6 Ways to Get Tickets for GHIBLI MUSEUM [Tips]

6 ways to get Ghibli tickets

When you want to buy tickets for extraordinarily popular Ghibli Museum, there are 6 ways to access.
From July 2016, the Group Leader’s name is on tickets. Please make sure the Group Leader is carrying his or her ID like passport. Museum staff will confirm the identity of the Group Leader when entering the Museum. If your name is not same as the Group Leader’s name on tickets, you couldn’t enter.

Description Pros Cons
1 Official online ticket store in English Online ticket selling service Straightforward reservation system in English
You can buy at list price
Limited stock
You need passport ID information
2 LAWSON ticket
(Official online ticket site in Japanese)
Online ticket selling service provided by LAWSON
(convenience store chain)
You can secure your ticket before you go to LAWSON.
You can buy at list price.
Japanese language skill is needed.
You need address and phone number in Japan.
Sometimes credit card issued in over seas is NOT accepted.
3 Travel agency
outside Japan
Designated local travel agency counters in certain countries. Straightforward reservation system
You can buy at list price
You can’t use it when you don’t live in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Australia
4 Loppi Japanese most popular self-service electronic ticket dispensing system located in LAWSON in Japan. English guidance will be provide.
You can buy at list price
You need to go LAWSON in Japan to buy tickets.
Tickets are usually sold out well ahead.
5 Special tickets
only for
Tickets different from ordinary ones. Mostly for neighbours High possibility of ticket getting though last minutes
You can buy at list price
If you are NOT resident registration in neighborhood of Ghibli Museum, you can NOT access.
6 Ticket getting service
in Japan
Provided by travel agencies or other service.(They often buy via 2.LAWSON tickets, 4Loppi or find neighbours who can go with you. and get 5.Special tickets)

Sometimes concierge of your hotel help you.

Even higher possibility of ticket getting You need to pay the additional service charge.
(usually 4,000-15,000 JPY)

How to GET tickets

0. Access your country’s agent

・If you live in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, U.S.A, Canada, Europe or Australia, at first please contact official agent in your country and check the availability. [3. Travel agency outside Japan]
Travel agency outside Japan

1.Access official ticket store in English

・If you live in outside of Japan, you should check the availability on the official ticket store first. [1. Official online ticket store in English]
Official online ticket store

2.Try to get normal ticket in Japanese

・Check the availability for normal tickets.
・If you are in Japan, go to the convenience store called LAWSON and use Loppi.
How to use Loppi
・If you stay at a hotel with concierge, you might want to ask them for some help. it would be easier.

3.Try to get special ticket

・If you are lucky and have a friend living close to Ghibli Museum, you should ask them. If not, contact some agents!

If you couldn’t get tickets at [1. Official online tickets store], don’t give up yet.
The stock is different between English official tickets store and Japanese one.

There are some agents that you can contact to get some Ghibli Museum tickets too.

And Japan Wonder Travel.com would be happy to help you!
Get ticket of Ghibli Museum

Here are some reviews for Japan Wonder Travel. Don’t give up until the end!

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH! I don’t know how they were able to do it but they were able to get tickets well after they had sold out. If you want Ghibli tickets please do not hesitate to order them in advance! I tried to buy them online through the Studio Ghilbi website source but the site crashed as soon as the tickets went on sale and sold out within the first half-hour. Japan Wonder Travel was able to get them even after the hurricane hit! I have no idea how they were able to do it but I am so very grateful and would highly recommend using their services. They were so kind and helpful when we went to pick up the tickets from their office. I can’t wait to go back to Japan!

by Millie (11/14/19)
Japan Wonder Travel came through when I missed the last window to directly buy tickets for the Ghibli Museum online. They were incredibly responsive and helpful with obtaining the tickets and delivering them to our hotel. The entire process was seamless and it was great to find a service offering just the tickets (most packages I saw when we booked included other items and cost $125+; the option through JWT was much more affordable and exactly what I was looking for). Would highly recommend!

by Jane (10/08/19)

When the tickets are released

Normal tickets (1.2. Official online tickets site and 4. Loppi )

