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1. Introduction

Chanko or Chanko Nabe is a style of hotpot of vegetable, meat and seafood which is a famous meal for Sumo wrestlers to eat. Actually all the Sumo wrestlers eat Chanko after the training. But why Sumo wrestlers eat Chanko? There is a simple reason for it, and that is because they can make a big portion at a time! Sumo wrestlers need to make their body stronger and bigger, and they have to eat a lot and train hard. Chanko is nutritionally balanced so it is an ideal meal to support Sumo wrestlers both nutritionally and financially.

Sumo stadium and many Sumo stables are located in Ryogoku area in Tokyo, so there are many Chanko restaurants you can go.
In this article, we introduce our recommended places to have Chanko and get an authentic experience. Let’s try Chanko when you come to Japan!

2. Chanko restaurants in Ryogoku

Yoshiba / 吉葉

This place used to be a stable so you can see a Sumo ring at the restaurant! It allows you to eat beside the Sumo ring. You can see some of the remains of the stable such as a wooden pole which still has dents or hand marks on which helps you imagine that how hard the training was around that time. Also, sometimes you can enjoy the performances. One of the popular performances is Jinku which is a form of folk singing performed by the former Sumo wrestlers.

【Price range】Dinner: 6,000~8,000 JPY 
【Address】2-14-5 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by phone or email from here.

Tomoegata / 巴潟

It is one the most popular restaurants among the locals which has over 40 years of history.There are about 300 seats and you can choose from 4 different kind of Chanko such as “Tachiyama Chanko” which is a chicken and soy sauce based soup, “Kunimi Chanko” which is a chicken and salt based soup, “Tomoegata Chanko” which is miso based soup etc.

【Price range】Lunch: 1,000~2,000 JPY / Dinner: 5,000~6,000 JPY
【Address】2-17-6 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by the website. *Only in Japanese.

Terao / 寺尾

There are 5 different kind of Chanko available, soy sauce, salt, miso, ponzu(citrus based sauce) and curry! The owner was an ex-Sumo wrestler and it has been popular among Sumo fans. Unfortunately, the owner passed away in March 2020.

【Price range】Lunch: 1,000~2,000 JPY / Dinner: 4,000~5,000 JPY
【Address】2-16-5 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by the website. *Only in Japanese

Kawasaki / 川崎

It is said that this is the oldest Chanko restaurant in Japan which runs for over 80 years. It is very famous and especially during the tournament, there is a long line for it. This traditional style building is beautiful and you can enjoy the atmosphere. If you want to eat the traditional style of Chanko, this is the place for you.

【Price range】Dinner: 6,000~8,000 JPY
【Address】2-13-1 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by phone call. (+81-3-3631-2529) *Have to be more than 4 people.

Hananomai / 花の舞

This restaurant is an amusement Izakaya (Japanese style of bar) which is designed to look like Edo period in Japan. It also has a Sumo ring at the restaurant and you can enjoy the show performances as well. Since it is Izakaya, you can have not only Chanko but many types of meals and drinks at a reasonable price. It is a popular place to have a drink and Chanko for business people after work too!

【Price range】Lunch: 1,000~2,000 JPY / Dinner: 4,000~5,000 JPY
【Address】1-1-15 Kamezawa Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by website.

3. Map of Sumo Chanko restaurants in Tokyo

4. Recommended Guide Tour

Our recommended tour and activities available in Ryogoku area is as follows.

Sumo tournament tour 10,000 yen per person
Sumo tournament ticketing7,500 yen per person
Sumo morning training watching tour10,000 yen per person

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