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Cultural tips

How to Tell the Difference between Plum, Cherry and Peach Blossoms

Here we explain how to tell the subtle differences between three similar blossoms that bloom in spring - plum, cherry and peach blossoms.

Shukubo Experience in Japan – Let’s Stay at A Buddhist Temple

Do you know that you can stay at a temple in Japan? It's called Shukubo, and it gives you a unique experience including zen meditation, buddhist vegan meals and a sacred morning ritual.
Cultural tips

What is Omikuji?: Complete Guide to Japanese Fortune Slip

Omikuji is a fortune slip that you can get at a shrine or temple in Japan. Here we explain what it is, how to do and read it, and introduce some unique shaped omikuji!
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Places to visit in Japan

10 Best Early Blooming Sakura Spots in Japan February-March 2024

Generally the sakura season in Japan is from the middle of March to April, but there are early blooming sakura that allow you to enjoy beautiful sakura from February. Here are the best spots in Japan from February-March!

Weekend Trip to Zao Onsen in Winter

Zao Onsen in Yamagata prefecture is famous for its 'snow monsters (ice trees)'. Here we explain how to best enjoy Zao Onsen in winter!

15 Weird Vending Machines in Japan

You will likely encounter a lot of unique vending machines on the street when you explore Japan. Here are weird vending machines that will especially surprise you in Japan!
Travel tips

Things to Know Before Moving to Japan

Are you decided to move to Japan? Here are things you should know before moving to Japan - prepare well, and you don't need to be panicked or overwhelmed anymore.

How to Enjoy Asakusa Tori no Ichi

Tori no Ichi is a traditional festival annually held in November throughout Japan. Asakusa's Tori no Ichi is the most popular among the others, and here we explain its history and how to best enjoy it.
Cultural tips

Japanese Dialects Explained by Each Region

Japan consists of 47 prefectures and each region has distinct dialects and accents. Are you ready to step in the next level of Japanese language? Here are the beginner's guide to the unique dialects throughout Japan.
To do in Tokyo

How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Tokyo 2023-2024

New Year's holiday is such a big event in Japan. Here we introduce the best things to do in Tokyo and explain typical ways to spend New Year's Eve in Japanese way.
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