What is a Hanamachi? Where to see Geisha in Japan

Geisha are symbolic of Japan, it would be more surprising if you haven't heard of them! But Hanamachi on the other hand may be lesser known. Time to learn about where geisha reside!
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10 Best Things to do in Kagurazaka

Discover the hidden gem of Tokyo! Kagurazaka is fairly unknown to tourists, but it's a shame as this district of Tokyo will surely surprise you. Discover 10 Things to do in Kagurazaka.

What is a Geisha? History of Geisha and Where they are Today

The distinct white makeup, elegant kimonos, and elaborate hairstyles- Geisha are iconic to the image of Japan's heritage But what are geisha and where are they today? Read along and we’ll talk about the origins of geisha and where they can be found today today.
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