10 Most Beautiful Flower Parks in Japan

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Japan boasts a number of beautiful flower parks that can be found across the country. From the spring season from the middle of March to summer, a wide variety of spring flowers start to bloom to fascinate people with the stunning scenery created by colorful petals. These flowers can be seen at the various spring flower festivals throughout the country. From symbolic flowers such as cherry blossoms to the other unique flowers that you might have never seen in guidebooks, let’s celebrate the beautiful season to visit the flower parks in Japan!  

1. Farm Tomita (ファーム富田)

If you are planning to visit Hokkaido, Farm Tomita could be a perfect destination for you to enjoy beautiful spring flowers! It is a symbolic flower park which boasts numerous types of flowers that fascinate visitors from early spring through fall. After snow melts away in accordance with the end of winter season, the vast park gets filled with spring flowers such as tulips, poppies and violas. From early July to August, you can enjoy vivid summer flowers, including marigold and dahlias. “Lavender East” is an iconic spot which is widely recognized as one of the largest lavender fields in Japan. Don’t miss the incredible scenery created by purple carpet of lavender flowers!  

Opening hours

8:30am – 18pm 
Opening hours vary depending on season
Admission Free admission
They are temporary closed during winter season until mid-April

2. Shikisai no Oka (四季彩の丘)

Shikisai no Oka is a popular scenic park situated in Biei-cho, a peaceful city located in the central part of Hokkaido. It welcomes visitors with a spectacular scenery created by beautiful flowers along with stunning backdrops of peaks that are completely covered with snow during the winter season. It covers about 15ha of flower fields with about 30 kinds of seasonal flowers that mainly bloom in summer. You can get around the vast park easily on buggies or carts that take you everywhere. Enjoy the stunning flower carpets which add different colors to the hillsides. During the winter season, the park turns into an exciting tourist attraction which allows visitors to enjoy winter activities such as snowmobiles!

Opening hours

9am – 4pm 
Opening hours vary depending on season
Admission Free admission
¥200 donation per person is encouraged to cover the cost of maintenance of the park

3. Ashikaga Flower Park (あしかがフラワーパーク)

Tochigi prefecture is home to Ashikaga Flower Park which opened in 1997. It attracts 1.5 million visitors every year thanks to the convenient location accessible from Tokyo and other Kanto regions. Visitors are welcomed by a range of beautiful flowers which are planted in 8 different areas. Spring Flower Festival is held from mid-March with popular flowers such as cherry blossoms and thousands of tulips. Another highlight is wisterias which never stop to fascinate us with the colorful flowers changing from pink, purple, white, to yellow as time passes. As you walk through the wisteria tunnel, you will find yourself surrounded by a majestic scenery that you have never seen before!  

Ashikaga Flower Park tochigi

Opening hours

9am – 6pm 
Opening hours vary depending on season
Admission ¥500(adult) ¥300(child)
Admission could get higher during spring season

4. Hitachi Seaside Park (国立ひたち海浜公園)

Hitachi Seaside Park is a national park that is situated along the coastline of Ibaraki Prefecture. It consists of 7 areas featuring various kinds of seasonal flowers and plants as well as outdoor activities. If you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll, head to Miharashi no Oka area(みはらしの丘エリア), which is completely covered with thousands of nemophila flowers from mid-April. The small blue flowers offer a stunning scenery created by the contrast of the nemophila field and the sky. Outdoor activity options include cycling, obstacle courses for kids, BBQ, golf and more! Explore the vast park on bike with your kids while feeling the refreshing sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean!

Hitachi seaside park

Opening hours

9:30am – 7pm 
Opening hours vary depending on the season
Admission ¥450(adult) ¥210(65+)
Free admission for junior high school student and under
Admission could get higher during spring season

5. Gunma Flower Park (ぐんまフラワーパーク)

Gunma Flower Park is a popular tourist attraction nestled on the southern foot of Mt. Akagi (赤城山) in Gunma prefecture. It boasts incredible flower fields spreading across the beautiful park which fascinate visitors with seasonal flowers all year round. You will be able to enjoy unique tropical plants and flowers such as orchids, begonias, and cactus in 5 greenhouses that welcome visitors with exciting events. Take a peaceful stroll at a Japanese-style garden will allow you to feel the subtle seasonal changes that can be found in the colors and smell of each flowers. Let your kids play at a Kid’s area featuring a range of exciting playground equipment and a hedge maze! 

