10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tokyo

Shinjuku Tokyo

Many tourists come to visit Tokyo from all over the world, but why? From historical sites to pop culture spots, and skyscrapers to nature parks, Tokyo has so many things to offer to whoever is traveling here. The reasons why you should visit Tokyo are numerous, and we’ll break them down into 10 main reasons for you!

1. Cityscape & Scramble Crossing (Shibuya)

Shibuya (渋谷) is one of the most popular shopping areas in Tokyo. It attracts a number of visitors from around Japan as well as overseas with a range of shops and restaurants. Giant shopping complexes and office buildings create a stunning cityscape that is enjoyable from a roof-top observation deck called “SHIBUYA SKY”. Shibuya is also home to “Shibuya Scramble Crossing”, which is widely known as the busiest crossing in the world with more than 3,000 pedestrians at one time during peak hours! Don’t forget to pay a visit to Meiji Jingu Shrine, a sacred Shinto shrine that is always ranked among the top tourist attractions in Shibuya!  

If you are curious about more things to do in Shibuya, check this article; 1 Day Itinerary in Shibuya

Shibuya crossing
Shibuya Crossing

2. Nature Parks

It may sound surprising, but Tokyo is home to a number of beautiful parks. They offer a relaxing time for busy people which helps them to get away from the bustles of the city in a peaceful environment in nature. You can visit “Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)” to admire seasonal flowers and serval different kinds of gardens. “Ueno Park (上野公園)” is a perfect destination for someone who enjoys historical sites. At Ueno Park, you can not only see the temples and shrines but also western mix designed museums that were built during the Meiji period. Head to “Odaiba Seaside Park (お台場海浜公園)” to take a refreshing stroll along the sandy beach featuring Rainbow Bridge brightly illuminated at night! You will find more quiet areas surrounded by nature on the west side of Tokyo. Here are other nature parks you can visit in Tokyo; 10 Recommend Nature Spots in Tokyo

3. Pop Culture (Harajuku)

Harajuku is visited and loved by many teenagers and young adults as a center of fashion trends in Japan. It is also recognized as a must-visit to experience Japanese Pop-culture, which includes anime, manga (comic books), video games, kawaii fashion, and more! Takeshita Street (竹下通り) is the main shopping street packed with a number of shops such as cozy cafes, cosmetic stores, and small boutiques. “KIDDY LAND (キディランド)” is a unique shop specializing in selling a range of character goods such as Hello Kitty and Pokémon. Don’t miss the chance to try giant cotton candy at “Totti Candy Factory” and get some crepes to complete your Harajuku experience!

harajuku takeshita street
Takeshita Street

4. Izakaya (Shinjuku)

If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Tokyo, Shinjuku is the best destination for you! It boasts countless numbers of Izakaya bars that offer memorable nighttime tasty dishes and Japanese Sake. “Omoide Yokocho (思い出横丁)” is a narrow Izakaya street that is conveniently located within walking distance from JR Shinjuku station. Visiting there allows you to get an authentic Izakaya experience through interaction with locals. “Kabukicho (歌舞伎町)” is a lively street full of entertaining spots and Izakaya bars that light up the area with glittering signboards and neon throughout the night. It looks exactly like the streets you would watch through video games and films!

Shinjuku Bar Hopping Tour: Experience Tokyo Nightlife in Izakaya
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Shinjuku Izakaya hopping tour
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Also, check out The Best Izakaya Alleys in Tokyo to decide where to go!

5. Historical Area (Yanesen)

Although Tokyo is widely known for its modern spots and cutting-edge technologies, it never disappoints tourists who are interested in Japanese history and culture as well. Yanesen (谷根千) refers to a peaceful area that consists of three districts: Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi. It features peaceful historical spots and shopping streets that preserve the nostalgic atmosphere back in the old days. “Yanaka Ginza (谷中銀座)” is a retro shopping street packed with small shops with heartwarming services. “Yanaka Cemetery (谷中霊園)” welcomes you with beautiful Cherry blossoms during the spring season. “Nezu Shrine (根津神社)” is a sacred shrine that attracts many people with beautiful azaleas and Senbon Torii Gate, which is particularly popular among foreign tourists as a photogenic spot! For more details of the area; One Day in Yanesen Area.

