Tours and Workshop

Top 5 Tours in Osaka

Experience the very best Osaka has to offer with a knowledgable guide - here's 5 of our favorite tours to explore this bustling city like a local!
Places to visit in Tokyo

9 Best Things to Do in Shinagawa

The bustling business district of Shinagawa is much more than a transport hub and high-rise buildings! Discover a different side of Shinagawa with temples, aquariums, parks and interesting museums.

Ultimate Guide to Showa Memorial Park

Looking to escape Tokyo's concrete jungle and relax your eyes on some fresh greenery? Visit Showa Memorial Park, a large park full of seasonal flowers, interesting museums and fun sports areas
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8 Best Ryokan in Tokyo

A stay at a traditional ryokan is an unmissable experience when visiting Japan, and we have compiled a list of 8 of our favorite ryokan in Tokyo to help you choose

Kofun: Japan’s Ancient Tombs

Japan's ancient burial mounds, known as kofun, are a fascinating piece of Japanese history teaching us about the culture and people of the past

10 Best Luxury Ryokan in Japan

Read this guide to find out where to go for an exclusive and wonderful experience with a traditional stay at one of Japan's best luxury ryokan!

10 Best Festivals in Japan in January

Get ready for a month full of snow, fun and Japanese traditions with this guide to January's best festivals!

Mount Aso: Japan’s Largest Active Volcano

Japan is the home of many active volcanoes, and impressive Mount Aso is surrounded by stunning nature and has a huge caldera with multiple volcanoes inside

10 Cool and Unique Trains in Japan

Are you a railroad fan or just keen to travel Japan onboard a cute and unique train? Learn about some of Japan's coolest special sightseeing trains right here!

The Best Ways to Learn Japanese

Intent on learning Japanese in order to enjoy your stay in Japan even more, but not sure where to begin? Read our tips for the best ways to learn and study Japanese!
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