Things to do in Japan

Toyosu Market Restaurants Guide- The Best Place to Eat at New Fish Market in Tokyo

As we reported, Tsukiji Inner Market has been relocated to a new location, Toyosu Fish Market. Along with the wholesale ...
Things to do in Japan

SUSHI DAI vs DAIWA SUSHI vs Others at Toyosu market

Tsukiji "inner" market closed and moved to TOYOSU market last year. Sushi restaurants at the former market including the two most famous ones: SUSHI DAI and DAIWA SUSHI also moved to Toyosu Market now.
Things to do in Japan

The Best 5 Chanko Restaurant in Ryogoku

1. Introduction Chanko or Chanko Nabe is a style of hotpot of vegetable, meat and seafood which is a famous meal...
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