To do in Tokyo

10 Best Things to Do in Kabukicho

Wondering how to enjoy your visit to one of Tokyo's most famous neighborhoods? With this extensive list of things to do in Kabukicho, you'll know exactly how to spend your time!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

Ramen is a staple in Japanese cuisine, and with this list of the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo, you'll know where to get your noodle fix!

10 Best Luxury Resorts on Okinawa’s Main Island

For the perfect island paradise getaway in Japan, don't miss this list of luxury resorts offering the ultimate experience on Okinawa's main island!
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Places to visit in Tokyo

10 Best Things to Do in Shibuya Center-Gai

Not sure how to spend your day in Shibuya? This is the ultimate guide to Shibuya Center-Gai, a vibrant area full of shopping, youth culture and plenty of opportunities for eating and drinking!

Why You Should Learn Japanese

Ever wondered if learning Japanese would be something for you? Read on to learn about the many benefits of knowing the Japanese language!
Travel tips

Weather in Japan by Month: Best Time to Visit

Know when to go with this ultimate month-by-month guide to Japan's weather!

8 Best Wellness Retreats in Japan

Get away from everyday life and relax your body and mind with one of these unique wellness experiences and retreats in Japan

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Learn about wabi-sabi, the fascinating concept of fleeting beauty and appreciation of the imperfect behind the Japanese perception of aesthetics.
Places to visit in Tokyo

8 Best Things to Do in Koenji

Koenji is a retro neighborhood in western Tokyo which is home to many second-hand shops, live music venues and interesting festivals.

The Ultimate Guide to Shirakami Sanchi in Tohoku

In Japan's Tohoku region you will find Shirakami Sanchi: a UNESCO World Heritage Site perfect for mountain climbing and hiking through pristine forests!
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