Tohoku’s Three Great Festivals

Attend one of these spectacular festivals in the lesser-visited region of Tohoku. Experience beautiful lanterns and traditional music, and even join in as a dancer!

Fit For an Emperor : Kyoto Gyoen and Kyoto Imperial Palace

Have you been to Kyoto Gyoen and Kyoto Imperial Palace? You will find many of Japan's traditions here!

Kisai: 10 of Japan’s Weirdest Festivals

Experience some of the weird and quirky festivals and events taking place in Japan throughout the year

12 Best Summer Music Festivals in Japan 2023

Summer is an amazing time in Japan when there is so much going on. Not only are there traditional festivals, but also lots of music festivals. Check out 12 of the best summer music festivals in Japan in 2023!

10 Best Festivals in July 2023 in Japan

The summer is by far the best season if you want to experience one of Japan’s lively matsuri festivals.Here is an overview of 10 of the best Japanese festivals in July 2023!

6 Best Festivals in Japan in June 2023

From vibrant dance performances to dynamic mikoshi (portable shrines), here we introduce the best festivals in Japan in June 2023.
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