Fukushima Disaster Area

Fukushima Disaster Area

Places to Visit in Fukushima

When you heard the name of Fukushima, you might come up with the big earthquake in 2011. But they have more beautiful places to visit in Fukushima. Is Fukushima worth visiting? Our answer is YES. Here we introduce the best places to visit in Fukushima!
Fukushima Disaster Area

Fukushima 1-Day vs. 2-Day? What’s the Difference?

In February 2018, we at JapanWonderTravel.com initiated our first 'Fukushima DIsaster Area Tour' from TOKYO. After ...
Day trips from Tokyo

Fukushima Exclusion Zone Tour from Tokyo – What’s Happening in Fukushima Now

Last week, we visited Fukushima exclusion zone. We have been to the disaster area such as Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushim...
Fukushima Disaster Area

A Report of Visiting Within A 20 km Area of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Visit the restricted areas of Fukushima suffered from the high-radiation due to the Nuclear Power Plant break. The G...
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