temples, you can refer to the article below.

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Tours around Narita

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Happy travelling!

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