Day trips from Tokyo

Day Trip to Nikko in Summer: Where To Visit and Useful Tips

Nikko is one of the most popular tourist attractions near Tokyo. It can be enjoyed all year around but it'll be the fun destination during summer. Here is how to do a day trip to Nikko and where to visit!

What is Tanabata? Japanese Traditional Star Festivals

July 7th is Tanabata, an annual event celebrated in Japan. Here we explain its history, sad story of two lovers, customs and the famous tanabata festivals!

Yakatabune: Dinner on the Traditional Japanese Boat

Yakatabune is a traditional boat where you can have dinner on the traditional boat. Here we introduce this popular summer activity in Japan and where and how to enjoy it.
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Gozan Okuribi: Summer Traditions in Kyoto

One of the famous summer traditions in Kyoto, here we explain what is Gozan Okuribi, how to enjoy and the best viewing spots.
Places to visit in Japan

Japan’s Most Beautiful Beaches 2023

Not only Okinawa, but there are more beautiful beaches to visit in Japan. From the Tohoku region to the Kyushu region, here we introduce the best beaches in Japan!

Summer Activities in Nagano

On the hot summer days, Nagano is the ideal place to refresh yourself! While Nagano is known as a winter sport destination, is has much to offer in summer too!
Places to visit in Tokyo

9 Best Rooftop Gardens in Tokyo

Rooftop terraces and gardens aren't particularly popular in Japan, but there are quite a few in Tokyo. Here're the best rooftop gardens in Tokyo!
Seasonal Events

13 Best Things to Do in Japan in Summer

Travelling around Japan in summer offers a wide range of experiences and outdoor activities. Here are the best summer activities in Japan!
Food & Drinks

15 Best Shaved Ice Shops in Tokyo

Kakigori, shaved ice, is everyone's favorite summer treat. Here we introduce kakigori special shops in Tokyo that boasts fancy, delicious fluffy shaved ice!

What is Japanese Festival, Matsuri?

Throughout a year, there are several festivals held in Japan. In this article, we introduce the history, origin and purpose of festivals in Japan!
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