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Itinerary in Japan

Tohoku 7 Days Itinerary

In this article, we prepared a sample 7 days itinerary for your Tohoku trip which you can use to discover all the 6 prefectures of Tohoku in 7 days.
Food & Drinks

Japanese Foods You Must Eat – And Can (Try To) Make Yourself!

If you’re new to Japanese cuisine, don’t worry – we’ll go through the basics. These are the essential Japanese foods to try on your visit, most of which can be found in any Japanese city, and there are some you can even try to make by yourself.
Cultural tips

What is Kawaii Culture in Japan?

Kawaii means cute in Japanese, but what is Kawaii Culture, and where can you immerse yourself in such a unique culture in Japan? Kawaii Culture is deeply connected with Japanese aesthetics for ages, and here is an ultimate guide for it!
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Food & Drinks

A Guide To Japanese Sake

Japanese Sake is so closely intertwined with the traditions and culture of Japan, it would be a shame to visit the country without trying some of this famous beverage. But what is sake exactly? Are there any differences? In this article, we introduce different types of sake, the making process and things to know before you order.
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

Michelin Starred Restaurants in Tokyo 2023

There are 422 restaurants in Tokyo listed in the 2023 edition of Guide Michelin, the world's foremost authority on great restaurants. Here we introduce a few of the best, with details on how you can visit them.
Cultural tips

10 Translated Japanese Novels to Read in 2021

In 2021, many exciting translated Japanese novels will be released. From the long-awaited Haruki Murakami’s new book to the first English edition of the best selling book in Japan, let's dive into the world of Japanese literature. Here we introduce 10 translated Japanese novels coming out this year which will keep you busy for a while!
Seasonal Events

12 Hidden Less Crowded Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo 2023

There are some hidden and less crowded places where you can enjoy cherry blossoms peacefully without worrying about social distancing. In this article, we cover the hidden and secret cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo.

History of Japan: Taisho Period (1912-1926)

Taisho period is a short period between 1912 to 1926 in Japan. Many dramatic changes had been made across the political, economic and cultural fields during the period. In this article, we introduce the brief history of the Taisho period that gave a huge impact on Japanese lifestyle.
Food & Drinks

All You Need to Know about Ramen in Japan!

Here is a complete guide to everyone's favorite, Ramen in Japan! Introduction to the classic flavors to unique ones that you should try!

6 Best Seaside Parks in Tokyo!

When it's getting warm and you are feeling the arrival of spring, the idea of going to seaside parks in Tokyo sounds pretty good, doesn't it? There are quite a few famous seaside parks which enable you to get unwind in the middle of the big city. Here is a complete guide of the best seaside parks in Tokyo!
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