10 Best Festivals in July 2024 in Japan

The summer is by far the best season if you want to experience one of Japan’s lively matsuri festivals.Here is an overview of 10 of the best Japanese festivals in July 2024!

10 Best Beach Hotels in Japan

Looking for your tropical getaway in Japan? Then you've found the right list of places to choose from!
Food & Drinks in Kyoto

Kawayuka: Experience Kyoto with Summer Riverside Terraces

Experience Kyoto's summer charm with kawayuka, riverside terraces where you can dine while enjoying the cool breeze and scenic views alongside the scenic Kamo River.
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10 Best Things to Do in Hokkaido in Summer 2024

There's so much to do in Hokkaido once the snow melts. Check out some of the best things you can do on a summer trip to Hokkaido!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Best Snorkeling Spots in Japan

From subtropical islands to beaches within easy reach from Tokyo, Japan has some amazing snorkeling spots where you can see corals, encounter turtles and swim with tropical fish!

11 Best Summer Music Festivals in Japan 2024

Summer is an amazing time in Japan when there is so much going on. Not only are there traditional festivals, but also lots of music festivals. Check out 12 of the best summer music festivals in Japan in 2024!

5 Days Okinawa Itinerary

Okinawa is the most popular marine spot for Japanese and visitors. If you are not planning to visit OKinawa in your Japan trip, read this article and change your mind. You will never regret it!

10 Best Water Parks in Japan

Cool down in one of Japan's water parks this summe! Enjoy pools, waterslides and other attractions with friends and family!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

7 Best BBQ Spots in Tokyo

Enjoy a delicious BBQ with friends and family in Tokyo this summer! Perfect outdoor and rooftop spots, and for rainy days, too!
Food & Drinks

14 Summer Foods and Drinks You Should Try in Japan

It's sweltering in summer in Japan, but summer foods and drinks will help you cool down and give you more energy to go on. Here we introduce the best summer foods and drinks to try in Japan!
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