Things to do in Japan

The Must See Shrines & Temples in Kanto Region

Are you interested in shrines and temples? One of the purposes to come to Japan is probably to visit these religious bu...
Things to do in Kyoto

10 Best Places To See Autumn Leaves In Kyoto ~ Discover The Beautiful World Of Red Leaves

If you come to Japan in foliage season, one of the most worth-to-visit region is Kyoto.You should put Kyoto in your autu...
Things to do in Japan

Toyosu Market Restaurants Guide- The Best Place to Eat at New Fish Market in Tokyo

As we reported, Tsukiji Inner Market has been relocated to a new location, Toyosu Fish Market. Along with the wholesale ...
Things to do in Japan

SUSHI DAI vs DAIWA SUSHI vs Others at Toyosu market

Tsukiji "inner" market closed and moved to TOYOSU market last year. Sushi restaurants at the former market including the two most famous ones: SUSHI DAI and DAIWA SUSHI also moved to Toyosu Market now.
Things to do in Japan

The best 5 Chanko restaurant in Ryogoku!!

1. Introduction Have you heard of Sumo? Of course? That's Japanese national sport. Then have you heard about Chan...
Things to do in Japan

10 Best Sushi in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the best cities in Japan to hunt for the high-quality and authentic Sushi dishes. From Michelin Star restaurants to 100 yen budget Sushi, we have listed the best Sushi in Kyoto!
Things to do in Japan

7 Days Itinerary in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Kobe (Kansai region)

Planning to visit Osaka and Kyoto? Check out the best Osaka and Kyoto itinerary for 7 days including the other top highlights of Kansai Region (Western Japan) such as Nara and Kobe.
Things to do in Japan

The best 5 fireworks experience around Tokyo in Summer.

In Japanese Summer, we could enjoy fireworks! Let's wear Yukata and go out to see fireworks like locals. This time we w...
Things to do in Japan

The Best 15 Craft Beer Shops in Kyoto

Do you like craft beers? Kyoto is known as a traditional area but it actually has great craft beer breweries and bars! In this article, we will introduce the best craft beers place in Kyoto! Enjoy their local beers!
Things to do in Japan

What to Do on A Rainy Day in Kyoto

From June to early July, Kyoto is in the rainy season called "Tsuyu". But don't worry, exploring around Kyoto under the...
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