After 10th every month, you can get tickets till next month.
For example :
7/10~ Aug.tickets;
8/10~ Sept.tickets;
9/10~ Oct.tickets;

Overseas travel agency ticket (3. Travel agency outside Japan)

Tickets for each month up to three months ahead will be sold from the 1st of every month.
For example :
7/1~ July./Aug./Sept./Oct.tickets;
8/1~ Aug./Sept./Oct./Nov.tickets;
9/1~ Sept./Oct./Nov./Dec.tickets;

Neighbor tickets (5. Special ticket only for neighbors)

Every 3 month, the tickets till next 4 months are released.
For example :
12/1~ Jan./Feb./Mar.tickets;
3/1~ Apr./May./Jun.tickets;
6/1~ Jul./Aug./Sep.tickets;
9/1~ Oct./Nov./Dec. tickets

Special tickets (6. Ticket getting service in Japan)

It depends on the agent.

How to check availability by yourself

Normal tickets (1.Official ticket site in English)

Please check the link down below.

Normal tickets (2. LAWSON tickets and 4. Loppi)

For the first and second way above, you are required to have Japanese language skill even to check out whether there are any tickets left or not.
But here is the solution for you. If you follow the process down below, it would be easy even if you have no clue for Japanese!

At first, visit the LAWSON official ticket purchase page.

  1. And click the banner which is indicated by the arrow.


2. On the next page, click the yellow button.


3. Then, click your preferred month. (We use the number and “月”means “month” in Japanese.)


4. There, you can check the ticket availability.


Neighbors tickets (5. Special ticket only for neighbors)

People live or work or study in the neighborhood of Ghibli Museum (Mitaka city, Musashino city, Koganei city, Nishi-Tokyo city) have a privilege to buy a special ticket.

This ticket is totally different from ordinal ones, so even when ordinal tickets are sold out, this ticket is usually still available. If you have a friend who are related with the neighborhood, it’s worth asking them to get it.

You can check out if the ticket is available or not in this way below.

1. visit the website of Mitaka-city tourism association.


2. you will see this screen.


Special tickets (6. Ticket getting service in Japan)

Please contact the agent below.

If you are fluent in Japanese, you can access other service. (auction etc.)

Can’t get the museum ticket? No worries. The real locations of Ghibli Museum are all over Japan. See this our blog “ The real 10 locations of Ghibli movies in Japan

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  1. Hi, When I purchased my ticket online I didn’t print the details on “mypage” now when I try to login. I forgot my password. Do you have any idea if I can reset the password or is it fine just to print the email and show it at the museum entrance? Thanks 🙂

    • You purchased at official online ticket store in English?
      We are sorry but we have no idea.
      Here is email address of customer center in Japanese. Though we don’t know they could reply inquiry in English, please try to send email.

    • Did you figure out how to reset your password? I too have forgotten my password and I don’t see a way to reset it. Any luck with that email? Thanks

      • Hi,
        Unfortunately I am also in the same boat. I couldn’t find any options for “forgot password” to reset it. I had sent an inquiry directly to the email they provided during the confirmation: ghibli@lhe.lawson.co.jp. But still haven’t heard back from them either and its been two days. Any ideas?

    • Hi, I was just coming to post that I too had success emailing Ghibli. I received a response with my password today, and it also took about two days. Cheers!

  2. Hi
    In desperate need to get 6 tickets for ghibli (3 adults and 3 children). If you have any available tickets for December 2016 (any date and time from 27-31) from auction. Pls let me know. Thank youuu!!!

    • Hi Wendy soeweno-san,
      We are sorry but we couldn’t get tickets because Ghibli museum is closed after 27th Dec. 2016 to 2nd Jan. 2017.

  3. Hello, thank you for your incredibly informative website!!! I would love to get 2x adult tickets for May 27th this year. I’m happy to buy through your website, too. But!! I can’t tell if Ghibli Museum is open on this date. The Ghibli website says two different things:
    http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/007569.html – Says only closed May 15, 2017 through May 26, 2017
    http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/ – Says Monday, May 9 through Friday, July 15, 2016.

    Can you help me??

    • Hello Becca-san,
      Thank you for visiting our web site.

