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Travel tips

10 Best Places to Study Abroad in Japan

There are so many options when it comes to studying abroad in Japan that sometimes it can be hard to decide. Here are 10 great places we recommend for your study abroad experience.

10 Common Japanese Surnames

There are a lot of different surnames in Japan, and a lot of them sound pretty similar. Let's learn more about where common Japanese surnames came from and what they mean!

Seishun 18 Kippu: Travel in Japan With the Cheapest Train Tickets

There are many different ways to get around Japan. However they tend to be expensive. Seishun 18 kippu are a secret to cheap travel throughout Japan that anyone can use!
Travel tips

10 Books to Read Before Coming to Japan

This article talks about 10 of the best books to read before taking a trip to Japan. From culture to history to language, we have you covered with useful books.

Coming of Age Day in Japan

There are many national holidays throughout the year in Japan but this one is very important. Find out more about this traditional holiday and how it's celebrated!
Food & Drinks

The 12 Best Restaurants in Sapporo

In this article we introduce 12 of the best Sapporo restaurants. From crab to ramen to sushi, there are lots of delicious options near the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Best Winter Fireworks Festivals in Japan 2022-2023

An explanation of 8 of the best winter fireworks festivals throughout Japan 2022-2023. From onsen to harbor, we talk about many different festivals you can see in winter.
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