There are many historical sites you would see along the streets, but it would make it more interesting when you know some stories behind them. It is a good idea to join the guided tour in the area.
▶Book Yanaka Historical Walking Tour in Tokyo’s Old Town

6. Fish Market (Tsukiji)

You can’t get to know Japan without trying the unique food culture that fascinates people around the world! Tsukiji is a lively fish market which is home to numerous shops and restaurants dealing with fresh seafood. It can be divided into two areas: the inner market and the outer market. The inner market had moved to “Toyosu” (豊洲) in 2018, whereas the outer market still remains in the same place with lively shops and restaurants. If you want to see the tuna auction, visit Toyosu Market in the early morning (For the tips to get tickets for tuna auction & things to do in Toyosu), and if you want to walk around among the various markets which represent Japanese culinary culture and get some finger foods, visit Tsukiji Fish Market before afternoon.

We have strong connections with Tsukiji, and offer the special opportunity to walk with our guide on the Tokyo Fish Market Tour to tell you some histories and background stories of the area. It is also a perfect spot to try traditional Japanese sweets such as Daifuku (大福) and snacks!

tsukiji banner

To learn more about Tsukiji; Things to Do in Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukji Fish Market

7. Convenient transportation system

When you travel abroad, what you need to consider prior to your visit is how to get around the country. Tokyo welcomes international tourists with its convenient transportation system that helps you explore the city very easily. Yamanote Line (山手線) will take you to most of the famous tourist areas which include Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Akihabara. You can also take other JR Lines or subways that are very punctual and rarely fail to arrive on schedule. Taxis could be another option for those who don’t want to get bothered by crowded trains during rush hours. It could be challenging to rent a car and drive through the city if you are not familiar with the traffic rules in Japan and the complicated roads. Many locals living in Tokyo use public transportation daily, and trains in Japan are the cleanest and safest (and also the quietest) transportation in the world. It concludes that you don’t need a car just to explore Tokyo at all!

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Train Hijiribashi bridge tokyo

8. Temples & Shrines (Asakusa)

Asakusa always stays among the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo. It is visited by both domestic and international tourists all year round. It boasts a number of historical spots such as Sensoji (浅草寺), the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The iconic temple features a symbolic giant lantern that welcomes visitors at the entrance gate called “Kaminarimon Gate (雷門)”. Walk around the lively shopping street called “Nakamise-dori (仲見世通り)” to try local food as you take the approach leading to the main temple. You can cross the Azuma bridge over the Sumida River to reach Tokyo Skytree which is the tallest building offering the best view over Tokyo.

Best Guided Tours in Japan
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Read more about the best things to do in Asakusa on 1 Day Itinerary in Asakusa

9. Anime & Games (Nakano & Akihabara)

Nakano (中野) and Akihabara (秋葉原) attract numerous visitors as a mecca of Japanese anime and gaming cultures. Akihabara boasts a number of shops specializing in anime, manga, video games, and card games which have enthusiastic fans around the world. Explore the intriguing area which also offers exciting tourist spots such as an amusement arcade. Nakano also attracts anime fans with a unique shopping spot known as “Nakano Broadway (中野ブロードウェイ)”. It is a huge shopping complex of four floors packed with small shops selling a large collection of plastic figurines, books, and anime products, etc!

▼Check out our Akihabara Anime Tour!

Akihabara Anime Tour: Explore Tokyo's Otaku Culture
Explore the center of anime, manga, and gaming culture on our Akihabara anime tour. Your guide will show you the best sp...

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10. Hiking (Mt. Takao)

Mt. Takao is a popular hiking spot which is located in Hachioji city, Tokyo. It attracts about 3 million visitors every year with the beautiful nature and a range of hiking courses. This 599 meters high mountain is accessible in less than an hour by train from JR Shinjuku station, which makes it a perfect day trip destination for people who enjoy hiking on weekends! There are basically 9 courses which include the courses for both beginners and experienced hikers. Take a refreshing walk as you feel the seasonal changes and power of nature. For more details; Hiking Mount Takao

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Tokyo can’t be described in one single word. With its rich history and lively present, there are many things to do in Tokyo ranging from nature spots to cityscapes, and from historical sites to kawaii pop culture. Visit several of the spots we mentioned above to get a whole experience of Tokyo.

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Happy traveling!

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Stay informed of the best travel tips to Japan, the most exciting things to do and see, and the top experiences to have with the Japan Wonder Travel Newsletter. Once every two weeks we will introduce you to our latest content.

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