      The year is different.
      -Says only closed May 15, “2017” through May 26, “2017”
      –Says Monday, May 9 through Friday, July 15, “2016”.

      So this year (2017), Ghibli museum will be closed from May 15th till May 26th.
      I hope this answers your question.


      • Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I didn’t read the date properly! Thank you SO MUCH! This has made my day!!!!
        We would like to buy 2 tickets for May 27th, any time, through you. We are from New Zealand. Is this okay? We could have tickets sent to Air BNB or a friend if we need to. Also, I see there are dates available for April but not for May… is this because May tickets are not for sale yet?

        • Now we changed stocks.
          We could get tickets from 10th April but accept booking request from now.
          As for delivery, if owner of airbnb allow to receive tickets, we could send airbnb house.

  4. Good Morning,
    I have a big problem, and you are the only one on the website who seem to know something about it. I already bought my ghibli ticket and lost my 4 digit password, I’ ve read here on some answers that someone was able to get it back, so that’s why I’m writing here. I’ve written them many mail to the emails I found here and on the mail they first sent to confirm tickets, but I just get automatic reply and also very slowly. I’m leaving in few days and I’m afraid I won’t be able to enter if it goes on like this. Do you know if there’s a number I can call?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi,
      We are sorry but they also don’t have phone number for Japanese.
      Sometimes the mail go to junk mail box so we recommend please try sending email again with another email address.

      >Please e-mail to the address below to ask about Museum Tickets.

      We hope you enjoy Ghibli museum and Japan!

  5. Hello! Not sure if this can be helped, but my family will be in Tokyo from 4/13-4/17 and on the Japanese page of the Lawson site, it is showing tickets available for the evening on 4/13 but showing sold out for the month of April on the English site. Is there any way around this?

  6. I noticed you said you changed stocks, and this is extremely last minute. I’ve been trying to get a single ticket for either April 9th or April 10th. I honestly would pay whatever price to get a ticket at this point, if there’s any hope please let me know, I’ve exhausted most websites checklist trying already for the last three weeks.

    • Hello Jonathan-san,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It looks tickets for neighborhood are still available on 10th April.
      We couldn’t find a neighborhood, but we have an idea.
      -Search a room in Mitaka city, Musashino city, Koganei city, Nishi-tokyo city in airbnb
      -Ask a host to get a tickets and be able to go with you

      We hope you could get tickets.

  7. Thank you a million times! I haven’t secured tickets yet, but I’ve officially been banned from sending airBNB messages for the time being. Now its just a matter of waiting until the 25+ people I sent messages to respond. Thank you for a shimmer of hope one week before I leave for Tokyo!

  8. Alright, so with your blog post and your useful advice, I might have found someone through AirBNB who has the ability to get “neighborhood” tickets for me (only 10 days prior to intended visit date). Of course, I am going to also purchase additional tickets for that person to go with any guests as a thank you for helping me, which by the way, will still probably be less than what would be expected from some of the ‘late-ticket’ provider fees which at this point are all sold out.
    With that being said, I have learned a lot about the process of getting Miyazaki tickets through this ordeal, especially the difficulty of getting these tickets unless being well prepared far in advance, which puts a lot of travelers at a disadvantage because honestly by the time I decided to book my trip about a month ago it was already too late. It seems that even residents in Tokyo have difficulty getting admission because I’ve heard that even locals request tickets on Tokyo’s most famous p2p mall.

    There are a couple of questions I wanted to ask though:
    1. What are some popular auction sites or ticket exchange sites where someone might find Ghibli Museum tickets for an inflated price?

    2. The museum website states that the name must match on ticket, but primarily in reference to a tour guide. How strict is this enforcement? Can someone resell their ticket for people like me to buy or will I be turned away at the museum? Do they actually check every person’s ID with a name on the ticket?

    3. You mentioned looking for neighborhood tickets in Mitaka, Musashino and Koganei. How is the neighborhood purchase verified for people living in those areas?

    4. Are there ticket scalpers around the museum that will sell last-minute tickets outside or around the museum?

    5. Are there any other resources available for people that are willing to put a little more money and effort into getting last minute tickets?

    After reading through dozens of websites, I found this one most helpful and specific so I thought that your answers would add to the value of this blog article for future readers.

