Visit Iwaki – A Complete Guide to Spa Resort Hawaiians


Spa Resort Hawaiians is one of the largest indoor themed parks in Japan.
This Hawaiian themed park consists of 6 areas including the tallest water slide in Japan, swimming pools, Onsen hot springs, spa and exercise studio!
Also you don’t want to miss the exciting Hawaiian dance shows such as fire knife dance and hula dance. Let’s enjoy “Little Hawaii” in Fukushima!

*Please note that followings are strictly prohibited;
-Bring some food/drink to the facilities
-Smoke outside of the smoking room

History of Spa Resort Hawaiians

Spa Resorts Hawaiians was built after the local mining economy, which was once Japan’s largest, fell into a sharp decline. The local hot springs, which used to be an inconvenience to local miners, turned out to be the town’s greatest asset to recover the local economy. And the Vice President of the declining mines decided to open the hot spring resort to keep providing jobs to the mining families he employed. A Hawaiian theme was selected for the resort because of the mild climate in the area and because Japanese people had few opportunities to travel abroad at that time and Hawaii was a dream destination for them. Children of the former employees decided to practice the art of Polynesian dancing and it became the biggest attractions to the resort. In 2006, Japanese film called Hula Girls based on the true story of these dancers was released and Spa Resorts Hawaiians got more attentions since then.

Also, Fukushima was affected by the big earthquake in 2011. The recovery of Hawaiians today was a big hope for the disaster area.

Attractions in Spa Resort Hawaiians

Big Aloha

283 meters long, the height difference is 40.5 meters, there is an exciting water slide which marks the tallest water slide in Japan. Its height is worth 10th floor building! After enjoying thrilling rides, you can relax at the cafe space inside and outside, and also you can rest you foot on foot bath which is close to the landing pool.

Water Park

This is an indoor pool area where there are palm trees and you can get the tropical atmosphere. There are three different kind of water slides and the pool uses the hot spring water. Kids friendly pool area is there and the highlight of the area is “Aquarium Pool” where over 1,300 fishes swimming along the pool and you can get the experience like swimming with these fishes.

You can also enjoy the Polynesian show every day at the theater and you can learn the history and culture of Hawaii at the world’s only museum. In Water Park area, there is “ALOHA TOWN” which got the inspiration from the old Hawaiian town, Kauai Island.

Spring Park

Spring Park got an inspiration from Southern Europe and this area consists of two zones. One is “Spring Town” where everyone wears swimsuits and enjoy hot spring and the another one is a separated hot spring bath called Palace where you can enjoy the 12 different kind of hot springs!

Spa Garden PAREO

Outside Hot Spring area where you can get in with swim suites surrounded by greens and flowers. It consists of four different zones such as red, blue, yellow and green zone.
You can experience the mixture of artificial beauty and natural beauty.

Vir Port

It is the area where there are salons, exercise studios, restaurant and accommodations.
There is a pool which suites for an exercise which makes a good use of the effect of hot springs water. After some good exercise, get a treat at the salon and get Hawaiian lomi lomi massage.

Edo Jowa Yoichi

To change the atmosphere completely, go to the hot spring area which looks like traveling back to Edo period. It made it look like the town and bathhouse during Edo and you can enjoy the biggest open-air hot spring in the world!

How to get there

From Tokyo; Take a train from Shinagawa/Tokyo/Ueno Station to Yumoto Station (JR Ueno Tokyo Line/JR Hitachi Line). It takes 2 hours.
From Yumoto Station, there is a free shuttle bus (15 minutes) or take a taxi (10 minutes)

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