Azabudai Hills: 8 Best Things To do in Tokyo’s Newest Attraction

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Writer’s Profile

Luca Wirthmann is a student who was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He will live and work in Tokyo as an intern for almost five months in order to get a better understanding of Japanese culture and develop his personality as well as business skills. In the summer of 2024 he will complete his Business Administration studies and plans to do his master’s program abroad. In his free time he’s both playing and watching sports, checking out new museums, and learning new languages.

What is Azabudai Hills? Imagine a community resembling a public square, fostering daily connections among people and prioritizing their well-being. This captures the essence of Azabudai Hills, a versatile complex crafted around the “Green & Wellness” concept, aiming to enhance lives. With people at the forefront, the design revolves around a people-centric approach, recognizing them as the vital force that breathes life into the city.

How to get to Azabudai Hills

  • 4 min walk from Roppongi -Itchome Station, Exit 2 -Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
  • Directly connected to Exit 5 of Kamiyacho Station – Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
  • 10 min walk from Roppongi Station,  Exit 3 – Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
  • 10 min walk from Roppongi Station, Exit 5 – Toei Oedo Line
  • 10 min walk from Azabujuban Station, Exit 6 – Toei Oedo Line
  • 11 min walk from Azabujuban Station, Exit 3 – Tokyo metro Namboku Line 
  • 11 min walk from Onarimon Station, Exit A6 – Toei Mita Line

1. teamLab


One of the most anticipated digital art museums, teamLab-”Borderless” is coming to Azabudai Hills, after its exhibition “Wander, explore, discover in one borderless world” closed in Odaiba at the end of August 2022.

teamLab Borderless presents a realm of boundary-free artworks, constituting a museum sans a conventional map, crafted by the artistic collective teamLab. Within this space, artworks transcend room confines, establishing connections with other pieces, influencing one another, and occasionally blending seamlessly—a display of limitless interactions.

Immerse yourself physically in the now new developed realm of limitless art. 

Official WebsiteteamLab
Opening DateFebruary 9, 2024, Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower, Tokyo
AdmissionTickets open NOW; Adults: JPY 3,800; Junior/ High School: JPY 2,300; Children (4-12): JPY 1,300; Under 3 years of age: Free; Disability Discount: JPY 1,900
Booking LinkteamLab-Tickets

2. Azabudai Hills Christmas Market 2023

Azabudai Hills Christmas Market 2023

Azabudai Hills, operated by Mori Building Co., Ltd., located in Minato City, is set to open its doors from December 9th to December 25th. Conceived by the renowned international architectural designer Shohei Shigematsu, the Christmas market offers an authentic experience with 17 food and beverage stalls centered around a symbolic tree adorned with 20,000 LED lights. Hills House Dining 33, and a vegan café are also part of the festive offerings. Ten food and beverage stores, including Azubudai Hills’ “8ablish,” entice visitors with exclusive products and menus available only at the Azabudai Hills Christmas Market. Immerse yourself in the warm glow and enjoy a special Christmas experience at the “Azabudai Hills Christmas Market 2023!”

Official WebsiteAzabudai Hill Christmas Market 2023
Opening DatesDecember 9th – December 25th; 11am-9pm
LocationAzabudai Hills- Central Square
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

3. Azabudai Hills Gallery

Azabudai Hills Gallery

“A harmonious cycle of interconnected nows” by Olafur Eliasson is open for display at Azabudai Hills Gallery. Olafur Eliasson (born in 1967 in Denmark) has a worldwide reputation not only for his diverse genre interplay, but also his approach with social issues like the climate crisis. In this way Eliassons works often underline the entanglement between humans and nature and calls out the shared responsibility when shaping the future. The upcoming exhibition will showcase themes of line and movement through a variety of mediums, including new installations, watercolor paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The displayed collection includes works that engage the senses, supported by  research on natural phenomena, geometry, physics, movement, patterns, and the science of color. Check out their store if you have the chance!

Official WebsiteAzabudai Hills Gallery
Opening DatesNovember 24th, 2023 – March 31st, 2024, 10am- 7pm
AdmissionGeneral: JPY 1,800; High School/University student: JPY 1,200; 4 years old/junior High School: JPY 900
LocationAzabudai Hills Garden Plaza A, B1
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Video by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

4. Manga Art Gallery

Manga Art Gallery

Shueisha Manga Art Heritage Gallery Tokyo” opens at Azabudai Hills! The Art Gallery is run by Shueisha, a publishing company. The Gallery is rather small, but super modern and well worth a visit. The Manga Art Gallery features artworks from the popular Manga/Anime series ONE PIECE, BLEACH, THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES and others. So if you are a Manga or Anime fanatic, this one should definitely be on your travel list. Pieces will be sold to customers, be quick!

