Fukushima 2-Day Tour: Talk with Locals and Nuclear Reactor Leader during Disaster

Want to have the ultimate chance to speak to the Nuclear Reactor Leader during the Fukushima Disaster? Join our tour and get to know the real thoughts, decisions, feelings and local challenges during the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster!
Seasonal Events

10 Events and Things to Do in Japan in February 2024

Japan in February has a lot to offer. Here is a list of the most anticipated things to do in February 2024.
Seasonal Events

10 Events and Things to do in Tokyo in February 2024

So, you have no idea what to do in Tokyo for February? Don't worry, we listed all the biggest highlights and things to do!
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What is a Hanamachi? Where to see Geisha in Japan

Geisha are symbolic of Japan, it would be more surprising if you haven't heard of them! But Hanamachi on the other hand may be lesser known. Time to learn about where geisha reside!

What is Wasei Eigo? 10 Interesting Phrases in Japanese

We summed up 10 of the most used Wasei Eigo sentences in Japan; g good chance to learn some commonly used Japanese everyday phrases.
Food & Drinks

Japan’s Limited Winter and Christmas Drinks

Let us introduce to Japans most renowned and anticipated limited Winter and Christmas Drinks. Get in the festive spirit of the Winter season and check out these drinks at your favorite Shop.
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Udon Restaurants in Tokyo

If you are on the lookout for some goo Udon Restaurants in Tokyo, here you will a list of 10 renowned Udon Spots in Tokyo!

Azabudai Hills: 8 Best Things To do in Tokyo’s Newest Attraction

The brand NEW AZABUDAI HILLS opened in Tokyo and we have the perfect guide for you! Enjoy a day at the new modern urban village in Tokyo!

12 Best Christmas and Winter Illuminations in Osaka 2023-2024

This article features the 12 most favorite spots in Osaka to marvel at the dazzling display of illuminations. Check them out and make sure to get those Instagram pictures!

10 Hidden Gems in Osaka You Need to Visit

This article talks about one of the most important hidden locations placed in Osaka. The list contains special places for Osaka-like nature, museums cities and more.
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