Traveling Japan by Bus – The Cheapest Way to Get Around

Bus is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to travel around Japan and get the most adventure for your yen. Learn about the different types of bus here in Japan and how to take them!

10 Best Zoos in and near Tokyo!

Looking to see cute animals in and around Tokyo? Look no farther than our comprehensive guide to the best zoos in and around Tokyo!
Food & Drinks

Japanese Traditional Breakfast

Japan is famous for its incredible culinary tradition and culture. But what do Japanese people eat for breakfast every day? Learn more about the traditional Japanese breakfast.

10 Best Paragliding Spots in Japan!

Soar like a bird and take to the skies to see the magic of Japan! Paragliding is the ultimate way to see Japan and an incredible adventure for the entire family!
Seasonal Events

10 Flower Festivals near Tokyo April-May 2024

Spring in Japan is a magical time for flower viewing and what better way to do it than with a flower festival? Check out 10 of Japan's best spring flower festivals held in 2024!
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