Things to do in Japan

7 Hours in Osaka ―Suggested Itinerary and How to Get there from Kyoto or Tokyo

Would you like to go on a trip in the different area but not too far from Tokyo? We recommend to go to Osaka which is lively and fun place in the west part of Japan. In this article, we will introduce the suggested itinerary for one day trip!
Travel tips

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Japan?

Do you want to go to Japan but you don't know how much you should save before your trip? It depends on how long you would stay or what you want to do in Japan, but here we listed the rough travel expenses you would spend on your Japan trip.
Things to do in Japan

3 Best Areas to Enjoy Architecture in Tokyo

When you visit Tokyo, you can see many new buildings and skyscrapers instead of a lot of historical sites. When you loo...
Things to do in Japan

How to Get to Miho Museum from Kyoto

Have you heard of "Miho Museum" before?Recently it is one of the most popular museums for the tourists all over the wor...
Things to do in Japan

7 things to Do near Narita Airport Area (For transit or layover), Tokyo

Are you wondering what you can do during your long layover in Narita Airport? Here are 7 things to do in Narita area so that you can use your time in Japan more efficiently! Don't just kill your time hanging out in the airport all day, let's explore the area!
Fukushima Disaster Area

Fukushima Exclusion Zone Tour from Tokyo ―What’s Happening in Fukushima Now

Last week, we visited Fukushima exclusion zone. We have been to the disaster area such as Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushim...
Things to do in Tokyo

The best hotels to stay in Tokyo [4-5 stars]

There are lots of hotels in Tokyo. We could understand the facility itself when we check stars in booking.com. (We cou...
Things to do in Japan

Best 5 Local shopping street to enjoy a walk-and-eat in Tokyo

Many traveler would love to go somewhere local and eat at non-touristic restaurant. If you are foodie, I strongly rec...
Fukushima Disaster Area

A Report of Visiting Within A 20 km Area of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Visit the restricted areas of Fukushima suffered from the high-radiation due to the Nuclear Power Plant break. The G...
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