Fukushima 2-Day Tour: Talk with Locals and Nuclear Reactor Leader during Disaster


Quite some time has passed now since the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident. There are many individuals who remember this event like it was yesterday, such as locals as well as workers who experienced the disaster first hand. With our 2-Day Tour, you will have the special chance to learn more about this place and deep insights into what Fukushima has learned. Ikuo Izawa, a past on-duty Shift Manager of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power Plant, will be there to talk about his stories and feelings while amid the unthinkable. You’ll also have a great chance to enjoy a relaxing experience of interacting with the local community of Fukushima and picking fresh strawberries till you are stuffed.

Available Dates for our Fukushima 2-Day Tour- Memorable Interaction With Those Who Experienced The Nuclear Accident in 2024

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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Visit 2-Day Tour from TokyoMarch 1-2
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Fukushima Exclusion Zone 1-Day Tour from TokyoFebruary 21
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▼Fukushima 2-day tour: Memorable Interaction With Those Who Experienced The Nuclear Accident
Fukushima 2-Day Tour - Memorable Interaction With Those Who Experienced The Nuclear Accident
▼Fukushima 1-day tour from Tokyo 
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1. The Japan Fukushima Disaster-Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Accident

The clock hit 2:46 PM when the Fukushima accident occurred. The Japan undersea megathrust earthquake occurred in the Pacific Ocean and lasted 6 minutes. With a magnitude of ~9.1, it was the fourth most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the world since the use of seismography in the 19th century. The earthquake triggered a powerful 15 meter high tsunami and traveled with a speed of 700 km/h (435 mph). Shortly after, this led to the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant accident that reshaped Fukushima’s and Japan’s Image. 

Our tour is trying to provide everyone with a chance to see what Fukushima has learned from the accident, feelings and thoughts of locals and how far the revitalization process has already come. 

2. Is Fukushima still radioactive?

First things first: When talking about Fukushima, many are still left in the dark. To answer the question, if it is safe to visit, yes it is! Fukushima made, and still is making tremendous decontamination efforts throughout the prefecture. Even in the no-entry zone, around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, radiation levels have declined far below the levels that airplane passengers are exposed to. Decontamination efforts include taking the top layers of soil out, removing fallen leaves and filtering water. Radiation levels of wide areas of Fukushima are now considered below radiation levels before 2011 due to the efforts of all supporters. During our tour you’ll get to know why past residents, people of other parts of Japan and even foreigners have begun to move there.

Radiation level/dosages

Let us give you a better understanding of the safeness of visiting Fukushima prefecture by explaining the radiation dosages found on our Fukushima Tour. On our Fukushima Tour, we were exposed to a total of about 0.02mSv (millisieverts), whereas on a typical flight, you are exposed to around 0.1 – 0.2mSv. If you ever had a CT scan in your life, you were exposed to even more radiation. It is said that you are exposed to 10mSv in a single whole Body CT Scan, which is fifty times of the radiation that you are exposed to on our tour.

3. Travel Highlights

Want to know all of the tour highlights? For the whole Itinerary check out here.

Archive Museum of Tomioka

Tomioka, which is only 10 km away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, was highly affected by the devastating tsunami. Though, there are many remains like this car wreck, which got completely destroyed by the water pressure of the tsunami. The Museum gives a better understanding of the dramatic changes in Fukushima life and emphasizes the importance of learning from the Fukushima Accident.

Meet former On-Duty Shift Supervisor during Fukushima Disaster

The Fukushima Disaster is one of the most recent catastrophic events that has occurred in Japan; it has affected many, each with their own profound perspective. One perspective that would be invaluable to anyone interested in this event would want to know is that of previously mentioned Ikuo Izawa. Formerly an on-duty shift supervisor for reactor units 1 and 2, his experience during the disaster is full of impactful information to say the least. His position in the story was profound enough that he was portrayed as the main character in 2 separate Netflix movies: “Fukushima 50” and “The Days.” On this tour you’ll be able to view an in-depth presentation he has prepared, as well as participate in a Q&A. 

During your time with Mr. Izawa you’ll get to hear and talk with him about many experiences; many are moving and give a new meaning to the disaster. Life risking tasks to keep Japan safe and selecting the personnel, protocol during the blackout, and other important decisions are key stories to hear. His recollection of terrifying things such as severe warnings of imminent earthquakes and tsunamis as well as hearing things like “the top floor of the reactor has disappeared” or cries of fear and outrage from his subordinates further show the true narrative of the disaster. these are some examples of things you will be able to talk about, as well as his insight on how Fukushima is still progress and its plans to sustain it.

Okuma Town

Visit the town of Okuma, nestled just 5 kilometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Here you can explore Fukushima’s rich history in the Edo Period and the unwavering spirit of its residents. Engage with the local community to gain insights about the life in Okuma, offering significant knowledge of the past and showcasing resilience of a town that faced severe challenges head-on. Connect with individuals who, despite Fukushima’s Image, have chosen to relocate to this region, either from abroad or other parts of Japan. Uncover the stories that inspire the community and the unique encouragement that draws people to Fukushima.

Strawberry Farm

As for the cherry, or on this case strawberry on top, you will dive into the agricultural prowess of Okuma by visiting a local strawberry farm. despite being forced to evacuate due to the nuclear disaster and suffered from radiation contamination, Okuma’s ability to produce safe (Global GAP certified) and delicious strawberries has returned. You’ll have the great opportunity to enjoy strolling through the lush fields, handpicking and eating fresh strawberries while learning about the cultivation process of these red gems. This experience will not only fill your stomach with nature’s delicacies but also connect you with the local farming community. If you decide to shop in Okuma, you’ll know that you’ll be supporting a regrowing city. It’s a delightful blend of exploration and delicacies that showcases the resilience and bounty of the prefecture, a perfect example to see how far Fukushima has come. 

4. Booking the Fukushima Tour

For those interested in the full itinerary or even booking this 2-Day Tour of the Fukushima area and talk with those who witnessed the accident, have a look here.

Fukushima 2-Day Tour - Memorable Interaction With Those Who Experienced The Nuclear Accident

Now, we don’t want to spoil every single detail about the tour, so we will leave it at that. There are many more things to see and things to do on our tour than we mentioned here. Enjoy yourself on an exclusive journey through time with a focus on learning about Fukushima, experiencing things only available on this tour. Things like private strawberry picking, speaking with Mr. Izawa, and various other moments are only accessible on this tour. And with the comfort of an English speaking guide to help you understand everything, you’ll surely leave with impactful memories.

It is inspiring to see how far Fukushima’s decontamination and revitalization process has come. Geiger counters (devices for measuring radiations) continuously show that it is completely safe, even safer than some everyday activities. Locals were all very welcoming and took their time to really show what Fukushima is today. 

Although it may feel like there is little you can do to help the whole process, passing on the correct information and facts about the area and accident/disaster helps in unimaginable ways. There is so much misinformation out there that people often get the wrong idea about the situation. 

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