10 Best Onsen in Hakone

Take a day trip from Tokyo with these 10 incredible onsen in Hakone!

10 Symbolic Animals in Japanese Culture

Wondering what different animals mean in Japanese culture? let's learn about the significance of animals in Japan!

Nagasaki’s Kujukushima Islands

See the azure seas of Nagasaki! Nagasaki’s Kujukushima Islands are the place to be and where adventure and wonder await around every turn!
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Cultural tips

Legal Ages in Japan

How old do you have to be in Japan to drink? What about to drive? Voting? Let's learn about the various legal ages in Japan!

8 Best Shopping Streets In Osaka

Wondering where to shop in Osaka? Then this is the article for you!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Cool Bridges in Japan

Are you crazy about bridges? Then this is the article for you!

9 Interesting Facts About the Japanese Language

Let's take a break from studying Japanese to learn some facts about the Japanese language!

10 Symbols of Luck and Good Fortune in Japan

Learn about the many lucky symbols in Japan that will bring you good fortune when you visit!

History of Japan: The Jomon Period (13,000–300 BC)

Who were the first inhabitants of Japan, where did they come from, and where did they go? Welcome to the world of the Jomon period!
Food & Drinks

What is Wasabi?

Do you know what wasabi really is? Learn more about the wonderful world of wasabi with our article!
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