Places to visit in Japan

10 Places in Japan that don’t Feel Like Japan

Feeling tired of the typical scenery of Japan? Want to compare the Japanese take on the aesthetic of your country? look no further!

10 Cool and Unique and Museums in Japan

Museums arent just for paintings, sculptures, and sophisticated conversations! These spots will certainly have you raising your eyebrows!
Places to visit in Japan

7 New Tourist Attractions Opening in Japan 2022

There are a lot of exciting new tourist attractions that will be opening up in Japan in 2022! Have a look at 7 of these fascinating attractions that you should check out!
Cultural tips

Digital Art Spots You Must Visit in Japan

Recently, there are some tourist spots in Japan that have been attracting a great deal of attention. Spots with a digita...
Places to visit in Tokyo

The Best Art Museums in Tokyo

Tokyo boasts a number of famous art museums and galleries that allow you to understand the country from cultural and artistic perspectives. Each of them showcases a large collection of masterpieces from the ancient times to the modern ones such as contemporary art, creating a vibrant diversity in its art culture which has been changing throughout the long history.

How to Get Ghibli Museum and Ghibli Park Tickets in 2024

You have no idea how to get Ghibli Museum tickets? In this article, we will tell you the tips and help you get tickets even in the last minute! Don't miss the chance to enjoy the world of Studio Ghibli in Tokyo!
Places to visit in Kyoto

How to Get to Miho Museum from Kyoto

Miho Museum is a beautiful museum designed by the famous architect I.M.Pei. It's located in Shiga prefecture which is easily accessible from Kyoto. Here we explain how to get there from Kyoto!
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