    • From last June, the name must match on ticket. Not all member but only leaders.

      Many site stopped to trade Ghibli museum tickets.

      2.Everybody show their ID. Basically if you get tickets from your friend, you need to hold him/her ID at entrance.

      3.At the tickets shop, they need to show ID two verify for people living in those areas.

      4.No, you couldn’t get tickets around museum.

      5.We don’t know. Neighbourhood tickets is best way to get last minute tickets we think.

  9. hi, i need to purchase 2 tickets (adults) of ghibli museum at the last minute for May 27 or 28 this year (2017)!! i tried to buy them online, but it says “sold out”……. any advice would be appreciated! thank youuuuu

    • Normal tickets are already sold out and special tickets for neighbourhood (No.5) are also sold out for May 27th and 28th. (only 1 ticket left on 27th)
      Last way is to find a person who have tickets and don’t decide member.

      We are sorry but we couldn’t be of any help to you.

  10. Hi, I am looking for any tickets for 7/30-8/2. I have tried multiple sources but everyone says it is sold out. I just wanted to try here as well.


    • Hello Selma-san,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Unfortunately all tickets(including special neighbor ticket) are sold out.
      But we will try our best. We will text you directly.

      If you have any question, please let us know.

      Japan Wonder Travel staff

  11. HI, I know this might be a bit last minute, but I am trying to get tickets to the Ghibli museum for any days between Aug 18-20 or Aug 28-31. Of course every website said is sold out. Just want to see if you can help. Thank you!

  12. hi, i read that ‘If you couldn’t get tickets at [1. Official online tickets store], don’t give up. The stocks is different between English official tickets store and Japanese one.’ above. How can I change it to the Japanese version?

    • @Ale-san,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Please click here but it’s in Japanese and sometimes they don’t accept credit card issued in abroad.

  13. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to book 2 adult and 2 teenage tickets for the Ghibli Museum on either 14,15 or 16th September 2017 and if so what are the price of tickets
    Thank you
    Helen Lenga

    • @Helen Lenga-san,
      Please click here.
      From 10th Oct. 10am JST, you and we can buy tickets and they are sold out soon.
      If you need any help, please feel free to contact us via contact form.

  14. Hi there!

    We are going to Tokyo between 2st April 2018 – 6th April 2018. We can go any of those days anytime of day. Is there anyway to get tickets now, I did not realise we would need to book in advance and it seems like everywhere is sold out. Is there anything you can do at all?


    • @George-san,

      Thank you for your information.
      Actually it’s 8,500JPY not 6,500JPY. They changed price.

      We revised the post.
      Thanks again!

  15. Hi,

    It will be our 1st time to Japan, Tokyo and hope to visit Ghibli Museum, but I did not realise we would need to book in advance and it seems like everywhere is sold out. Is there anything you can do at all?

    Looking at 26/10/18 or 27/10/18.

    Hope you can assist on this matter

  16. Hello,

    I would like to visit Ghibli Museum in November 17 or November 18. Could you please kindly help me to find a ticket?

    Many thanks

    • @Kieu Dung-san,
      We are sorry but the tickets are already sold out.
      We checked the tickets for neighbourhood, they are already sold out.

      There is no way to get tickets for 17th and 18th November.

  17. My brother suggested I may like this web site. He
    used to be entirely right. This submit actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information!
    Thank you!

  18. Do you know if the tickets that go on sale through Lawson on the 10th of the previous month start at midnight Tokyo time or on the 10th day of the local timezone (for us in the United States) – or if there are any other timezone tips. Thanks for any insight! Great page.

    • Hello Abby P-san,

      On 10th of the previous month start at 10am JST.
      It’s on internet so it’s not local timezone but Japan Standard Time.
      Be careful about that.

      If you would like to get tickets for peak season, sometimes we need to access within 30 minutes.

  19. Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired!
    Very helpful information specially the last section 🙂 I maintain such information a lot.
    I used to be looking for this particular info for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  20. Hello
    I was only able to get one place on the i-tike site, can you help me get one for my whole family? One adult, two over 13 and one over 10 years old.
    It’s for the decembre 24. At 10 am or 12 am
    Thank you

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