Hiking Trip to Mt. Mitake: The Sacred Mountain in Tokyo

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If you are looking for a great hiking spot around Tokyo, head to the sacred Mt. Mitake nestled in the peaceful mountainous area in Ome city! It is about a 2-hour train journey from central Tokyo to reach the tranquil hiking spot. It offers stunning scenery as well as great hiking trails suitable for everyone. It is also widely recognized as a sacred spot for mountain worship that has been respected and visited by people since ancient times. As you explore the beautiful forests, scenic gorges or historic shrines, you will find yourself completely immersed in an exceptional adventure that can be found only here. Here is the ultimate guide to a weekend hiking trip to Mt. Mitake!        

1. Where is Mt. Mitake & How to Get There?

Mt. Mitake is located in the Okutama area in Ome city, Tokyo. It is also part of Chichibu Tama-kai National Park, which is home to diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes and giant peaks with great hiking trails. If you are planning a day hike to Mt. Mitake or the surrounding areas from central Tokyo, take the JR Chuo Line from JR Shinjuku station to Ome station where you can transfer to the JR Ome Line. From there, it is about a 15-minute train ride to reach Mitake station, the gateway to the best hiking trails!   

From JR Shinjuku station to Mitake station
Time: 1.5- 2h (by JR train)
Fare: ¥935
Transfers: One

2. How to Enjoy a Great Hike at Mt. Mitake?

Mt. Mitake fascinates visitors with a wide range of beautiful hiking trails. Hikers can choose the best trail based on their hiking experiences and skills. Here are some of the best hiking trails that you can’t miss in Mt. Mitake!   

1. Mt. Mitake – Musashi Mitake Shrine Course

Time: 1 hour (round-trip)
Difficulty: Easy 

This is the most popular and easiest hiking trail which can be done in an hour. Start your adventure from JR Mitake station. Take the local bus to Takimoto station (Mitake Tozan Railway) where you can get on a cable car. It typically takes 6 minutes to reach the Mitake-san station, which is located halfway up the 929-meter mountain. Enjoy the panoramic view from Mitake-daira before hitting the hiking trail leading up to the summit. 

The trail is well-maintained and easy to walk with casual shoes such as sneakers. Along the way, you will find local shops and restaurants where you can take a short break, get memorable gifts or try local specialties. It is about a 30-minute hike from Mitake-san station to reach Musashi Mitake Shrine nestled at the summit of the mountain!   


2. Mt. Mitake – Rock Garden Course

Time: 2.5 hours (round-trip)
Difficulty: Moderate 

If you are ready to tackle more challenging trails, Rock Garden Course is probably the best option for you! It is a scenic hiking trail winding through refreshing forests along with crystal-clear rivers.

Take the same route as the Musashi Mitake Shrine Course until you get to the Mitake-san station. From there, head to Nagao-daira Fork where you can choose one of the two trails depending on your physical ability. Choosing the left trail will take you down to a beautiful waterfall called “Nanayo-falls”. Be prepared for the steep trails with comfortable hiking shoes, and try to avoid rainy or snowy days if you can, as the surface of the trail might be wet and slippery.  

The right trail is much easier and popular among families and beginners. The trail is relatively flat with less altitude change. Continue your adventure until you reach the junction surrounded by giant cedar trees where the trail diverges into two. Choose the left one and it is about a 35-minute walk to reach the Rock Garden! 

This scenic trail stretches approximately 1.5 km along the peaceful river featuring moss-covered rocks, lush green surroundings and refreshing waterfalls. Take a deep breath, and enjoy Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), which will help you calm down and relax while connecting with nature.  

3. Mt. Nokogiri – Mt. Odake – Mt. Mitake Course

Time: 6 – 7.5 hours 
Difficulty: Advanced

If you are eager to challenge yourself with the most difficult trail, embark on a memorable hike at the three symbolic mountains! This hiking trail connects Mt. Mitake (929 meter), Mt. Odake (1,266 meter) and Mt. Nokogiri (1,107 meter). It typically takes 6 -7.5 hours to complete the approximately 14.5km hiking trail.   

It is about a 2.5-hour journey from the summit of Mt. Mitake to the summit of Mt. Odake. The rocky and rough trail requires some hiking experience as well as great hiking gear, including comfortable hiking shoes and gloves. Occasionally you will have to walk through chain-assisted rocky sections which can be hard for small children. The rest of the route between Mt. Odake to Mt. Nokogiri includes some parts full of ups and downs. Be aware of wild bears as some cases have been reported along the rail(Bring bear bells, if possible). Also, make sure to plan your hike carefully so that you will be able to finish it before it gets dark!      

Have no idea where to stay at Mt. Mitake?

Book your room at Shukubo Komadori-sanso, which is one of the most popular accommodations at Mt. Mitake among international tourists! They offer a great Shukubo experience(Temple Lodging) with a great location which is about a 7-minute walk to Musashi Mitake Shrine. 

Why stay at Shukubo Komadori-sanso?

  • Perfectly nestled at the summit of Mt. Mitake
  • Spacious and clean guest rooms with great views
  • Interesting activity options such as waterfall meditation 

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Hiking is a great outdoor activity which allows you to relax and unwind out in the nature. It will also help you get some exercise and keep you healthy during the pandemic. If you have already visited other famous hiking spots around Tokyo such as the Koyasan branch temple, Mt. Mitake is definitely a perfect destination for your next trip!      

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Happy traveling!

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