Food & Drinks in Kyoto

The Best Tea Shops in Kyoto

Want to experience traditional Japanese green tea in a setting like no other? Look no further than our recommendations for tea shops in Kyoto!

Michinoku Coastal Trail

Looking to get out of the city and explore northern Japan? The Michinoku Coastal Trail is an adventure like no other!
Food & Drinks

10 of the Most Unusual Japanese Foods

While nearly everyone knows sushi and ramen, how many of these local dishes would you be willing to try?
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10 Japanese Words for Describing Personalities

Want to learn how to describe yourself and others in Japanese? These super-specific Japanese vocabulary words will help you describe people's personalities and unique characteristics!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Major Cities in Japan

Cities are the beating heart of Japan and the perfect way to spend your holiday here! Learn about the biggest cities in Japan and what makes each of them bustle!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Perfect Honeymoon Destinations in Japan

Thinking of planning your big romantic getaway to Japan? See where we recommend going for that special trip of your dreams!
Food & Drinks

Locals’ Guide to Drinking in Tokyo

Wondering where the best bars, izakayas, and dives are in Tokyo? Look no further than our guide!
Cultural tips

10 Movies to Watch Before Traveling to Japan

Want to do a bit of research before coming to Japan? Let's learn about Japan through film!
Popular destinations Japan

10 Most Underrated Spots in Japan

Looking to go where few have gone before? These destinations are off the beaten path, but worth a visit for sure!

6 Most Important Ancient Kiln Towns in Japan

Japan has a rich history of creating fine pottery and ceramicwares. Learn where these traditions and arts started!
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