Official WebsiteShueisha Manga-Art Heritage
Opening DatesNovember 24th, 2023 – January 3rd, 2024; 11am – 8pm
LocationAzabudai Hills Garden Hills Garden Plaza A B1F
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

5. Observation Deck

Observation Deck

If you are checking out Azabudai Hills, don’t miss out on the marvelous view from the Mori JP Tower in the Sky Lobby. It is located on the 33rd FLOOR. Enjoy a free view of Tokyo’s cityscape with Tokyo Tower right in front of you. If you are lucky and you are catching a sky-clear day, you’ll even get to see Mt. Fuji on the westside of the platform. We recommend visiting at sunset time (4:30pm). Don’t miss out on this free view of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and Roppongi Hills. And while you’re at it, take a break and enjoy a snack and a drink at their Sky Bar!

Official WebsiteAzabudai Hills
Opening Times10am – 9pm
LocationMori JP Tower 33F
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

6. Public art

Public art

Azabudai Hills architect, César Pelli, made sure to decorate the Mori JP Tower with modern art! You can expect art from highly renowned artists like Olafur Eliasson, Sone Yutaka, Nara Yoshitomo and Zhan Wang. Mostly you’ll see the arts at Central Square, which is directly before the entrance of Mori JP Tower. Feel free to take some time to marvel at these displays. Truly a modern urban village brimming with nature and art.

Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

7. Shopping and Eating

Are you a shopaholic? If so, Azabudai Hills is your location to check out! Azabudai Hills. Throughout Azabudai Hills, you’ll discover fashion boutiques, beauty stores, restaurants and various shops, each aligned with the complex’s “Green & Wellness” concept. Additionally, a diverse range of establishments awaits to fulfill your cultural, artistic, and wellness requirements. Make sure to check out their shop list before you go there, since some anticipated shops will open next Year in January/ February 2024.

Official Shopping List: Shopping List

Cafe: 8ablish (Vegan Cafe)

Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

Visiting 8ablish is definitely worth mentioning when searching for a serene break moment with a beautiful balcony view. Located in the heart of the Garden Plaza A, this charming vegan and organic café offers an oasis of tranquility for your break time. The exceptionally friendly staff, fluent in English, goes above and beyond to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their genuine hospitality extends to helping you navigate the menu, ensuring you choose the perfect blend of delightful food and beverages. 

Official Website8ablish
Opening Times10am – 6pm
LocationGarden Plaza A 2F

Shogun Burger

Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

Indulge your taste buds in an extraordinary culinary fusion at this Japanese burger haven. Immerse yourself in the delectable symphony of flavors where Japanese and Western culinary styles harmonize. From creatively crafted burgers to tantalizing sides, this burger shop promises a gastronomic adventure that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds. The meaty Wagyu beef patty of the hamburger is proof of the Yakiniku restaurant’s seriousness. There is even a menu of new original shakes and dessert perfect to enjoy with the whole family.

Official WebsiteShogun Burger
Opening Times11am – 11pm
LocationAzabudai Hills Mori JP Tower Plaza A1

Dining 33 Hills House

Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

Looking for something more sophisticated? Say no more! Elevate your dining experience to new heights at Dining 33, where sophistication meets luxury amidst a perfect view of Tokyo Tower and beyond. Immerse yourself in a culinary haven where the upscale ambiance is matched only by the exquisite menu variety. The attentive and English-proficient staff stand ready to guide you through a gastronomic journey that transcends expectations. From the panoramic cityscape to the meticulously crafted dishes, Dining 33 promises a dining affair that is as luxurious as it is unforgettable. Prepare to savor every moment in a realm where culinary excellence and breathtaking views converge seamlessly.

Official WebsiteDining 33 Hills House
Opening Times11am- 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
LocationAzabudai Hills Mori JP Tower 33F


Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

8. Azabudai Hills Market

Photo by Luca Wirthmann
Photo by Luca Wirthmann

Furthermore, the expansive Central Green area’s basement will host Azabudai Hills Market, an impressive food market covering approximately 4,000m². It will showcase the inherent richness and joy of food, with a focus on premium ingredients, Tokyo’s diverse culinary heritage, and the promotion of wholesome gourmet lifestyles. It will feature delicatessen items, Grocery, wine liquor, Sweets, flowers and many more things. 

Official Website Azabudai Hills Market
Opening DateLate January 2024
LocationAzabudai Hills Garden Plaza C

Other things to do near Azabudai Hills

Check out Tokyo Tower, which is only a 10 minute walk from Azabudai Hills. Stroll around Roppongi Hills if you can’t get enough of shopping and entertainment or see whats up in Toranomon.

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