Places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo Attractions: Old Tokyo vs New Tokyo!

Tokyo is a modern city with many skyscrapers and some of the latest technology development mixed with authentic structures and a culture dating back to the Edo Period. In this blog we will explain some of the best places to experience both!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Places to Visit in Roppongi – Buzzing Business & Party District in Harmony with Nature!

Roppongi is one of the busiest and most international districts in Tokyo. It is a popular place to go out, together with the neighbouring areas it it known for its vibrant nightlife, with many clubs and bars located here. However, Roppongi is also great place to discover the modern side of Tokyo during the day. It has several kinds of attractions including amazing art museums where you can have great artistic experiences and also some of the tallest observation decks. In this article, we will introduce the best places to visit in Roppongi area!
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