Opening hours

9am – 4pm 
Admission ¥610(adult)
Free admission for junior high school student and under
Note that information above may vary depending on season

6. Bokka no Sato (牧歌の里)

From Nagoya station in Aichi prefecture, a 2-hour highway bus ride takes you to Bokka no Sato in Gifu prefecture. It is a popular theme park which offers a wide range of hands-on experiences in nature. Many people flock there during the spring season when the field is filled with colorful tulips and lavenders. Visitors can also interact with friendly animals such as sheep, horses, cows as well as small animals. Horse riding and cow milking experience are especially popular among families. Don’t forget to book a BBQ space to try local specialties such as Hida Beef, one of the most famous wagyu brand beef which is loved around the world!    

Opening hours

10am – 5pm
Opening hours vary depending on the season
Admission ¥1,200 (adult) ¥900 (age 65 and above) \900 (high school/ junior high school student) ¥600 (age 4 – elementary school student)
Note that the information above may vary depending on the season

7. Nabana no Sato (なばなの里)

Nabana no Sato is an impressive flower park located within the grounds of Nagashima Resort, a giant tourist attraction in Kuwana city, Mie prefecture. As the most popular tourist attraction in the Tokai region, it is visited by approximately 15million people every year. It can be divided into 4 areas, including ‘Nagashima Spa Land’ which is a popular amusement park full of exciting rides and attractions. ‘Jazz Dream Nagashima’ is a giant outlet mall which is a perfect spot to enjoy shopping at more than 300 shops all day. 

Even if you don’t have time to spend in these areas, Nabana no Sato itself is definitely still worth a visit! Exploring the stunning flower fields and gardens in spring will allow you to get unwind while feeling the arrival of spring. Another highlight that you shouldn’t miss is a famous illumination event that is annually held from October through the end of March. The entire park is brightly lit up with countless numbers of colorful LEDs, creating a spectacular scenery along with beautiful flowers!  


Opening hours

9am – 5pm 
Closed on Wednesday
Admission ¥2,300(adult)
Free admission for pre-school children

8. Awaji Hanasajiki (あわじ花さじき)

If you want to visit somewhere less crowded to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, head to Awaji Hanasajiki which is situated in Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture! Since its opening in 1998, it has attracted a number of visitors with an impressive scenery created by the contrast of the blue sea and colorful seasonal flowers. As they are planted on the hillside facing the Akashi strait and Osaka bay, you can enjoy exploring the beautiful flower fields while feeling the sea breeze. From early March, the vast flower field is filled with rape flowers which has tiny yellow petals. Walking through the incredible yellow carpets will be an unforgettable experience during your stay in Japan!   

Opening hours

9am – 5pm 
Last entry is at 4:30pm
Admission Free admission  

9. Huis Ten Bosch (ハウステンボス)

As one of the most popular theme parks in Japan, Huis Ten Bosch is visited by almost 3 million visitors every year. The basic concept of the park features western-style buildings which are designed based on the real townscape in Netherland back in the 17th century. You can also easily find seasonal flowers that are planted around the vast park to welcome visitors all year round. During the spring season, visitors are welcomed by millions of colorful tulips widely known as a symbolic flower in Netherland. They offer a spectacular view along with photogenic structures such as a windmill. You can wait until the night comes, when the entire park turns into a completely different world created by thousands of light bulbs illuminating the flowers with shiny colors!   

Opening hours

9am – 9pm (Sunday – Friday), 9am – 10pm (Saturday)
Opening hours may vary
Admission(One-day Passport)
¥7,000 (adult) ¥6,000 (high school/ junior high school student) ¥4,600 (elementary school student) ¥3,500 (under)  

10. Ikoma Plateau (生駒高原)

Miyazaki prefecture is home to Ikoma Plateau, a scenic spot nestled at the base of Mt. Kirishima. The warm spring weather enables a range of flowers to grow easily at the altitude of 540 meters with a stunning backdrop of the symbolic mountain standing silently. Enjoy cute poppy flowers that start to open from the late April. Fall is the most crowded season when millions of cosmos flowers fascinate visitors with red, pink, and white petals spreading across the plateau. Get a refreshing coffee at a cozy cafe and enjoy the majestic scenery!  

Opening hours

9am – 5pm (closed on Wednesday)
Admission ¥600 (adult) ¥100 (elementary school student)  

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